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PM Netanyahu is Israel’s 21st Century Judah Macabee as Hamas is to Syrian’s Antiochus Epiphanes IV.

Shalom to you brothers and sisters in Yeshua. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a blessed Chag Sameach – Hanukah is a biblical Memorial Day of significant importance even though very little was mentioned about it. Even Yeshuah observed it, as mentioned in John 10:22 in the New Testament. It is called the Feast of Dedication (The same as Hanukah in Hebrew), and it was winter in Jerusalem. John 10:22–23 in the New Testament says, "Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was in the temple courts walking in Solomon's Colonnade." Think of it this way: only God knew better; if there was no Hanukah, Jesus wouldn't have been born as several Old Testament prophets prophesized that he would be born in Bethlehem of Judah. The fate of Miriam and Josef, the earthly Parents of Jesus under the Greek -Syrian paganism rule over Israel and the Jewish people would have been unknown



The celebration of the Hanukah ( Dedication) Festival of Lights in 2023 is a sobering event because it brings us closer to understanding the unity of recurring events that had happened to the Jews in the land of Israel in 168 BC under the invasion and defilement by Syrian's Antiochus Epiphanes IV and the October 7, 2023 infiltration of Israel by Hamas Islamic Terrorists with blatant attack and infiltration of Israel on that fateful day unprovoked. In each event, there was a calculated, deliberate, heinous plot to invade the land of Israel to inflict horrific, unfathomable, and colossal destruction on the Jewish women, men, boys, and girls and to defile sacred places of Worship the Jewish Temple.

Hamas Islamic terrorists

Hamas Islamic terrorists declared barbaric war on Israel, where they carried out colossal infiltration of southern Israel. There, in all the neighbouring kibbutz Communities, they conducted the most horrific, unfathomable act of defilement of Israeli women, girls, babies, men, and boys. One thousand two hundred women, men, boys and girls, babies, and the elderly were killed. Women and girls were raped, tortured, burned alive to death. Over 4300 people were injured, and over 240 Israelis were taken to Gaza as captives.

Syrian kingdom, Antiochus Epiphanes IV,

In 168 BC, the ruler of the Syrian kingdom, Antiochus Epiphanes IV, stepped up his campaign to quash Judaism so that all subjects in his vast empire — which included the Land of Israel — would share the same culture and worship the same false gods. They worship Creation as opposed to the Creator, who is Elohim, the OMNI presence.

He marched into Jerusalem, vandalized the Temple, erected an idol on the altar, and desecrated its holiness with the blood of swine. Decreeing that studying the Torah, observing the Sabbath, and circumcising Jewish boys were punishable by death, he sent Syrian overseers and soldiers to villages throughout Judea to enforce the edicts and force Jews to engage in idol worship.

When the Syrian soldiers reached Modin (about 12 miles northwest of the capital), they demanded that the local leader, Mattathias the Kohen (a member of the priestly class), be an example to his people by sacrificing a pig on a portable pagan altar. The elder refused and killed not only the Jew who stepped forward to do the Syrian's bidding but also the kings.

Antiochus's actions provoked a large-scale revolt. Mattathias (Mattityahu), a Jewish priest, and his five sons Jochanan, Simeon, Eleazar, Jonathan, and Judah led a rebellion against Antiochus. In each of these Horrific attacks against Israel, Israel is not without help. God is always with her, setting a standard against her arch-adversary. Like Judah Macabee, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken a resolute stand against Hamas Islamic terrorists in Gaza until Hamas is defeated as we pray for the people of Gaza to come to repentance and accept the God of Israel, the only True God in Yeshua. As we speak, Israel is winning that war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza after Hamas' Terrorist Massacre of Israelis on October 7.

