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Not by eloquence of persuasion but by Faith, join us in prayers for the urgent task before us.

Shalom to you.

The Bethlehem Primary School construction initiative has rapidly gone from foundation to the 2nd phase. We are now laying the ground work to put the second floor above the second floor. Every single week, our country director Pastor Timothy Levi is giving us updates on the progress. At the beginning of August ONMI received $50,000 in addition to $60,000 ONMI's monthly support for ONMI's overall functionality including interlocking block production to achieve maximum result. As the first building project kicked off comprising of 10 rooms in 2 story building, enthusiasm among our ground team was high. The momentum has been picking up speed on daily basis. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide at consistent bases.

However, challenges to achieve our goal remain before us. Therefore, I need you to join me in earnest prayers before the Lord to bring the first building project to completion, in the next few weeks. The project engineer has presented us with additional bill of materials all to be purchased from Uganda as soon as possible.

To achieve this we will need additional $45,000 to bring this construction to a completion.

With your support as a team, ONMI is using all available God given resources to render much needed services to the people of South Sudan who are returning from exile to their own country. We are making the most out of the little.

As a reminder, what is the vision and goal of BPNS? Why is ONMI building Bethlehem Primary school.?

Bethlehem Primary school is Private Christian Education that can teach the young generation in South Sudan Biblical worldviews. The school we are establishing will impact every facet of live among these young children returning from exile with their parents to rebuild their country. The school will keep them in their country.

Medical needs- Top priority

The school will teach them self-motivation, and industrialism. This effort will transition them to a one-year Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute after finishing elementary and secondary education. It will prepare them to work with their own hands and become entrepreneurs of small business starters as opposed to looking to the government to give them everything.

Bethlehem Primary school will lay the foundation for Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute to train South Sudanese in blue collar workforce. South Sudan needs blue collar workers: Nurses, auto Mechanic, electricians, IT, Clean water technology, solar & wind power plumbers, small business, retailers, hoteliers, tourism, farmers, masonries, joinery, to rebuild South Sudan. This is our goal to prepare these young children for vocational training so that they can support their families and thrive in their local community instead of going to big cities, they should bring the city to the villages. NPI will be only for 12 months of Vocational training.

Food security, remain our top priority.

Prayers Needs: Financial updates

How can you help? and what are the specifics? ONMI monthly budget stands at $80,000 inclusive of the Beth Bethlehem Primary & Nursery School budget. Total October: $80,000. Raise $45,000, balance $35,000

This money is broken up in 4 segments:

USA Office: 1- $20,000 priority - $10,000. Fund will go toward fundraising, management and operational cost.

2- $ 20,000 priority. Bethlehem Primary Construction budget - 2nd Phase.

3 - $20,000, Priority - $10,000 OMNI ongoing Projects: Church planting block production, Agricultural, Medical and Radio Broadcasting.

4 - $20,000 Priority - $15,000. OMNI Staff & infrastructure for Management, staff, fuels.

5- Raise $45,000 balance $35,000. Needed by November 7th,.


Thank you for your prayers and support. Please pray for my family, my wife, and children. Philippians 4:4 " Be anxious for nothing but through Prayers and supplication make your request be n known to God in his riches and glory God bless. In His grace, William Levi, Founder & Overseer .

Iam looking forward to hearing from you. You can find out about ONMI at

in His grace

William Levi, Founder & Overseer

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237



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