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ONMI Mission Report from the South Sudan

Shalom to you Brothers and Sisters in Yeshuah. Happy New year to you. I have been in South Sudan for the past one month with ONMI mission trip on administrative scope. I traveled here on the Mission trip with my son Nehemyah and his wife Lola. They returned to the USA on January 11 while I remain behind to carry on with unfinished business on the ground.

This mission report is way overdue in part because we need to gather relevant report to update you about what is happening here. We arrived here on December 31st and spent the new year with our ground team to validate the work on the ground regarding the process of ONMI restructuring 2024,

A lot has been going on here. Please pray for ONMI and for the success of our work for the Lord out here. On top of the scope of my trip here are sets of highlights:

1- ONMI administrative and leadership realignment. We have a new leadership structure in place task with realigning ONMI to reflect its original vision to great measurable and sustainable living here in South Sudan. The goal of ONMI- Restructuring leadership team is to form

1- A robust functioning leadership team in various ONMI's existing Departments, within two months to serve as a roadmap aimed to create a functional mechanism to implement the original vision of ONMI using its already existing resources within South Sudan and those ongoing support raised from the USA to create a Measurable and sustainable living condition within South Sudan using the resources of So.

The RLT need to dissolve and consolidate or integrate departments such as the transportation Department that are simply redundant. The RLT needs to ensure the medical department is taking care of the patients make use of the existing equipment and medical supplies to meet the standard of sustainability.

2- Maintaining the Robust and consistent ONMI vision to ensure Sustainable initiative taking root here in South Sudan.

3- Opening of The Polytechnic and the Bethlehem Nursery and Primary School. eth Israel Nursery and Primary Academy. Pupils reporting. We are asking for prayers to get us to a better starts of the school.

4- Gospel radio broadcasting initiative to spread the Gospel news.

5- Medical Evangelism:

Informing the community leaders about a medical outreach's activities, Bringing the medical services closer to communities in hard-to-reach areas.

Informing the community leaders about a medical outreach


the medical services closer to communities in hard-to-reach areas

Informing the community leaders about a medical outreach

Bringing the medical services closer to communities in hard-to-reach areas

Food security:

I am very blessed to see all the restructuring going on in the Beth Israel Farmland. The drip irrigation tank is up to God has been good to us after all the repair on tractor is almost finished and the backhoe is back on operation now these are great progress that we cannot afford to overlook. All hands to remain on the deck. This week we take the tractor to the farm to start cultivation.

Entreprenurial Initiative: Backhoe is back on the road. Thank God for everyone involved in seeing it happen. This transportation department is one to enhance our sustainability idea to fruitfulness. This is an effort towards sustainable living.

Budget: ONMI Needs your prayers support to raise $50,000 this Month to complete the restructuring initiatives in progress.

. I am confident that God can make this happen with your prayers and support. Thank you again for your generosity and your commitment to the great commission.


Wishing you and your family a blessed and joyous New year 2024

In His grace


William Levi, Founder & Overseer


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