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Bethlehem Nursery And Primary School Is Now a Reality

Shalom to you I want to thank you for your faithfulness and continuous support and encouragement to the Christians in South Sudan. ONMI has

officially launched the Bethlehem Nursery and Primary School. A high school and a

polytechnic institute will soon to follow. The physical presence of our country Director and the general staff on the ground makes all the difference. I thank God for what He has done. We now have an official private Biblical based instructive Education of the young generation in South Sudan under our visionary training of a nation to embrace Biblical worldview has begun. It is like starting Harvard's, Yale and Princeton here in the USA back then in the 1700 hundredth.

Unless the Lord builds the house we all labor in Vain

However, we also now know how these schools have turned out to be, extremely liberal and godless. There is no resemblance of the original mantra of these Institutions in 2021. I have prayed and taken a great degree of sobriety and caution in asking the Lord to approve this vision. Unless the Lord builds the house we all labor in Vain. I ask for your prayers to keep us narrow and straight in launching this school and shaping its direction and purpose that it won't slip into godlessness just as how these schools have turned out to be 100 plus years later.

Bethlehem Nursery and Primary school is now a reality even as the challenges to keep it going is looming. Iam incredibly grateful to God for the ground leadership vested in our country director, Pastor Timothy Levi, implementing the vision of the ministry on the ground. I want to thank him and the team for mobilizing the teachers, the parents and the students for this event.

We can do this.

Christians world wide must lead the charge of rebuilding South Sudan.

1- Gospel News must cut through tribal gridlock , government bureaucracy and unite the country. This is an opportunity not a burden to fulfil the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19 . South Sudan is a very young country, still moldable.

2- We must not relegate that responsibility of rendering basic services needed in community to the UN. Rendering basic Services, to support the incoming returnees will serve as foundational fulcrum for the integration of Civilian, government workers and military families as fellow citizens all working toward the same goals of national Unity and stable government.

3- If believers in Yeshua collectively can sow seeds of blessing in rendering just basic services to the community, it will impact The South Sudan’s Revitalized Peace Agreement for National Unity.

4- So, from strategic standpoint, everyone who found himself trapped in this region, should receive the same services including military families. This effort will lay the groundwork for integration of Civilian and military families as fellow citizens all working toward the same goals fro national unity:

5- The time is now for Christians in America and South Sudan who have the resources to stand up and be counted. South Sudanese do not have the monetary resources to under write expenses for the implementation for these service but they have the people and the land as assets to launch and expand the effort of ONMI already operational on the ground.

6- The people cannot wait on the government to render services to the community. South Sudanese government is very young and literally bankrupt. As the saying goes. “The Emperor is without cloth. Government cannot even pay their federal or state workers from 4-6 months at a time. Military services men, their families, police, wildlife and prison forces are all suffering for lack of wages from their government.

7- Everyone is waiting for the UN to send millions of Dollars to implement the peace content of Revitalized Peace Agreement signed in 2020. This expectation will fail. Again, it just as they saying goes , “the Emperor is without Clothe.’ People are looking for answers in wrong places.

8- Christians can participate in implementing the Revitalized South Sudan’s Peace Agreement between now and 2023 by revitalizing the lives of the people who have just returned from exile and helping the families the men in uniforms in the same way as everybody else.

9. We must see everybody with the same need as Jesus sees us. They need the Gospel News, Bible discipleship, stable family, good education for their children, Good food security for their community, medical services, clothing and small businesses to support themselves.

10- The expenses will be a tiny fraction of what UN spends annually on themselves in the country without seeing the long-term impact for the best of the country.

Given available services are put in the right places to serve the community, in less than 6 months from now we will see change.

Serving by Example..

By Praying and underwriting your support for ONMI's effort in launching of Bethlehem Primary and Nursey, your are providing basic services, a building block to stabilize South Sudan from the brink of another war .

2- The public matching of students, teachers, and parents for 4 miles to Pageri and back to Bethlehem mission compound on the public highway was meant to making a bold statement of resolve, for Faith, Family and Freedom to promote confidence building.

3- The families and are simply saying, we have returned from exile , we are here now and we have counted ourselves present in the country.

4- We want our children to walk securely on these public roads without fear. There is God’s presence among them. God's love, peace, courage and unity and vision and focus are present among them. The Biblical verses are so convicting 2 Chronical 7:14. What a blessing to see all these children?

5- The mobilization of the entire ONMI staff from Mugali, Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon Mt, Bethlehem in Borongole and Beth Israel Levi Akko mt. made all the difference.

What is the most pressing need for 2021? Completion of the church and school building and food security

However, the most challenging needs right now is Operation Nehemiah Mission urgently have to find ways to provide school facility and a large church to accommodate the students who have returned from exile and studying in poor facility. As schooling has started in this part of the world as South Sudanese are returning from exile, the education of the children of the returning families who are now in the country is very urgent. Parents who took the courage to come return home do not want their children to go back to Uganda for education. They want to keep their children with them. They need your support and encouragement now.

