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Creating revolving economy – ONMI Education Dept. Report

Shalom to you Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua. Today, I will be bringing to you specific progress in ONMI's Education department. The Next article will be on Medical Department.

USA/Israel in the News: Before I delved into this special report from South Sudan on education , I hope you would join me to pray for the Peace of Yerushalayim against the condescending attitude of Joe Biden toward Israeli Prime minister. It has been almost six months since Hamas Islamic Terrorist infiltrated Southern Israel and massacred 1200 Israelis, injured over 3500, and took over 240 hostage to Gaza. Very painful to watch Joe Biden's flipping position on this pivotal moment as Israel deals with Hamas. He is focusing on removing Israeli Prime Minister from government of Israel, the only Jewish state instead of encouraging Israel to rid Hamas Islamic terrorists off her borders once and for all. "

South Sudan: It's inspiring to see the efforts of the ONMI education department in creating a sustainable revolving economy to support itself into existence. By establishing a partnership between the Bethlehem Nursery and Primary Academy and the Polytechnic Institute, they have managed to save money and resources by implementing a mandatory school uniform program.


 The Polytechnic Institute designed the logo, purchased materials, and appointed the tailoring department to make the uniforms, while the BNPA contracted the Institute and used the money generated to pay staff salaries. This initiative has been successful in creating a truly revolving economy, benefiting everyone involved, from parents to the teachers and administration.


However, the ONMI education department still requires support to construct dormitories and complete classrooms for the nursery sections. We encourage benefactors to dedicate their financial support to this new management initiative, which is setting academic excellence in instilling the fear and wisdom of God in the hearts and soul of the young generation in South Sudan.


The BNPA is doing an excellent job teaching children to love God with all their hearts, minds, and souls, as well as to love one another. They have children from all ethnic backgrounds, including those from well-to-do families who prefer to bring their children to a natural setting in the countryside, and those from impoverished families and true orphans who require financial assistance.

The scholarship program for 25 fatherless children from impoverished families and the support for students who are cash-strapped are just some of the ways that ONMI is making a positive impact. I hope that those who can support financially will consider dedicating their support to the ONMI's revitalized management initiative to give energy and hope to this effort. Each deserving student at BNPA scholarship program will need to pay $300 per academic term per student.

BNPA needs $7500 for 25 students per term and $22500 per year.  If the Lord leads you to contribute to this effort, please earmark your contribution to BNPA scholarship program.


The Polytechnic Institute, which offers tailoring, beauty salon, IT, and welding courses, also requires financial assistance to purchase additional welding equipment and to advertise their scholarship marketing programs.

 The institute has established a scholarship program for deserving students who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees due to their financial situation. In turn, these students will work for ONMI-related initiatives for a year or do some work for the mission before moving on. This initiative will essentially pay for the teacher's salary so that the students can get quality education.


 We encourage donors to contribute to the scholarship program so that these students can continue their education and create better futures for themselves and their families.

This money will essentially pay for the teacher’s salary so that the students can get quality education. We want to take 14 students these years as recipients of this scholarship.

There are 3 Terms in the year = $4900 per term = $14,700 per year. I hope that this story inspires others to consider supporting the ONMI's revitalized management initiative towards sustainability. Investing in education and supporting those who face challenges can make a real difference in creating a brighter future for all.

Financial need for your prayers and consideration.




Per Student

Per Term 2024

Per Year 2024


The fatherless & impoverish students James 1:27





Polytechnic Institute

Impoverished students. James 1:27





Academic grant

To help with construction