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Board of Elders

ONMI 's Board of Elders has compassion, love, and understanding of the plight of the persecuted church( Kehillah)  in South Sudan from Khartoum's Islamic oppression and the most current post independent National crisis that engulfed South Sudan for at least 8 years (2013-2020).  Since South Sudan got her Independence from the 2011 Khartoum Islamic regime in 2011, ONMI' has been engaged in the second and third phases of the rebuilding and restoration of the community returning from exile to rebuild their lives, families and land from the ashes of war and displacement.  Together with our ground leadership team in South Sudan, we are now involved in rebuilding, the family, the church and community from the ashes of Islamic war of persecution and internal conflict from ground up for the Glory of God.  We thank God for all our benefactors here in the USA & around the world and the beneficiaries in South Sudan for taking part in fulfilling the vision of Operation Nehemiah in the Great Commission.  
Engineer/Founder Overseer 
William Levi
Engineer Kevin Rousseau
Private Advisory Board
Dr. Godwin Mindra

Chairman of the Board of Elders 

Founder & Overseer ( CEO) 

17124_384806348265776_388865315_n (1).jpg
Bishop Gabriel Lagu
Hon. Commissioner 
Emilio Iga 
Ambassador John A. Duku
Engineer David Firth

Technical Advisor: Radio, Water and Power & IT  , ONMI  Deceased

Board Member- Spiritual Advisor  on family and pastoral Matter  - RSS 

 Board of Elders - Faith based Regional Development & Returnees Advisor, EE RSS   

National Government &  Faith based Relationship in rebuilding infrastructures , RSS  

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