Student numbers are growing everyday.

April 6, 2021, marked the opening of Bethlehem Primary and Nursery school. It started with 7 children now the number has gone up to 200 already in less than a month. We must cap it at that level because we do not have the capacity to handle large number of students. They need bunk beds, medical attention and good sleeping arrangement. Children are now reporting to the school.

Day & Boarding arrangement is eminent

Parents who are still in the camps are dropping their children off at Bethlehem mission center in Kerepi for ONMI to meet their academic and spiritual needs. Now we need a boarding facility to accommodate them and feed them and disciple them because there is no where else to go.

99 % of homes were destroyed in 2016 Crisis

Returning Families have no housing. Everything was destroyed in the past 5 years by war except the mission compound. As They heard about Bethlehem Primary school, they began sending their children ahead to the home country. Parents in Juba, Nimule, Torit and everywhere are bringing their children to Bethlehem Primary school. We got 8 teachers and a headmaster teaching from K1-6. We need at least four 4 dormitories to house both boys and girls.

Currently, we are conducting classes in a temporary property at former building of Borongole Secondary school which is just across from our mission center, abandoned in 2016, the school was preserved, the only school never destroyed by fire, looters or termites during the crisis because God was watching over the property through ONMI's constant presence on the ground. We can use it for one year until the community assumes ownership, when most people return from exile.

However, we are pressed against time to build Bethlehem primary School and the New Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation within the next 4-8 to house these children and educate them.

1) To achieve this, there are available resources we have in place to address the first phase of the construction using the projected Budget for April 2021.

We received the first $40,000 seed money toward the school . This money will be used for making 260,000 interlocking Hydraform blocks to lay the foundation of the school and walling .

1- We got the Hydraform interlocking for block production. It has the capacity to produce 1500-2000 a day.

2- We got the query right here in the mission compound to extract the soil necessary to make these blocks.

3- We got water right in the compound to make the block.

4- We got the dump truck to ferry the sand and soil to the construction site.

5- We got 10,600 sqm of land dedicated for this work.

6- We got the Backhoe and front loader to manage the infrastructure.

7- We got 20 workers ready to work.

8- We have cement the only building material that is imported from Uganda.


I finally remember his name. Pastor Yasser Salvator, the man in this video escaped from his Islamic family in Khartoum, Sudan who wanted to Kill him because of His conversation to Christianity. He came and lived with Pastor Michael Longwa, Operation Nehemiah Mission's director stationed in Nairobi, Kenya from 1998- 1999. We were dealing with South Sudan's refugee crises in Kenya at that time. This was at the height of Islamic persecutions of Christians in the Sudan. South Sudan was not independent yet. We received him as a true brother and a friend in Yeshua. Soon we found out that once a Muslim finds Yeshua, his faith, is stronger than most Christians by name only. Then there, he met a beautiful Christian woman from Germany who came on short term missionary work in Kenya to help the refugees. They got married and he left for Germany with her. I have not heard or seen Yasser for years now. Last week, a long time co-laborer and benefactor to ONMI, sent me this video, a testimony of a former Muslim man from my country , the Sudan and she thought it will be encouragement to me., Considering, the factor that let to ONMI establishment back in 1993, because of the plight of persecuted Church in the Sudan.

"I murdered him for Allah but God raised him up to forgive me.... SHOCKING STORY OF REDEMPTION!!:" This video blesses me. I hope it blesses you too.

We reminded that Those who forget history, are bound to repeat it. At The backdrop of the Vision of Operation Nehemiah Mission was the plight of suffering Church & Believers in the Sudan under Islamic oppression.

As time passes, people forget why you are supporting Operation Nehemiah's effort in South Sudan and what is this all about the Sudan?

What happened then and what is going on now? Back in 1993, the original vision of Operation Nehemiah was to rebuild South Sudan from the ashes of Islamic war of persecution of Christians. The Khartoum Islamic regime at that point had waged an all-out war against Christians in the Sudan. Unr5ill 2011, There was only one Sudan dominated and governed by Muslim Brotherhood pushing for a complete establishment of Islamic Caliphate State. The only obstacles standing on their way, in that sense were Sudanese Messianic Jews and Christians in the Sudan in general and Southern Sudan in particular. So, for more than 50 years Khartoum Islamic regime, supported by the entire Islamic world, waged an old out war against Christians in South Sudan which led to the death and displacement of tens of thousands of Christians into exile. This was the reason I came to the USA in 1988. I suffered persecution myself. You can find my testimony in “my book, “The Bible or the Axe”. The regime made itself to be the global implementer of Islamic Caliphate State in Africa and beyond. Five Sudanese were part of Islamic terrorist attack on the first World Trade Bombing on Feb. 26, 1993 that killed 5 Americans in NYC. Sudan's Islamic regime used to harbor at least 20 different Islamic terror groups including Al-Qaida. Sudan was an avowed enemy of the USA and Israel and most of the western nations. Sanctions and embargo against Khartoum Islamic regime just lifted last year by the US State Dept., which also led to Israel and Sudan warming up to a diplomatic relationship.



