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Pageri county  formally known as Madi Corridor :

The Government is God's institution. Before we left South Sudan, we were on our knees praying for the repentance of the nation and for God to bring government officials on our path who fear the Lord and serve their people in humility. Our prayers were our prayers were answered. On May 8th, 2013, the former Commissioner for Magwi County, EE State, Emilio Iga was re-appointed to His old post to be the Commissioner of Pageri County which was part of Magwi County by the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State Headquartered in Torit.   


One of our desires was to engage government officials in biblical dialogue, asking them to account for their shared responsibility to uphold the jurisdictional boundaries between the family, Church, and Government. I spent several hours on the radio moderating questions to Ambassador John Anduga, who has served South Sudan in Kenya and the Nordic countries. He addressed the current crisis in the country and He asked for prayer and Biblical reconciliation to solve the problems.  This godly leader encouraged the people to love God, work with their own hands, and to study the constitution for themselves. He denounced armed conflict between tribes, which wreaks havoc on a regular basis throughout the region.  We are thankful for his courage in the face of the current political climate. Please keep Ambassador Anduga and other God-fearing leaders in your prayer