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He asked them to repent and avert God's wrath and like in the day of Jonah, they did.

The Commission: National Pastors, Church planting: This project is the fulcrum of our ONMI mission in South Sudan every things else hinges on it.

Dear Brother and sisters in Yeshua, Thank you for standing with us in advancing God's work on earth in South Sudan.

The strength our ministry in the South Sudan is the training of Pastoral Leadership to disciple their flock. These are people who have stood the test of time. They have been discipled and train to remain faithful and strong to guard what the Lord has provided through the ministry to benefit the scope of the Great Commission. They are the real success of the ministry without whom, we could not be in South Sudan.

There is booming and growing church in Rumbek ,Lake State as well as in Bethlehem the region of Pageri administrative are of EE State. Today, Iam focusing your attention to what the Lord is doing Rumbek, Lake State. This is unheard of in the our most history of evangelistic out reach to a community that was so hungry to hear the word of God. When Yeshua says, "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest." Luke 10: 2

Rumbek has been devastated by cattle rushing and communal killings in these past years. But most recently, thank God to your prayers, things are turning around. I want to thank the leadership of Pastor John Thon Makur who has been mobilizing the people at his church, the Light Beth Messianic Church in Rumbek to bring the Gospel Message to a people who are weary and hungry. They are ready to receive the Gospel in repentance. It remind me of the day of Jonah who went to the people of Nineveh and declared in 40 days more and Nineveh shall be destroyed.” (Jonah 3:4)

I think it is remarkable to note that Pastor John Thor Makur is like Jonah. He went to his community, brought the Good News and taught them consequences sins of communal tribal killings, cattle rushing and rampant destruction of property. He asked them to repent and avert God's wrath. What was the reaction of the Ninevites to Jonah’s proclamation? “When the people of Nineveh believed God; they proclaimed a fast and all of them, great and small, put on sackcloth.” (v.5) It does not seem as though it took a whole lot to get Nineveh to repent.

In a week the whole community repent from their sins. Men, women and children all of them turned to Yeshua. Now The biggest challenge as John was telling me this afternoon was that as the people gave their lives to Yeshua, he is now faced with the challenges of discipleship. These people need to grow in their faith. They need to be discipled. The Light Beth Messiah Church is 11 miles away from this new community. The people needs a local pastor and a church building. Could you please join us in prayer for God to raise up a local pastor to shepherd the flock.

We need to help Pastor John with resources to achieve that goal. His need stands at $5000

The community is growing in Faith and in the knowledge of God. They are breaking out into the community preaching the Gospel to the by way and highway fulfilling the Great Commission Matthew 28:19. Rain and heavy flooding has taken a toll on the people of Rumbek but Pastor John and his flock are faithfully bringing out the Gospel, in and out of season. 2 Timothy 4. To support ONMI's out reach in Rumbek, please send your tax deductible contribution to

Progress ion Construction project: Walls are going up rapidly.

Bethlehem EE, South Sudan. This not a small project. But slowly and surely, we thank God, it is coming along. The Bethlehem Primary School construction, the first of the several buildings under construction has 10 rooms. This is the main building in its second Phase. This has been a major undertaking for ONMI, our ground team under the leadership of Pastor Timothy Ajjugo Levi, thank to your prayers and our benefactors for underwriting this project.

In the vision and footsteps of Nehemiah the rebuilder of the Jerusalem Wall, let us rise and build, so they joined hands for this good work for the people have the hearts to work together. Nehemiah 2:18

How can you help? We are closing out October in a week.

Budget: October is $80,000. Raised $40,000. Balance - $40,000 What is currently on the table for OMNI - October is the last month of the rainy season to close out the year 2021 in active farming to have a good harvest in November and December. OMNI's October monthly contribution stand at $80,000. This money is broken up in 4 segments:

Raised: $40,000 Balance $40,000. Due date: October 31st. USA Office:

1- $20,000. Fund will go toward fundraising, management and operational cost.

2- $ 20,000 Bethlehem Primary Construction budget 2nd Phase.

3 - $20,000 OMNI ongoing Projects: Church planting block production, Agricultural, Medical and Radio Broadcasting .

4 - $20,000 OMNI Staff & infrastructure for Management, staff, fuels, and - Priority!

I believe, God will bring it to a completion. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please pray for my family, my wife, and children. Philippians 4:4 " Be anxious for nothing but through Prayers and supplication make your request be n known to God in his riches and glory." I stand on that.

I highly request you to subscribe to ONMI weekly mission report you find it on our website : Donate to

God bless.

In His grace, William Levi, Founder & Overseer


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