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Shortwave Radio Initiative, will impact 600 million lives in East Africa

Shalom to you my brother & sister in Yeshua,

Iam inviting you to join me in prayers and financial support to partake and become founding

members of this important initiative. Today, I’m unveiling an important project a shortwave Radio information technology for ONMI in the field of Gospel Radio Broadcasting Initiative to expand on our current FM station to cover all of South Sudan, the Sudan, the Horn of Africa , East Africa, North central Africa, the Nile valley, and half of DRC, Chad, CAR to Promote the Good News and deter the encroachment of Islamic propaganda in a region as big as the size of United States in the continent of Africa. This shortwave radio station will be called:

Nehemiah Trumpet Call Shortwave Gospel Radio Station (NTCSW11950MHZ. This is the areas it will cover - 2000km 0r 1243 miles

Imagine one of these days, what will be common on the airwaves of these countries with the population exceeding 600 million people will be the message of the Great Commissions which is the message of the Good News!!

Therefore, Iam inviting you to join me in prayers and financial support to partake and become founding members of this important initiative. See attachment doe details. This Shortwave Radio broadcasting station when completed will all be a voice for Israel from East Africa to deter BDS expansion into Africa.

Background & the current station - NTC 97.3 FM and the coverage area approximately 100 miles

Research for setting up Shortwave station started in 2011 but we had to put it on hold because NTC 97.3 Fm was not complete, and it did not reach its completion until 2021. The Shortwaves station will be built on what has been already established under the initiative of the NTC 97.3 FM. It will cost less than half the price of the current FM set up because the infrastructure is already in place.

The Nehemiah Trumpet Call Gospel radio was established in 2003 by Operation Nehemiah Mission International. It was the first of its kind in Pageri Administrative area of Magwi County, EE, South Sudan. The station came into existence in the middle of Sudan’s Longest running war of Islamic persecution of Christians in South Sudan, 8 years before South Sudan became independent in 2011. Thanks to the benevolence and generosity of VCY America’s Crosstalk and several benefactors (anonymous) and missionaries who came alongside ONMI to get the station up and running. I will be remised not to mention our senior Electrical engineer David Firth who has relentlessly toiled in getting NTC up to the speed. God has called upon him once again to help ONMI builds NTC shortwave Gospel radio station in 2022.

In 2003, The goal of Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM Gospel Radio was to bring the pure word of God, unsaturated, and Biblical centered to thousands of Sudanese living in internally displaced camps inside South Sudan and the refugee camps in northern Uganda. This mission goal remains in effect even in independent Republic of South Sudan. Now, in addition to our current FM station 97,3 FM, Gospel radio, we are going to add Shortwave radio station to cover broad range of countries to extend the same good news.

Running up to this point, our desire to establish an FM Gospel radio to reach throughout the South Sudan has been hampered by several factors: such as lack of infrastructures in the country. It is impossible to set up repeaters throughout the 10 states and linked up with other FM stations in those states due to logistical hurdles, lack of roads, and regional insecurity. Whereas with Shortwave station, we will be anchoring the station at the Yerushalayim Summit on Mt. Gordon in Nimule, Eastern Equatoria state right at border with Uganda. Despite the national crisis in the South Sudan that has been going on and off, for 19 years since 2003, by the grace of God, NTC has never been shut down.

The NTCSW11950MHZ will share the same studio office with NTC 97.3 FM. With robust use of 5KW Shortwave transmitter and OMNI bi-directional Antenna, we can cover 1245 miles all around The Nile valley, the Horn and East Africa part of the central and northern Africa.

The Shortwave radio station will be called NTCSW 11,950 MHZ in its legal operational capacity in compliance with South Sudan’s ministry of National Communication Authority NCA. Unlike our current FM radio station, it will be dominant in African continent because it will cover an area as large as the United States, without the need for massive infrastructure and logistics that FM station requires using repeaters. Expanding FM stations using repeaters specially in South Sudan is near impossible due to lack of key infrastructures. Please see technical plot propagation of the coverage areas and the hours over the topographic map of the countries we intended to broadcast into,

Here is NTCSW 11950 MHZ’s statement of intent and technical specification as follows:

For the interest of ONMI and stake holders the vision, goal and overall scope of this shortwave radio station will be purely for bringing the pure word of God, unsaturated, and Biblical centered to tens and thousands of people living in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia), the Nile Valley (Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and East Africa (South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and DRC)

The station will also address vital Humanitarian needs in time of crisis in such places as Tigray, Ethiopia, South Sudanese returning from exile and IDPs camps, agriculture & food security, Drought and flooding reports, Healthcare and disease breakout, Roads and transportation, economy and important local, county, state, and national news across the countries in the region listed above and below.

Therefore, we are praying to God for you and to Consider becoming one of the founders of NCTSW11950 and help us bring this project to fruition. Those who will underwrite this shortwave radio station will be inscribed as Founders. Your support for this shortwave radio station will propel NTCSW11,950MZ to reach population of the Horn of Africa, East Africa, part of central Africa and the Nile valley with excess of 601 million people in the region. We ask for your prayers and financial support to implement this vital vision.

Here is the budget for this project. The cost of transmitter and antenna, labor, power, bill of material list, including shipping and engineering support to South Sudan by the company’s engineer is $250,275. Please see cost breakdown in the spread sheet below.

Duration of the construction of the short-Wave Radio will be 4 months or 120 days. From the beginning of the time that we have the material on the ground will be 4 months.

The interpretation of the plot based on 1500 -2000 KM (1000 -1243 Miles) east and west 1500 KM- 2000KM (1000-1243 miles) north and south. See Propagation plots attached. Primary beam heading is 80 degrees. Location: ONMI’s Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon Mountain. Nimule, EE South Sudan.

Regarding Antenna: Antenna Name: BBD Antenna (Broad band Dipole)

Frequency will cover over the targeted area of broadcasting hours from 6A - 10 AM South Sudan time (7 AM- 11 AM) East African time and from (6 PM to 10PM South Sudan time) or 7PM to 10 PM East African time. The frequency with the 5KW would give us an 80% coverage with a Signal to Noise Ratio of 50 DB 2. The antenna would be a manageable a size for the area of space required located on the top of ONMI’s Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon Mt in Nimule, EE in South Sudan.

Regarding Transmitter

Transmitter Name: SW 5KW Transmitter, Frequency: 11.950 MHZ and use OMNI directional antenna to cover about 1243 Miles. Please see Propagation plot attached above. As the Lord leads, we anticipate you support to take ONMI to the next level.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Would you join us and pray for these needs today? As we are coming to end of September, these are the most immediate needs that need to be met in September 2022 $70,000 covering Your donations are tax deductible and online donations can be made to

Checks can be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Landsborough, MA 01237.

Thank you for your generosity and honesty. May God bless you and keep you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

In His grace

William Levi, founder, and Overseer

Operation Nehemiah Missions

Po Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237



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