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Stand with Israel: "Israel “Be strong! Take courage! Don’t be afraid or distressed!

Shalom to you my brothers and Sister in Yeshua, lost for word like many of you about diabolical and yet successful Hamas terroristic infiltration of Israel security line from multiple fronts causing colossal destruction in human toll. " Dozens of Hamas Terrorists infiltrate Israel from Gaza by land, sea and air ■ Some 2,500 rockets fired from the Strip ■ At least 700 Israelis killed, over 2,200 wounded ■ Army strikes Hamas targets in Gaza; 413 Palestinians reportedly killed ■ 'Substantial' number of civilians and soldiers held hostage in Gaza." One would wonder, what happened to Israeli Security system.? But God knows something that we just don't know.

Grounded in Almighty God in Yeshuah, Please Stand with Israel in the Face of this colossal destruction in human toll. Israel “Be strong! Take courage! Don’t be afraid or distressed on account of the king of Ashur or all the horde he brings with him. For the One with us is greater than the one with him — 8 he has human strength, but we have Adonai our God to help us and fight our battles!” The people took heart at the words of Hizkiyahu king of Y’hudah. 2 Chronicles 32: 7-8

I was in Nirim Kibbuth, Israel December 13, 2022, right at border with Gaza Strip. I met Adele Reemer in person, and she was one of the main spokespersons for the community. Many of her people are either, killed, kidnapped or wounded by Hamas Terrorist infiltration. Pray for her and all of Israel. Pray for the Peace of Yerushalayim. Psalms 122.

We are taking donation for Israel to support the people of Sderot and Nirim in southern Israel affected by this despicable evil infiltration of Hamas into Israel targeting civilians, taking hostages. If the Lord leads you to give, please do online donation to Operation Nehemiah Missions at

Or write a check to Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237


In His grace

William Levi, Founder and CEO Operation Nehemiah Missions


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