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You sent them capital; they create the wealth to fight UN relief dependence.

Dear brother sister in Yeshua,

Shalom, I hope this missive finds you well and in good health. Today, I want to revisit various aspect of Operation Nehemiah Mission’s Life changing initiative that we have been conducting in Post war independent South Sudan. I cannot be thankful enough to God for your tenacious generosity to keep us in ONMI pressing ahead with the initiative before us. To catch up with expenses urgently needed, we need right now $35,000 to close the gap between the summer and the falls support. When you read this News report, please join in prayers with us to meet this urgent need within the next ten days. Donate Now. Can we count on your benevolence support and prayer today?

But of Late, the monetary support keeping us moving forward has been dwindling. Therefore, we prayer that the Lord will move your heart to lift our arms as you read this report. These critical projects, remain a central in mind as the bases for maintaining the vision of Operation Nehemiah Missions over the years. You are raised up by God to engage in partnership with us to alleviate the plight of the Christians and returning refugees from exile to rebuild their lives from the ashes of Islamic war of persecution. Unlike other organization, the scope of operation Nehemiah Mission is different in a sense, it raises capital for the returning refugees coming back from exile to use rebuild their lives and their land.

As we all know, destruction is easier than rebuilding. The trademark of war is destruction and destruction bring death, hunger, displacement, loss of country and desertion of a country. This is the 50 years of history of the people of South Sudan. There are five generations of a people who have known nothing but war, refugee camps, and living on UN hand out. Most the last three generation could hardly remember why they are still called South Sudanese because they have not grown in the country that their parents said, belongs to them. Rebuilding the country from the ashes of war gets harder and harder as younger generations no longer relate to the idea that food grow of the land, and it takes someone to till the land. They believe someone else must do the job because farming is not their thing. They expect, the one who will till the land and grow the food to be different from them. This is the most daunting task and challenges times we found ourselves confronted with.

Bethlehem Primary School

Iam very delighted to give you updates on these impressive pictures from the Beth Israel Farmland for Onion harvesting, Bethlehem Primary school progress, oranges, and guavas fruits. Iam simply blown away. This is yet the most promising sign, that the vision of ONMI is not only working but it is the best option yet to rebuild South Sudan from bottom up spiritually and physically.

Onion field

Never seen onion grown anywhere in South Sudan to this capacity. This is my first time looking at them. Providentially, it is grown by ONMI at the Beth Israel farmland, not in the in the refugee camps but in South Sudan by the returnees themselves. This is very, very impressive progress so far thanks to you for your support and encouragement. Imagine, how amazing that we can grow these many onions. Our next move for fund raising should be to use this information at hand to raise fund to stage dry season commercial plantation of Onions, fruits, vegetables, and trees from December -April next year. We need to invest in drip irrigation kits and drop a powerful solar pump in the well in the farm to conduct drip irrigation.

Onion harvesting

However, to contrast the exemplary work of ONMI with UN organization working in South Sudan, this is the headline from Concerns for Nutrition Worldwide has to say

“With over 7 million people facing hunger in South Sudan, about a fifth of this population are expected to be children under the age of 5 years old, who are more vulnerable to malnutrition due to the acute shortage of food. Your support can help us to do even more for South Sudan’s new generation.

Concern’s nutrition response focuses on the prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition among the most vulnerable groups such as children under 5 and pregnant and lactating mothers. This is through TSFP and OTP, as well as behavior change through promotion of maternal, infant, and young child nutrition. Concern also provides food distribution in some areas, as well as cash for work, seed distributions and planting services.”

With your help, ONMI’s can tell a different story that we will not allow a South Sudanese child to die of hunger under our watch. Our goal is to disciple the family in the word of God, keep the family together, and help them work with their own hands and irradicate the mindset of relief dependence completely and replace it with something practical and original.


This approach to sustainability is Biblical and it goes as back as to the seventies where ordinary and typical South Sudanese of large and family lived in the comfort of their villages, thrived and lived off the land. They were busy working with their own hands. UN driven global agenda was not there back then to brainwash people minds keeping them perpetually on food ration. They cultivated their own land, sold their own produce. From the product of their farmland, they supplied the local markets, generated income to send their children to school, buy them clothing, take them to worship service.


This is why ONMI is fully committed to vision of wholistically approach to rebuilding the country from bottom up both spiritually and physically. Our rebuilding effort are cast for short term and long-term vision which starts with taking one person, one family, one church and one community at a time. The goal of ONMI from the USA side is to raise the capital in form of (as tractors, Radio station, backhoes, farm tractor, Block making machine, clean water, food security, educational facilities, church planting, entrepreneurial venture, infrastructure medical facility) with your benevolence support. We take the fund and entrust it to those who are dedicated in Biblical stewardship. This will propel the community to galvanize around their successful venture and continue to expand on wealth creation for themselves and giving opportunity to others to do the same thing which is foundational to rebuilding effort of South Sudan. Both spiritually and physically. Donate Now

Please join us to days


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Would you join us and pray for these needs today? As we are coming to end of September, these are the most immediate needs that need to be met in September 2022 $70,000 covering Your donations are tax deductible and online donations can be made to

Checks can be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Landsborough, MA 01237.

Thank you for your generosity and honesty. May God bless you and keep you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

In His grace

William Levi, founder, and Overseer

Operation Nehemiah Missions

Po Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237



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