"The legacy of America's National Day of Prayer reminds us of the importance of the freedom to practice our faith in the public square. This year's theme asks that the Lord would pour out "life, love, and liberty" on our nation. As we come together to pray for these and other blessings, let us pray specifically for a culture that values and respects religious freedom at home and across the globe.

Calls for the nation to come together in prayer has deep roots in American history. Informally practiced by the majority of our nation's leaders, the National Day of Prayer was officially established as an annual event on the first Thursday of May in 1952 after evangelist Billy Graham urged Congress to pass legislation that formalized it. Since then, every president has recognized the day." Toney Perkins, Family Research Council

Biden's idea is to plunk kids into a government-controlled daycare, where they're subjected to all manners of racist propaganda -- things like critical race theory, gender fluidity, and pre-K sex-ed. Instead of preaching anti-Americanism at age five, the extremists could get their clutches on kids when researchers say worldview is formed -- as young as two and three. May 4, 2021Tony Perkins

"Death to Israel" continues to be the hateful chant repetitively heard during Iran's official state-sponsored rallies, parades and political gatherings. Iran's tireless calls for the destruction of Israel is well-known by most Americans. And, of course, no one knows about Iran's demands for violence and terrorism against Israel better than former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Yet, as we recently learned, John Kerry has apparently betrayed both America and Israel, and has done so with potentially deadly intelligence leaks about Israel to Iran.

As Tony Perkins recently explained on "Washington Watch," according to news reports, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said John Kerry informed him about classified U.S. intelligence regarding some 200 Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria.

In a shocking revelation, disclosed during a leaked three-hour recorded interview inside Iran, Zarif complained that Iran's military has long kept him in the dark on crucial matters. He then said he had to find out about Israeli attacks against Iranian interests in Syria from none other than John Kerry.

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The Candace Owens Show: Jacki Deason Candace Owens Feb 07, 2021710k

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Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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Public • By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 6 May, 2021

Jerusalem, 6 May, 2021 (TPS) -- A mechanism that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palatine (PFLP) terror organization developed to finance its terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria through the use of funding provided by aid agencies and NGOs operating in Europe was recently exposed, the Shin Bet security agency revealed on Thursday. The embezzled humanitarian funds were diverted to Palestinian institutions and organizations in Judea and Samaria that belong to the PFLP and operate under humanitarian cover, through an organization called the “Health Committees.” The Shin Bet investigation of those involved in the scam revealed that these organ.

The strike, which the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted early in the morning on Wednesday, occurred in an unusual location in close proximity to the Mediterranean coast; Weapons belonging to Iranian militias were destroyed in the strike. An Israeli airstrike targeted an Iranian militias weapons depot in western Syria in the early morning on Wednesday. The strike occurred along the Mediterranean coastline city of Latakia, which currently obtains a heavy Russian presence. Syrian air defense systems reportedly engaged the Israeli attack but did not prevent them from striking an alleged “plastics warehouse” used to house several missiles. Following the attack on the weapons depot, footage could be seen on social media of the location ablaze with small explosions that followed. The area of Latakia comes as an unusual location for an Israeli strike, primarily because Russia “runs the show” in the region, meaning that Israel needed Russian approval for the strike. It also means that the Jewish state had a serious reason for seeking out this confrontation. In this case, undoubtedly, the missiles in the warehouse were being allocated for use against Israel’s Navy. Strikes were also carried out due east in the city of Haffah as well as Masyaf. As usual, the IDF did not comment on the strikes.

Prayers and Needs for ONMI in South Sudan and USA

ONMI staff and their families

May Budget is $60,000.

Break down:

$20,000 for USA office,

$20,000 construction project South Sudan

$ 20,000 Infrastructure


Sustain support for staff and infrastructure on the ground and the USA

Construction plan for the school and the Church

Water Tank: We need at least 10,000 Liters water tank

Church Building Project -

Bibles, Out reaches and discipleship:

Medical needs -

New Teachers

Education: 150 Student desks

50 Double Bunk Beds for 100 students -


Education: 100 Mattress

Education: Stationery

Current stability must be observed. People coming back from exile should not be discouraged by dubious armed group staging devilish ambushes on innocent lives on international highway.

Rather together, we must fight Satan, poverty, illiteracy and UN constant presence in a sovereign country must be removed peacefully. They must go back to where they came from. Enough is enough.

May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237


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