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Vision and the Goal of  Nehemiah Trumpet Call Radio (97.3FM)


 The Nehemiah Trumpet Call Gospel radio was established in 2003  by Operation Nehemiah Mission International under the leadership of William Levi. With prayers and financial support from VCY America, under the benevolent generosity of Vic Aliason and others who prefer their names remain anonymous, thousands of dollars were raised to establish this Christian radio station. It was the first of its kind in Magwi County, Imatong State, South Sudan.   The goal of the Radio Station is to bring pure word of God, unsaturated, and Christ-centered to thousands of  Sudanese living in internally displaced camps inside South Sudan and the refugee camps in northern Uganda. During this time, the country was still in the state of war. Most churches in South Sudan were destroyed by Islamic forces from the north who were so violently committed to destroying the church of Jesus Christ and driving the Christians into exile. 

 Many organizations establish radio stations for various reasons. Some for Gospel Music, Some use it for advertisement to generate income, some use it for newscasts, some use it as a substitute for a church and some use it as a political springboard to propagate their ideas. The sole reason why we have the Gospel Radio station in South Sudan is to advance the Great Commission. As the country was engulfed in a brutal war of persecution, the only way to bring the Gospel into the region was via radio broadcasting.
South Sudan lies in the fault line between the Arab Islamic world and the rest of Africa. The Islamic regime based in Khartoum to the north has waged a relentless genocidal war of religious persecution for centuries and beyond against the Christians in the South and throughout the country. Their goal is to wipe out the Church history in Sudan, drive out the remnant of Christians or force those under their control to convert to Islam.  Between 1983-2005, it was a  crime punishable by death to be a Christian in Sudan. Islamic troops were stationed all over South Sudan to fight and defeat the  Sudanese People Liberation Army ( SPLA),  a south Sudanese Military insurgent that had risen to fight Islamic domination and oppression.  Many Christians were forced to become Muslim, speak Arabic and adopt Arab Islamic culture. 


  Many of our brothers and sisters in the household of faith were trapped in Islamic controlled Southern cities like Juba and Torit where there was no way out to freedom. It was because of their plight that God gave us the vision to establish our first  Gospel Broadcasting facility on a mobile unit. The station was mounted on a mobile truck that goes from one region to another broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the airwaves of South Sudan. During this time of war, Khartoum's Islamic regime mounted aerial campaigns to destroy any moving and stationary target that depicted a sign of development in South Sudan. We planned to be ahead of their war game. And God protected the mobile Radio station from being destroyed.

When the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the Islamic regime and the SPLA was finally signed in 2005,  the 25 years old war came to an end.  


  On January 9, 2011, the South Sudanese voted for referendum whereby 98% of South Sudan voted for independence and separation from Khartoum's Islamic regime. On July 9, 2011, South Sudan declared independence from Khartoum.  In 2006, we decided to retire the mobile radio station and erected a 300ft a stationary tower on top of a 2700ft Gordon Mountain in Nimule,  in Madi  Corridor, Eastern Equatoria State.   We broadcast from Operation Nehemiah's Mission house based in Beth Israel (Borongole) Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan.


  Our radio station is also serving to solve tribal prejudice among South Sudanese; we have hired multiple radio presenters from different ethnic groups to preach the word of God in their own language, which has angered many but is also bringing many to repentance. The Gospel messages shared on Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM are aired in the languages of Madi (the local dialect in the area in which we work) Acholi, English, Dinka, and others.  Programs include teachings on salvation by Jesus Christ alone, discipleship, stable marriages, family relationships, the roles of men and women in their homes, biblical morality, and basic health care information.

 Individuals and families are also invited to give their testimonies on the air and share what God is doing in their lives with the community.  Since 2003, Galcom International has donated over 7000  fix-tuned solar radios, which we distribute for free to those living within a 50-mile radius of our radio station. We will continue to help the people and proclaim the Gospel to every soul entrusted to our care. Certainly, freedom from Islamic tyranny will remove significant challenges to the preaching of the Gospel, but we understand that true oppression is in the heart of man and cannot be alleviated by political change. Only Jesus Christ has the power to set men free.