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Harbingers of Things to Come - Jonathan Cahn

Shalom brothers and Sister in Yeshua,

I have known Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn since 1992. Our ministry ONMI came into existence in 1993, thanks to the benevolence of his congregation, Beth Israel Messianic Congregation, Wayne, NJ. They have burden for the persecuted believers in the Sudan and became voices for the Voiceless for the believers there ever since.

Rabbi Cahn message for America, since 9/11 and where we are headed as a nation remains right on and consistent. America must take heed, turn to God, Repent, be forgiven and be revived.

He is releasing a motion Picture coming out in theaters across America on May 12. THE HARBINGERS OF THINGS TO COME.

Here is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his word. Check it out. - William Levi



I hope you’re doing great in the Lord’s love.

I wanted to make sure you know something big:

The Lord has opened the door for a Motion Picture coming out in Theaters across America: THE HARBINGERS OF THINGS TO COME – Thursday Night, May 12, one night only.

*It will be a prophetic revelation on film opening up what’s happening to America, the signs, foreshadows, warnings from God, what the future holds, where it’s heading, is there hope, and what we need to know for the days ahead.

*It will include things that I've never shared before including prophetic images caught on film.

*It will be a prophetic wake-up call to the nation, for believers, and non-believers. As far as we know, it's the first time anything like this has come into movie theaters across America. So I'm writing you for this reasons:

First, please pray that God powerfully uses it.

Second, Spread the word to the saved and unsaved alike, loved ones and friends. Ministers and pastors, let your people know.

Feel free to use the internet, posting, social media, etc. to get the word out (Incl. the Link to the Trailer, Images, etc. – Below).

The Day after the Movie Comes out, for a 30 day period (May 13-June 13) Churches will be able to have their own Special Event Showings of the Movie.

Here all the key things to know:

To find where the Movie is playing near you or Reserve Tickets Go To:

To Get the Movie Into a Theater Near You (if it's not playing there or if sold out) Email to:

To Find Out How Your Church can have a Special Event Showing of the Movie: Go to

THE TRAILER - Click Below to See It. Feel free to use, post, send

Thank you for your prayers! The only hope America has is revival. Be strong and of good courage. And may God greatly bless you in the days ahead!

Jonathan Cahn

Below are the graphics you can use in posting, sending, etc.


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