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To ONMI’s faithful benefactors and co-laborers - stand with us!

Dear Brother and Sister in Yeshua,

Shalom, I want to thank God for you and your family in the name above all names Yeshua, the Messiah. Hope and pray that you and family are doing very well as we are now in the Fall season and the Summer 2022 is fading behind us. During it all, the Lord has been faithful to us in protecting and providing for the resources essentially needed to press on for the work of the ministry of ONMI. The Summer 2022 has been one of the most challenging seasons for the ministry. I have not seen anything like it. But through it our faith is stretched. It is very tempting to slip into fear and despair when we review the general outlook of US economy and the political climate under the Biden administration.

We are praying for you as ONMI’s faithful benefactors and co-laborers impacted by what is going on. Giving to Charity is exercise of freedom we enjoy in this country, and it is all tied to the health of the national economy. But God will have His way regardless the outcomes with the last laugh. Our brothers and sisters in South Sudan are praying for you. May He replenish your coffer as you give to those who can’t give back. For those who lend to the poor, lend to God. Our current monitory support stands at $30,000 to clear the backlog from last month. God willing online donation can be made at Donate your gift here

It is glaringly, obvious you can’t miss what is happening in the USA . The division in the country, based on Leftist Liberal agenda to divide and conquer the country by tearing apart the family, church, government, and control the country’s money is alive and well. This is very dangerous and destructive to any nation. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34. If America needs our prayers, it is now more than ever. Looking at the situation as it is, our only hope is in Almighty God to whom we look up to for help. I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalms 121.


In less than 2 years, under the Biden administration. the national fabric of the USA notably Faith, family, freedom, culture, and economy is precipitously spiraling downward into oblivion as we know it. These are precarious time for faith-based charity organization that are not ascribing to implementation nor promotion of the agenda of the Woke Culture by the Deep State.

If you are keeping up with the current national economic forecast, there is prediction of a national and global recession. But Joe Biden and his Green Deal Agenda 2030 is downplaying it. He thinks this is the best thing for America because they have planned it all out as integral part of their White House Green Deal Agenda under Joe Biden phasing out Fossil fuel based economic engine for America by 2030 as outlined in President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target. You cannot make this up. They have it on their platform on White House’s website!!

The Biden Leftist liberal administration has done everything relentlessly, ruthlessly, and doubling down to destroy US economy completely, and rendering it ineffective and irrelevant to impact a national and global economy. But why? Because they want to replace it with an economic system made in their own image which is the nature of the Woke Culture bend on (destruction of historical Judeo-Christian civilization, Climate change, Socialism, Marxism, communism, Critical Race Theory, Islamism, non- Binary society, anti- Police, rejection of Law and Order, Open Borders, BLM antifa, etc.)

Therefore, they want to destroy the Judeo- Christian Faith and nucleus family, these are the roots of our freedom. They stand contrary to the agenda of the work culture; therefore, they must be destroyed. Parents are now defined as domestic terrorists because they are threat to the agenda of the woke culture that thrives on deception and promotion of evil society.

The Leftist democrats have been promoting division in the USA since the Civil War (1860-1865) which they miserably lost to the Union under a Republican, President Abraham Lincoln. That Victory has kept the USA intact and added more land like Alaska and Hawaii to it. Today, their strategies to succeed in dividing the USA have taken subtly different twists and turns. It may not take a civil war like that of 1860 but the division is already steep and extremely dangerous! They succeeded in turning the table on the Republican party, highjacked it, infiltrated it made it politically and economically spineless party run by the RiNos.

They want the rest of the country to believe Conservative Republican party is the party of the rich and of oppression, but they are the party that champion the Civil Right since the 60s. However, we all know, this is further from the truth. They definition of Civil Right today, will make Dr. Martin Luther King rolls in his grave with agony and disbelief. Nonetheless, we know it is just a ploy to create further division among Americans against fellow Americans.

The Liberal Left claimed that blacks and Spanish are oppressed, and they are championing their causes. But the fact does not add up. First of all, Black American have been free over 160 years since the Emancipation Proclamation by Republican President Lincoln in 1862. These are fellow Americans with the same right now what are they lacking ? The USA is not a perfect Union but a work in progress far better than any other countries around the world in the same situation.

For us who came here not more than 35 years ago can attest to this truth. USA is a land of freedom and opportunity for all who made here legally. The open border policy where this Administration allows already 2 million people to enter illegally into the country with illicit drugs and drug dealers, sex traffickers, Islamic terrorists to take over American cities designed as sanctuary cities, undermines perfection of the Union. There are already millions of Americans languishing in the cities run by the liberal mayors for decades. This does not concur with their claim of being champions of freedom people they want to protect.

The Liberal Left currently in power rejects God designed definition of binary biological sex as male and female with established evidence for Procreation since the Creation. But why? because this fact is a threat to their application of woke culture of death and physical mutilation. They want to destroy USA as Constitutional Republic. But why? Because the USA constitution and the First ad the Second Amendments represent God’s authority to curb lawless and make government and citizens responsible and accountable for their own actions. Whereas the Woke Culture pushed by the Liberal Left thrives on godlessness, chaos, lawlessness, confiscation, wealth distribution and victimization mindset.

Why does the administration weaponize the DOJ and the FBI to go with vengeance against their political opponents in the likes we never seen before, e.g., raiding the house of a 45th President who has lifted our country from misery just four years ago and did not take our country to war with any nation? Because they want One Liberal Left Party Government to turn the country into another Venezuela with one party rule and dictatorship and make the Rich looks like the oppressors and they are the liberators.

Why are they playing double standard when come to applying equal justice under the law of the USA? It is because they have already outlawed the law of USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What we are witnessing is the direct application of the kangaroo court under the lawless and borderless society base on the rule of socialism, communism and Marxist replacing the law of the USA Constitutional Republic. You are guilty before innocent. How does that work? The Left has to make you and I believe they are the custodian of American democracy and the RiNos in the likes of Congresswoman Liz Cheney, are the true defenders of the US Constitution against America First Agenda.

They have highjacked the country and morphed themselves as the true defender of our constitution. Iam shocked to hear that they are confident of keeping the House and the senate comes midterm election. Who will be in their right mind, voting for this administration again in November? This is y our last chance, go out and vote them out of office before they take your freedom away from you.


For your brothers and sisters in South Sudan, I told them to count on their blessings and make use of the resources and funding they have received from your benevolence to create a lasting self-perpetuating sustainable living and to tap into the national resources of the country.

Encourage the church leaders to preach the word, in and out of season, urge them to commit themselves in the countryside where active displacement and fighting was going on,

Encourage them to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and bring healing, trust and faith between ordinary civilian and the military and their families, rendering much needed help to both. They are to render essential services such as Shelter, Biblical discipleship, water, medicine, education, food security and advise people trapped in a very precarious situation to have hope in God. Urge them to prayer for government and the soldiers to honor God as They will answer to God for the roles they play as leaders not to destroy the community but protect it. These church leaders don't live in the comfort of Juba City. Nor do they enjoy the comfort of security for protection because God is their protectors. Therefore, God gives them favor with Him and with man where their warfare is not fought with weapon of man but with weapon of prayers and the teaching of the Bible.


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They asked for guidance, wisdom, love, and care.

Would you join us and pray for these needs today? As we are coming to end of September, these are the most immediate needs that need to be met in September 2022 $70,000 covering Your donations are tax deductible and online donations can be made at

Checks can be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Landsborough, MA 01237.

Thank you for your generosity and honesty. May God bless you and keep you.

In His Grace, Founder and Overseer, William Levi

Tel: 413-770-4711,

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