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Making the Final Pitch to you as ONMI closes out 2021

Shalom brothers and sisters,

I pray and hope that you have a wonderful Christmas as we approach the end of the year tomorrow at midnight. Again, thank you. Reaching out because the time between now and midnight tomorrow is so critical for us...

Having served ONMI for more than 25 years, the end of December every year is always critical to make our final pitch for donation from our donors and prayers partners to close out the years successfully. So, join us on this final push.


It is such a blessing witnessing all the wonderful things the Lord has done through your effort lifting harms up in delivering tangible support to our brothers and sisters returning from exile in South Sudan. So much has been achieved just in one year in 2021. And while this is exciting, it is important to continue ONMI’s mission work in South Sudan into 2022 because tens and thousands of South Sudanese are poised to return as early as January 2022. The basic services such as spreading the Good News, water. Medical needs, food security, education facilities which are crucial to the community will remain our ongoing challenged.


Our current challenge as we approach the end of this year remains as follows: Bethlehem Primary School construction project remains our top priority. Our field staff have done fabulous work as work began in August. Thanks to your support financial support. We are now at the critical phase of completing the second floor as you can see here and start walling the roofing all this effort requires funding. Nehemiah Trumpet Call Gospel Radio station 97.3 FM’s broadcasting system is down as we speak due to lack of 7 solar battery packs that are no longer rechargeable. We need replacement. ONMI’s Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon water system is down. We need 1000 ft of pipes to bring water to the top of the plateau. The dry season cultivation is upon us beginning in January 2022 to strength food security for the community.

This is as of today where we are with the work


Therefore, I am coming to you during this critical moment

Will you step forward and make a gift by midnight tomorrow to make sure we can continue to push forward and be effective in reaching and implementing ONMI’s mission vision in South Sudan, taking one person, one family, one church and one community at a time? Would need at least $47,000 (see breakdown at the end) to close out the year, would you be one of our faithful donors needed to make sure we can meet our goal and finish the year in a strong financially.?


The Gideon Army

ONMI’s has been supported by you, our faithful donors like the Gideon’s 300 men who took on the Medianites and God delivered victory despite the few. Such is the kind of challenges we face in ONMI to address the plight of your brethren in South Sudan. Yet with your support we have been making huge stride. The fact is that it doesn’t take many people to make this kind of impact. In fact, all it takes is the commitment of a faithful few who understand and comes along side and help advance God’s work among those who needs them the most.


Prayers and support create spiritual and physically stability.

Your prayers and tangible gift today will help South Sudanese Christian families to gain stability and prevent them from living constantly on UN driven relief Dependent Syndrome which are pervasive in the refugee camps and avoid treacherous west ward migration into the United States as we are witnessing the influx of massive illegal invasion of our Southern border with Mexico. Your financial support will help them move back into their country from the refugees’ camps in Uganda to South Sudan. With your support, they will be able to live a meaningful productive life as we have seen in the lives of so many who made it back this year. Upon their arrival, many gave their lives to Christ, started opening their fields, putting down shelters and settling down and working with their own hands. Again, thanks to you.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. "Philippians 4:6


Would you consider donating today? If so, here’s the link:

Your check can be mail to Operation Nehemiah Missions Po Box 563 Lanesborough, MA 01237

I can’t thank God enough how much your gift has and will benefit thousands - by changing people lives both physically and Spiritually

Central budget to close out the year.

Total budget (Mission budget for December 2021 stands at $72,000. We raised $25,000.00 balance remains $47,000.00

Fund will go toward:

1- ONMI Construction Bethlehem Primary school - $10,000,

2- ONMI NTC 97.3 FM, - $3000

3- ONMI Water Point $3000.

4- ONMI Medical - $4500

5- ONMI South Sudan General management - $7,000

6- ONMI USA general Management - $ 9500

7- ONMI outreach - $3000


To donate online please go to

To donate by check, send your tax-deductible donation to Operation Nehemiah Missions, PO Box 563 Lanesborough, MA 0123

God bless you & keep you.

In His grace, William Levi, Founder & Overseer


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