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About Us

As Nehemiah 2: 18 says, “Let us arise and build, so they joined their hands together for this good work."


Our Mission

The primary Mission of Operation Nehemiah is to rebuild & restore the Biblical family and the Church in the republic of the South Sudan which is recovering from the ashes of war & Islamic persecution through the preaching of the Gospel, promoting sustainable & Biblical stewardship. 

Our Distinctive 

We are primarily an indigenous mission. 98% of our staff are South Sudanese Christian nationals. Our staff has a burning desire to take an active role in the rebuilding of their nation and to establish a “City on a Hill” in the New Sudan. We believe that self-reliance is best promoted through indigenous leadership. We trained and established skilled and transparent indigenous Field Management Team with a shared long term vision and commitment.


Our Focus

Our primary focus is to prepare Beth Israel, a village in Page County, Eastern Equatoria State, and South Sudan for the return of people who were displaced by the war. We are taking one village and one family at a time. We are intent upon establishing a community that will provide people with the opportunity to rebuild their communities, their families, and to grow in their faith and to build a Godly city upon the Hill that cannot be hidden. We train and disciple women to embrace God,  family & motherhood. We train and disciple fathers to demonstrate the impact of a gospel-centered home. 


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