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Meet our Staff and their families 
  Operation Nehemiah Missions International Inc., including South Sudanese and American staff  under Operation Nehemiah's leadership  structure,  dedicated to the Lordship of  Yeshua in all areas of life. Those who are directly associated with ONMI, including Founder, Overseer, directors, pastors and their families,  are not a collection of autonomous individuals. These associates consequently bear certain responsibilities and obligations within the organization for the implementation of its vision and goals. 


William Levi 
William Levi, a Messianic believer is the Founder and Overseer of Operation Nehemiah Missions since 1993. William has trained academically as a manufacturing engineer from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ . He obtained his Associate Degree in Computer Science from Essex County College, Newark, NJ campus. He relinquished his engineering career to answer God's calling in His life to establish Operation Nehemiah in Missions in 1993 and The Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation in 2000  in the  USA and  South Sudan to alleviate the plight of  Christians in his native country, Sudan.  Thirteen years after the establishment of Operation Nehemiah  Missions and the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation,  he was ordained as the overseer of the Mission and the Congregation which he founded. 


His beloved wife Hannah is a homemaker and a full-time mother of their six home-schooled children: Abijah, Nechemyah, Hadassah, Jemimah, Yehudah, and  Yerushah. He has been running Operation Nehemiah full-time since 1996. He runs the ministry from their home office based in Lanesborough, Massachusetts. Their  major responsibilities involve implementation of the multi-generational vision for their family and the vision  of Operation Nehemiah in rebuilding the New Sudan in the areas of the
The Great Commission, Church planting, strengthening the family, Gospel radio broadcasting, agriculture development, healthcare, and family entrepreneurial initiatives. 

They conduct mission trips to South Sudan regularly to monitor the ongoing work in the field.
Here in the States side, they update people through newsletters, videotapes, websites, e-mails, bookkeeping, telephone calls and overseas correspondences with the field staff. They are actively involved in educating people here in the USA about the plight of the persecuted church in South Sudan.



Timothy Levi
Timothy Levi is first and foremost an ambassador of Jesus Christ. He is a self-taught engineer and serves as ONMI's Country Director. He is a hands-on, multitasking type of young man. At the age of 19, he married his high school sweetheart, Joy, and they now have six children. We have witnessed tremendous stability and restructuring in Operation Nehemiah's leadership on the ground under his direction.  


Rev. Michael Odu Levi
Michael Levi is the eldest brother of William Levi. He serves as the Pastor of the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation in Borongole, Magwi County, South Sudan. He has been instrumental in shaping the leadership of Operation Nehemiah and the congregation from that end in the past several years. While in Ugandan exile, after going through the spiritual trial of his life that almost took his life and broke up his family, Michael finally surrendered his life to Yeshua in obedience to His calling. He is now a changed man, an instrument, wrought for God’s workmanship.


Robert Amoko 

Robert Amoko is ON's Project Coordinator. He works closely with Timothy Levi, ONMI Country Director, to coordinate daily programming and line ups for speakers and staffing. he is married and is a father of three children.