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ON NTCBN Ambassador John Duku thanks USA on South Sudan's Independence, July 9, 2021

Dear my brothers and Sisters in Yeshua and co-laborer's in the Great Commissions. I want to wish you a blessed belated US Independence Day, as we celebrated the 245 years of independence of United States of America. I do not think, July 4th, 1776, was coincidental. It was providential hand of God, that brought this exceptional nation into existence. The challenge is massive, but we each must do our part together as we are striving for a perfect Union. We must love God, and love one another and embrace our nation and be thankful at least for me. Let us repudiate the teaching of Critical Race Theory from take hold in this nation. People must be judged by the content of their characters not by the color of their skin. All mankind are created equal by our Creator God But we are all sinners and fallen short of the glory of God. The only thing that bring hatred , division and covetousness, killing and enslavement to all humanity sin. The Good news is that Yeshua, the Messiah is our Savior. He is the antidote to Satan. Romans 10: 9 House divided against itself shall not stand.

They are taught to hate themselves, and their country.

I was utterly aghast & grieved, watching in dismay, the irreparable damage that has been inflicted upon the young and vibrant posterity of this country by liberal institution of higher learning called American Academia. What are we doing to ourselves and to our children?

They reject America but they can't point to one country to take a refuge.

On July4th , Campus Reform did this random interview across spectrum of students going about their lives. These students, could be my own daughters, all females, brainwashed in Liberal American Academia that they are ashamed to be Americans. They hated it here. But, they can't name one country to take refuge or migrate to live. That is what our daughters and sons get from American liberal education system. They are pushing and brainwashing vulnerable young women and young men to hate their skin color, their family, their church, and ultimately their country. I wished they could go and spend just one month in Islamic run country of Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and come back to tell us if they hate America. "My people perish for lack of vision."

Courtesy of Campus Reform


South Sudan's independence - What a contrast.. ?

On the other hand, tomorrow, July 9, we will be observing the 10 years independence of South Sudan. This is a country 235 years younger than United States. It is truly an infant nation. It is not even a teenager yet. We are equally grieved for South Sudan because within less than 2 years of its independence in 2011, the country erupted in a senseless civil war against herself after God Set her free from the grip of Islamic persecution in 2011, killing tens of thousands and sending tens of thousands into exile.

Therefore , tomorrow, ( New York) Eastern Time 7 AM sharp, I invited you to join me on NTCBN Live Streaming to well come Ambassador John Anduga Duku and later at 9 AM ONMI leadership team from South Sudan with Timothy Levi at Eastern time as well.

Giving thanks Psalms 136

Ambassador John Duku will highlight US contribution to the cause of South Sudan's independence going as far as US passing of Sudan Peace Act in 20

01, the Midland Evangelical Alliances for South Sudan, paving way to Sudanese Comprehensive Peace Agreement during President Bush's Administration (2001-2002). US played a pivotal role in bringing about the Independence of South Sudan. Genuine commitment and tenacity from US and Kenyans under President Daniel Arop Moi from 2002 - Jan 2005, played major role in making the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that gave us the independence , a reality.

He will walk us through the tragic Passing of Dr. Gar ang in August 2005, and the emergency of President Salva Kiir taking over from him. He will talked about the event that led to the Referendum in January 2011 and Independence on July 9,2011.

He will discuss the fallacy of the Senselessness of the conflict in South Sudan which set South Sudanese against South Sudanese from December 2013 -2020.

He will bring a message of hope and inclusivity amongst those are rivals factions who were signatories to the Revitalized Peace agreement of Feb. 22, 2020 and urging those refusing to do so to reconsider their position.

He will discuss the new dawn of hope in the horizon in 2021 under Revitalized Peace agreement for Government National Unity paving ways for our people coming back home and Finally, the election we are looking forward to in 2023.

How should south Sudanese play their role in this process.? It is not just the government but everybody.

From his perspectives we will find out what example he thinks ONMI is demonstrating both physically, Spiritually, politically, economically socially, and culturally in EE state in making impact on the overall participation in the implementation of the Revitalized Government of National unity, (TRGONU)


Prayers for Haiti:

Grieving for Haiti and her beleaguered people. As if the suffering is not enough! Now this.! BREAKING: President of Haiti has been assassinated

I have very close Haitian family friends of our ministry who have families and relatives living in Haiti. Please pray for their safety and their love ones during this trying times.

Courtesy of Daily News


Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem and Israel/ US Relationship Under the Biden Administration

Harsh Israeli Criticism over US’ Condemnation of IDF’s Demolition of Terrorist’s Home

Diplomacy • By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 8 July, 2021

Jerusalem, 8 July, 2021 (TPS) -- Israeli lawmakers had harsh words for the US Embassy in Jerusalem after it condemned the IDF’s demolition of the home of terrorist Muntasar Shalabi, who murdered Israeli yeshiva student Yehuda Guetta in Samara at the beginning of May. The IDF raised Shalabi’s house in the town of Turmus –Aya early Thursday morning, a routine act of deterrence for potential terrorists plotting future attacks. In response, the US Embassy stated that it “believes it is critical for all parties to refrain from unilateral steps that exacerbate tensions and undercut efforts to advance a negotiated two-state solution, this certainly includes the punitive demolition of Palestinian homes.”

“As we stated numerous times, the home of an entire family should not be demolished for the actions of one individual,” it added.

Shalabi is a US citizen.

Such a statement was rarely issued by the Trump administration and is apparently a new policy adopted by the Biden administration.

Member of Knesset (MK) Miri Regev rejected the criticism and accused Prime Minister Bennett’s “left-wing government” of “being lax towards the Americans.”

“When there is a weak government in Israel, the weakness is recognized in both Washington and Tehran. This is also the reason why they are trying to generate new equations, which harm the security of the state,” she said.

“The American equation that the destruction of a terrorist’s home harms one family, deserves to be answered with the question of why the destruction of the life of an entire family that was destroyed by one abominable terrorist is ignored?” she demanded.

MK Itamar Ben Gvir also condemned the American statement and told the US embassy “not to interfere in the security policy of the sovereign state of Israel.”

“Israel can defend itself, it must deter its enemies, and I expect Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to make the matter clear to the Americans,” he said.

A source in Bennett’s team appeared to reject the US statement when he said that “the Prime Minister appreciates and respects the American administration. At the same time, he acts solely in accordance with the security considerations of the State of Israel and the protection of the lives of Israeli citizens.”

Courtesy of TPS News Israel


Prayers and needs for my family

ONMI staff and their families

July Budget is $60,000.

Raised; $7,000.00

Thank You

June Budget is $60,000

Raised $60,000

Balance 0.00


May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237


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