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Newsbreak: Reporting live from South Sudan. Thank you

Shalom my brother and Sister in Yeshua, I pray and hope that this News report finds very well in the Lord. Iam report lives from ONMI's Bethlehem Mission in Bethlehem, Kerepi, EE South Sudan. I have been here Since May 1, 2022. I left the USA for South Sudan via Turkey, Rwanda and Uganda. My trip was a very a long one, but it went well. Many people were wondering whether one has to get vaccinated before travel. No, you don't have to get vaccinated. Your PCR Negative Test result between the USA, Uganda and South Sudan is sufficient. Other countries like Turkey, requires full Vaccination to enter and leave the country if that is your destination. Otherwise, they don’t bother with those on transit. Upon my arrival to Entebbe, Uganda, ONMI's sent a driver and ministry vehicle from South Sudan to pick me from the airport. I officially arrived on the ground on May 5th. Upon my arrival, I was received by ONMI country director Pastor Timothy Levi and the entire ministry staff here on the ground with Jubilant reception both at our Yerushalayim Summit Center on Mt. Gordon & at Bethlehem Mission center.

The entire Mission staff expressed their gratitude and appreciation to you and your family for your prayers and massive undertaking in your gracious and tenacious financial support to the work of ONMI here in South Sudan. The impact of your generosity and prayers is well received here. Word alone can't describe the magnitude of your continuous support to ONMI on behalf of the brethren here on the ground.