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Hamas Needs Unconditional Surrender to Israeli Army

Shalom to you brother and Sister I hope this morning's report finds you well in Yeshua. I am doing well and doing the Lord's work. The weather has been graciously good here in New England, and I have adjusted to it after spending two months in tropical South Sudan.

USA - Israel News: With Biden administration speaking with both sides of its mouths when it comes to Israeli - Hamas war in Gaza, just wondering, what to believe.? The US is humiliated at the world stage again under this administration at the UN. Where is the US Sectary of State going with this? The resolution is already rejected by the UN Security Council. After vetoing three prior UN resolutions on Gaza, US sees its own ceasefire proposal rejected Russia and China have already veto the resolution. Hamas is a defeated Islamic Terrorists foe against Israel, irrelevant. They simply need to unconditionally surrender to Israeli Army to stop the war, release the Israeli hostages still in Hamas' hand and spare the life of those on the path of Crossfire in Gaza. " Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot in vain? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together, against the LORD and against His Anointed One:"

Palestinian Support for Hamas and War Remains High: Survey

 Looking at the faces of these girls, I see hope in our quest to rebuild the most vulnerable, impoverished families and the Kehillah (community) from the ashes of war and displacement in South Sudan.

I am writing to you this morning to share some of the emergency needs here on the home and mission front. As I shared with you in the last newsletter, the budget for March. This could be the most significant monthly support ONMI could ask for this year because of the budget reductions for the fieldwork in South Sudan to encourage sustainability and income generation from the mission field.

The March Budget is determined by the amount of repair work needed in the field to put several vehicles back on the road after the previous administration left them in disrepairs and, more importantly, some of the income-generating projects such as agriculture, medical, education, and grinding mills. To date, we have managed to repair the one tractor, the 25-passenger bus we want to put on the road to generate income, and the mission's primary transportation, Land Cruiser, to facilitate transportation for the staff back and forth. Funding has gone to address sensitive projects such as agriculture for food security, medical supplies, and fixing vehicles in disrepairs and evangelistic outreaches.

We are still left with $23000 to be raised before the end of the month. Looking at the faces of these girls, I see hope in our quest to rebuild the most vulnerable, impoverished families and the Kehillah (community) from the ashes of war and displacement in South Sudan. Thank God for your generosity for standing with us as we press on! I awoke this morning with this news from Mission Field: ONMI needs to send the payment of $12,600 to pay for the scholarships of 55 students. Otherwise, they can't sit their examinations or won't return to class because the teachers need to be paid so that they can continue teaching as part of our sustainability initiative. The most Pressing need right now, as I consider an emergency, is $12,600 urgently needed to pay the scholarship tuition of 55 students out of 270 students from impoverished families, notably the fatherless and orphans ( 41 from BNPA who need $7,600 and 14 students from the polytechnic Institute who need $5000) to complete their first term ending this week or they won't sit for their exam or won't return to class after the first term break.

The students are sitting for their examination, and the School Management Team ) needs ONMI to pay this money before the students leave for their short holiday, and when they return, they will not be barred from returning to school. Join me in prayer and stand with me today on this word: God raised this fund and dispatched it to South Sudan to keep those children in school. 'Ah, Lord God! You have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and your outstretched arm!

 Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17 ESV Some of these pupils are worried not only about whether they can do well in their examination but also about whether they can return to class in the Second Term!! But Matthew 6: 25-33 encourages us not to worry but to have faith that moves mountains. In His grace William


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