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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years. A cause to Rejoice & Relief!

Shalom my brother and Sister in Yeshua, I pray and hope that this News report finds very well in the Lord. Returning home to the USA. Finally, I made it back to the US after one full month busy mission trip to South Sudan. Got back on June 4th, I brought you greetings from all the beneficiaries and the brethren who sincerely expressed their gratitude and appreciation to God for your love prayer and generosity.

But here is the News that give us Hope for this great Nation!!

Landed in the USA on The Greatest News of all News in five decades – Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending 50 years of federal abortion rights.! This is one prayer answered.!!

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump for appointing 3 conservative Supreme Court Judges within 4 years of his administration (Neil Gorsuch, Bret Kavanaugh and Anne Barrett) in addition to Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samuel Alito to deal a dead blow to PP and this bloody federal funded business. He had perfect scores in nominating three Conservative USA Supreme Court Judges in just one term of his Presidency to do away with Roe v.Wade. This is the biggest day in American History!! Abortion on Demands has been destroyed at Federal Level and sent back to the States to deal with it.

Liberal left and Media are spinning this around, distorting the Constitutionality why Roe v. Wade does not have a place at the Federal government and came unglue from Washinton DC back to the States. The US Constitution did not inscribe death certificate for unborn Americans no matter how they came into the world, but Live and Liberty for all. That is why the 6 Conservative Judges found Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional. In the light of this historic setting, tens of thousands of innocent lives of unborn American children's will be saved!! But the Liberal Left will not rest to reinstate it even if it will mean by violence and stealing another election. So, you can't let your guard down. Keep praying and stay alert!!

Children from Impoverish Nations' lives will be spared from the scourge of Abortion. Abortion in not our value and can't be passed onto others!

As we know it, abortionists and PP do not have 100 % monopoly over which child to live or die across our 50 states as of June 24. Children from Impoverish nations from Africa, Asia and South America and Caribbeans will be spared from the scourge of Abortion because USAID will no longer send Federal funded money through UN'S WHO to promote global abortion.

I had no idea what abortion was until I arrived in the US in 1988.

When I arrived here in the USA in the Fall of 1988, there was general election in the country. Outgoing President Reagan was about to complete his 2 terms in office after Presiding over the largest economy and ending the Cold War with USSR. His VP George Walker Herbert Bush was contesting the presidency to succeed him against Mike Dukakis, a liberal governor from MA. George W. H. Bush went unto winning that Election. Providentially and consequentially, he appointed Clarance Thomas to the Supreme Court along with another ultra-Liberal Judge by the name David Suter.

In 1988, Roe v. Wade was entering its 15 years of destructive force against American unborn children and PP and Hollywood were deeply entrenched in grooming public schoolgirls and schoolboys to engage in sexual activities perpetually for the sole purpose of promotion abortion industry. Soon enough, abortion grew exponentially across this country and across the globe.

Then came William Clinton in 1993- 2000 who came up with two extreme Liberal Supreme Court Judges, (Stephen Breyer & Ruth Ginsburg.) Then came George W. Bush (2001- 2008) who appointed two Supreme Court Judges (John Roberts and Samuel Alito,) then came Barrack Obama, (2009- 2016) who appointed two extreme Liberal female Judges (Sonia Sotomayor & Elana Kagan.) Abortion issue has been debated between the two major candidates of the major parties either at Federal or state level as part of the formality which is part of the political demagoguery between the two major parties to win an election.

Republicans' candidates (RINO) campaigned against Abortion and Roe v. Wade in the primaries to galvanize the base once they win the primaries, they expect the base to follow them to the general election as they Renegate against anti- abortion platform. They go on supporting abortion platform on the same side as the Liberal Leftist candidates who already embraced Pro-abortion platform to win in general election and never again talk about getting rid of Roe v. Wade until the next election and the circle continued.

For 50 years the fight against Roe v. Wade was left to the Church and Christian organizations to fight against it and many churches gave up on it and joined the crowd. They were never serious about ending Roe v. Wade, it did not matter who won the presidency. Until Trump showed up in 2016. He was the people's President. We the people not, the media, Not the Washinton Swamp dwellers not the LGBTQ picked him as our President by the people for the people. Ultimately like King David, God picked him to lead America for 4 excellent years despite the odds.

In 2016 - general election, the Liberal Media, The Washington Swamp, the establishment which were always the final arbiters at every Presidential race, that picked the President. were caught off guard. They went on frenzy during the entire presidency of Donald Trump. Now they are back again since 2020. But This time around, all the gloves, and the masks have come off from both sides. Trump effect taking the country by the storm. You never used to hear within the rank and filed of Republican party, politicians coming out like Rep - CO, Lauren Boebart saying to her colleagues, she is the "Professional Hunter for Rino across America."! No pretext and no more middle ground. Line is drawn in the sand on ideological differentials even within the party itself, remove out ambiguities. You are either for Life or for death. Abortion is death.

Pray for America -

1- Courage against darkness and culture of death

2- Faith, family and freedom

Would you consider donating today? These are the most immediate needs in June 2022 to meet the needs stands at $110,000. Raise - $67,000 Balance - $43,000 Immediate by the end of June 30th. Your contribution is tax deductible and online donation can be made at

Checks can be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Landsborough, MA 01237

Thank you very much for your generosity and faithfulness. God bless you & keep you. In His grace, William Levi, Founder & Overseer Phone: 413-770-4711, e-mail:


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