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ONMI, called upon to fix deadly Juba- Nimule Highway. Thanks to you.

Dear brother and Sister in Yeshua, Greeting to you and your family. As we are closing the month of January 2022, I want to thank you for your generosity and for keeping us pressing on. Here at ONMI, there is dull moment for us. Everyday there is row field report coming up from South Sudan which you don’t get from MSN about what is going on. You can use this report educate your friends, church, and community about what is happening in that country.

You may not realize the vitality of your support to Operation Nehemiah Missions to South Sudanese. Your prayer and monetary support are very vital both physically and spiritually. You don’t know many lives are you saving on daily bases in South Sudan physically and spiritually without resettling them into the USA or smuggling them into this country through our Southern borders.

Who could ever think that a faith Based Christian organization will take part in road construction and repair in South Sudan? With your help, ONMI is doing just that.

Juba- Nimule Road accidents has claimed more life on South Sudan’s road than anything else in our most recent memories since the country’s independence in 2011.

Our central message to the Sudanese is to turn return to God and he will heal us and the land.

Everything belongs to God, and he will heal the land if the Family, Church and Government institutions can work together to fix South Sudan as one nation under God. There is no one side fix it all. Only God can fix it all. With your tangible support, ONMI is hammering out a portion of the problem and I think the message is resonating with the people.

Gordon Mountain (named after General Charles Gordon, British Anglo- Egyptian Governor of Equatoria, Sudan, 1874-1878) based in Nimule, EE, South Sudan, 900 M up the mountain, lies a portion of Nimule -Juba Road.

The condition of the road has become unbearable and unpassable. Trucks, trailers and vehicles from East Africa and East African ports are gravely impacted here by the deteriorating condition of this vital major trans African highway. The eastern side of the road as it meanders its way northward to Juba from the South Sudan's border with Uganda, through this rugged mountain is a very steep and dangerous cliff stretching 500 m deep below the valley has proven to be very deadly for motorists over the years. Many drivers have lost control over their vehicles, veered off the Cliff and plunged to their death. As vital as the highway is for South Sudan and our East African neighbors, fixing this road has evaded the government effort to fix it.

The highway was dangerously & unprofessionally constructed by the Turkish / Chinese companies between 2012-2013 under USAID. More people have lost their lives, and more vehicles have been destroyed in road related accidents than the benefit of the road itself.

Student's bus almost got hit Couple of days back, a big tractor trailer lost brake and almost rolled back into ONMI’s school bus carrying children to school, heading to Bethlehem primary school, Borongole in Kerepi. That was a wakeup call to witness this incident about to happen. Thank God, disaster was averted. We acted and ONMI Country Director alerted Nimule Custom authority at the border with Uganda to do something about the road condition up the mountain before more people lose their lives. But they did not have the equipment to fix the road. We told them we can use ONMI’s backhoe (just a small equipment unmatched for what it takes fix the road. They agreed to work with us. It was a small beginning. So, we use it to improvise and fix the road condition from getting worst. They agreed, we teamed up with them and this is what ONMI is doing on Gordon MT to fix the road. This backhoe is a gift from America, a city on the hill that can’t be hidden. In 2019, I put out a pitch to you our benefactor to purchase a backhoe to help ONMI address just the bare minimum infrastructure problem on the ground. Right away $74,000 came in. We rushed the fund in and acquired the equipment brand new. We bought from Ugandan dealer. This was important because we can always get the part for this equipment any time it breaks down. The backhoe proves to be truly a gold for the work it is doing for ONMI and for the community. Never in our wildest imagination, we thought, the backhoe can be used to fix up potholes, tear and wear on major highway of South Sudan.

Here are some testimonies from people that appreciate what ONMI is doing with the Backhoe:

Rev. Peter Tibi – Juba

Nimule Juba road is a lifeline for South Sudan. Yesterday I used that road driving from Nimule to Juba and at that very sport on Jebel Gordon, I got stuck due to heavy traffic and bad spot for more than 30 minutes. Thanks to God for Nehemiah Operation Mission in responding to the need to fix that bad spot. Daily over 2000 heavy trucks move from Nimule to Juba ferrying goods. Thanks William O Levi and your team in big support to fix that road. The support is for the entire nation. Witnessed it personally! May God support Operation Nehemiah Mission. Thanks to all benefactors from the USA

Bishop Nyamara Simon – Juba, South Sudan

Brother Bishop William you are doing great work in building and bring hope to our people on this Country of South Sudan. Seeing what you are doing in Borongole, and construction of this main road is a great development. You are doing a holistic work; may they meet all the needs of this ONMI to bring hope to our people. I am back to Juba and will share with you what the Lord is doing in Sudan. May you continue to help ONMI

Joshua Taban – Australia

Good information for the public and road users about Gordon from Nimule to Jeleyi, I was halfway death when I lost control by push cycle as young teenager in 79s. Road safety is country's Development. God bless all our US brethren in the faith.

Deng Alor Majokdit – Juba

The call should be implemented most especially the government should look at the Nimule-Juba Road really something to be done otherwise people will keep on losing lives day and after. We in South Sudan appreciate your support from the US to ONMI even though you do not see us.

Mary Buyu – Juba

Oh, thank you very much for sharing this touching information, for when I was coming from Uganda to Juba on 16 January, we felt the road really need service. South Sudan's independence is attributed to the USA. Thank you.

Roselyn Oneka – USA /South Sudan

Thank you for always caring about our people. May God bless ONM

Betty Wilson – Uganda/ South Sudan

Bishop William, you have done a great thing to our nation of South Sudan, and I believe God shall raise more spiritual friends of influence to stand with you to set standard for our people's this year and we are praying for you to fulfill all the assignments given you by God Amen

Wajaras James – Juba

Great thanks to the leadership of Operation Nehemiah for helping the nation may the Lord give you more wisdom. Blessing to all the Donors from the USA

Rev. John Moi

That is the practical testimony of wholistic ministry in the Kingdom of God-seeing what sees and taking action for the ‘greater good’!

In conclusion: To South Sudan requires the families, the church government to work together to fix the country. It is not just one side fix it all. If you just wait for the government to fix it, you will wait forever. Therefore, let us join hand to fix South Sudan.

To our benefactors, brethren and sisters in the USA, please continue to pray and support the these Biblical wholistic approach to retore South Sudan

NTC97.3 FM, At Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT, Nimule South Sudan. NTC 97.3 Fm covers the airwaves of South Sudan and northern Uganda, touching the Lives of at least 1million people daily. Thanks to you for keeping the station alive for the expansion of the Great Commission since 2002.

Testimony and Appreciation for the NTCBN 97.3 FM

Mc Osoil Madit


For every effort put on ground to keep NTC 97.3 FM Going strong, we appreciate all the love and generosity of our brethren in the USA

Serious harvesting at Beth Israel Farmland, Kerepi, EE State South Sudan.

Harvesting Sorghum at Beth Israel Farmland. By the grace of God, with your help, ONMI agricultural department is establishing food security for the people of Pageri Administration area of Madi Corridor in EE state of South Sudan. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. PSALMS 126.5