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Nehemiah Well Drilling Initiative 

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Nehemiah Clean Water Initiative

Water is life. Jesus declared himself to be the true Living Water, promising that whoever drinks of Him will never thirst again. Perhaps nowhere else on earth is the essential nature of water more valued than in Africa, where available water is scarce and often contaminated with dangerous pathogens. 


Hand pumped, shallow wells dot the landscape throughout South Sudan, with a single well often supplying the daily needs of hundreds of families. Women often travel miles on foot to reach these wells, where they will wait for hours in line to fill their five-gallon jugs, one at a time. Tragically, this very water they labor for is the source of a host of deadly diseases and incalculable suffering, with 25% of infants dying before they reach their first birthday as a result of these waterborne pathogens.


Operation Nehemiah seeks to bring the thirst-quenching power of Jesus Christ to the people of South Sudan through the preaching of the Gospel and the provision of safe, accessible solar-powered wells.


In 2013, we facilitated the drilling of our first 220 ft deep well at our mission base in Borongole, Eastern Equatoria State that now supports the needs of over 2,000 people living in and around the mission. The solar pump fills a large holding tank, where the water is then dispersed to five faucets located around the community. Since this water is sanitary and free of pathogens, there has been a drastic reduction in the incidences of water-borne illness and deaths in the surrounding villages. 


A precious added benefit of the well is that the women are now able to spend more time with their families as a result of the powerful water pressure that fills their five-gallon jugs in less than three minutes. This is changing the dynamics of South Sudanese family life, one household at a time.

Joyce Levi, wife of our country director Timothy Levi has this to say:  "Thanks be to  God for the solar well!  It has reduced tension and bickering among women at the pump who were competing to get water so that they can go home to their families. Nowadays people are more friendly to one another because they are not so stressed out waiting for their turn to get water".


Perina said: "The technology that Operation Nehemiah employed to establish this efficient source of water to serve the community demonstrates the power of God to provide for his people through the local church without the need for relying on UN handouts".    


In addition to the mission base well in Borongole, we were also able to drill the second solar operated well in Beth Israel Farmland, five miles east of our mission base to make drip irrigation during the lengthy dry season a reality. Our newest well was drilled in 2017 On Gordon Mt., our third mission base and radio broadcasting center.


Our goal is to help facilitate the drilling of clean, solar wells throughout the region to serve local churches as they reach their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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