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ONMI Mission News: USA, South Sudan & Israel

Shalom to you brothers and Sister in Yeshua,

It has been a while since I sent out our weekly report from the mission field. I have been waiting for the report of Crops Harvesting and medical report to give you a comprehensive report from the field in various sectors of our mission activities. This is the main subject of this report today. But I will be remiss not to remind you of what is going here in the USA and Israel.

The Midterm Election issues; Safety and Security, the Economy, Open borders, Access to Reliable, Affordable Energy, Escalating Living Costs and Debt, Our Nation’s Children, Racist K-12 Curricula Indoctrination, Constitutional Freedoms. Second Amendment Protections etc

First USA, as Americans, we are all aware of what is going on. Let us be on our knees praying and taking action. The Midterm Election is here, and it is our deciding moment to go out and cast our votes. It will be “A Make or Break for America.” Knowing what the Liberal Left, Social and mainstream media can do, from just these past two years, you need to understand, the deep state will stop at nothing until they destroy the country from the root as we know it. God forbid, should they evade the voting system again, cheat, and steal the election and take control of the Congress, both the Senate and the House, several governorships, state attorney general, secretary of State and state legislatures across the country, the damage will be totaled.

Unlike other countries like the Sudan, where I come from, where citizens are crushed under Islamic one-party rule, here in the USA, not going to vote is not an option. Let’s go and vote the crooks out. We still have freedom to pray, and some voices left to speak up and stand for the truth, faith, family, and freedom. It has been almost two years since the fraudulent Biden administration took over the governance of this Great Nation, inheriting a thriving state of the country from the Previous administration of President Trump. But The magnitude of his destruction is colossal on all fronts: Faith, family and Freedom, governance, economy, and businesses are all under the spell of the woke culture driven by this administration.

“How do we measure the health of a people and country?” We look at the Spiritual and physical state of ourselves and our country and gauge it against the standard of the Holy word of God. The Bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34.. Pause and thing about it, “Even if five Presidents were put together, they couldn’t have rendered a destructive damage on the country and American people than what Joe Biden administration has done in less than 2 years.” Carlson: Biden ‘Isn’t Simply Incompetent’ — He ‘Is the Single-Most Destructive Force’ in U.S. History

Israel’s five election cycles in three years, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise after all.

Israel has just concluded their fifth election in 3 years. Congratulations to The Likud political block. At last Benjamin Netanyahu has prevailed with clear majority in Israeli Knesset to form the next Government. What happened last year with the government of former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the outgoing Prime minister, Yair Lapid was a blessing in disguise. In God’s providence, as bad as that event seem to be, It had to happen. It was a wakeup call for Israelis to take the country back by decisive election of Likud and the Jewish Religious Right Groups to restore the country from constant political gridlock precariously endangering the security of Israel and Israelis. Psalms 122.

South Sudan – ONMI Mission activities.

A couple of months back I wrote a report on “The Iron of triangle of Project Management and working with project constraints involving Time, Scope, and Cost. “When scope is conceived in the mind and you are passionate about it, you need time to launch it and launching time depends on the availability of funds it takes to execute it.

The year 2022 has been marked I the USA as the year impacted most by shortage of food change, war, Border invasion, inflation, flooding, drought, expensive fuel, and expensive food prices. This entire dichotomy of the USA economy which has been going through inflation is a cause of concern. But I want to thank God for you who have stood and preserver with us throughout this trying times. The impact of your tenacious support has been well received by ONMI.

In South Sudan, with your support and encouragement, we continue to witness the steady and tenacious hand of God in bringing tangible and practical help through Operation Nehemiah Missions to the community in Eastern Equatoria State and Lake States of South Sudan. Since April 2022, there has been steady reports coming from the mission field depicting progress rather than stagnation in term of seeing the fruits of your financial support which are evidently seen in the spiritual growth of the Church, agriculture (food security), healthcare, education (Bethlehem Primary school), Gospel radio broadcasting station, and clean water development. This has been a long journey by faith to finally be able to see all these encouraging dynamics taking shape in ONMI’s long term initiative to ensure families are able stand on their feed and supporting themselves with resources coming from within their own country and from USA. We couldn’t be more grateful witnessing what the lord has done in all the various sectors of ONMI’s project initiative. They are long term, decisive and impactive.

Taking for example, in Rumbek, Pastor John Thon Makur of Light Messiah Congregation discipled and baptized 35 new believers and welcomed them into the kingdom of God just this weekend.

At the Beth Israel farmland, a lot of food has been cultivated and harvested throughout the year. Of the most recent, we have been harvesting corn, onion, oranges, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and mangoes.

In the medical department, thanks to your benevolent contribution of funds for purchasing of medicine, we can receive and administer medical services to at least 20 patients daily.