In 168 BC, it started with Mattathias dealing a blow to a fellow Jew spying for the enemy who wanted to comply with Antiochus's order to sacrifice to Zeus and then a Greek official who was to enforce the government's behest (1 Mac. 2, 24–25. Judah became known as Yehuda HaMakabi ("Judah the Hammer"). By 166 BC, Mattathias had died, and Judah became leader. By 164 BC, the Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy was successful. The Temple was liberated and rededicated. The festival of Hanukkah was instituted to celebrate this event. [51] Judah ordered the Temple to be cleansed, a new altar to be built in place of the polluted one, and new holy vessels to be made.

Therefore, this is our prayer that Israel will prevail against Hamas under the leadership of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


South Sudan- at the end of 2023. Food security remains a daunting challenge for ONMI

Food security remains our top Priority and thank you for encouraging us in this initiative

Thanks be to God for the work of Emmanuel riight) and Paul left) and his agricultural team at the Beth Israel Farmland. The year 2023 has been a year of trials and challenges yet the Lord made it possible for us to complete it with success. Thank to everyone on the ground who has contribute their effort to make this effort becomes a reality. We must give thanks to God for every effort put in place by him.


Returning to South Sudan- in the last week of December

I am returning to South Sudan for the second time in 2023 to make fundamental changes to get the departmental leaders to respond to changes that are necessary for fulfilling ONMI's primary vision to uses the resources provided by our brothers and sisters from the USA to serve as stepping stone to move people to permanent sustainable Living with their own country. I ask for your prayers for these trip that God will have success in this initiative.







Here are some of their testimonies

Testimonies as much as many people still rely on food imported from Uganda, majority of South Sudanese truly appreciate the vision of Operation nehemiah Missions to move the community to a measurable sustainable living with resources generated within South Sudan.

Well-done Bishop. Our land is fertile and I'm still wondering why we are importing food from Uganda. Last year I ate grains from your farm, so delicious. May the Lord continue to multiply the works of your hands. Pricilla

Surely Agriculture is the key thing , food insecurity need to be stopped so that school , staffs, families ,and communities have enough to eat. That was initial plans for students to participates in farm , so that they can also learn how to develop Agric Skills and have enough for in store for sell and eat balance diet in school Joseph Levi .

Truly that's a great idea let me hope it's gonna work out as planned so that we also benefit from our own struggles rather than always spending a lot of money buying from the market. That's real it's now our own responsibility to now meet the demands that suit our target because this time round we need to be more serious on whatever we are pushing for not each time talking much with no action which makes it impossible for us to account for what we have spent

Hallelujah God is so great thank you God. Thank you for your hard work Brother William for the love of God will continue to pray for you. Wow, Brother William. Heaven’s love on Earth. Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring!! Praying for you mornings!

May your crops grow to overflowing,

William! Be blessed,


Paul Newman

Roselyn Oneka

Wow! That's what I am talking about. Is there another country that grow such amazing long okra, bananas and sugar canes like Eastern Equatoria States. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Bishop William O Levi. May God bless your work and May God bless South Sudan

Monica Ori Amaza

I want some dry okra for Christmas Alafi Emma

Proffers Hangai

Well-done addressing food insecurity of south Sudan

Amen the crops are really doing so good


Prayer needs and Support for the upcoming trip to South Sudan.

My son and his wife and I will be going to South Sudan in December for three weeks to work with the field staff and see how we can interface with the ministry work as a team. We want to thank you for responding to our financial appeal and prayer thus far. This mission's work requires prayers and financial support and you have truly done your part. Our original pledge in the fourth quarter of 2023 ( October- December) To date we have received some of these funding. We are still short by $40,000. It is God's work, and he will provide. Thank you so much for co-labouring with us.

As co-laborers in the Great Commission, I want to thank you again for your continuous financial support for the work of ONMI in South Sudan. We couldn't work in the main office here in the USA and the field without your support. I ask you to join me in this work now more than ever to help complete ON Mission outreach to South Sudan in 2023.

Prayer Needs and support: $40,000 by December 27

Online donations will be made at

I am confident that the Lord will bless you abundantly, keep you safe, and bestow His grace upon you, granting you His Shalom (Numbers 6:24).

Blessings to you,

William Levi, Founder & CEO


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