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Financial Statement

Our financial statement is matter of public access and a declaration of openness.


Donate to General & Projects Support
Operation Nehemiah greatly appreciates your donations. The monies you give help support our ministry and allow us to continue in our mission to rebuild the family, the Church and the lives of South  Sudanese people who have been brutalized by Islamic war and persecution.


Employer Matching Funds
Employer matching gift programs are an easy way to increase the impact of your gift of cash or securities to Operation Nehemiah. Hundreds of employers across the nation encourage their employees to support non-profit organizations by offering to match employee donations, sometimes by $2 or more for every dollar given. Perhaps your employer is one of these. Here is how you can participate:

•First, find out if your employer has a matching gift program.
•If your employer participates, obtain a matching gift application form from your Human Resources or Personnel Department. Many corporations also have this form available for downloading on their Web site.
•Fill out the matching gift application form and send it to:
Operation Nehemiah
PO Box563
Lanesborough,  MA 01237
Cell: 413-770-4711
•Operation Nehemiah will complete the form and send it to your employer.
•Your employer will send the matching gift to Operation Nehemiah

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