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Global food shortages and surging prices explain our resolve

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua, Shalom to you in the name above all names, Yeshua the Messiah. I always pray for you and your loved ones as the Lord remind me of you every day. I Thank God for raising you up to co-labor alongside with us in Operation Nehemiah to fundamentally transform the lives of the people of South Sudan of Yeshua." Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Yeshuah the Messiah. 1 Thessalonians 5: 17-18.


Your tenacious and unwavering support for ONM in our endeavors to encourage South Sudanese to tap into the resources of their own country, defies conventional wisdom. We are doing this together with your support because we believe, God is the initiator of this vision. We are seeing development which has fundamentally transformed the livelihood of many South Sudanese who have returned from exile last year to rebuild their families. Your support for ONMI’s agricultural initiative for food security has played out very. General situation in South Sudan remains volatile, the challenges and crisis are fought on 1000 fronts yet, we see opportunities all around us by the grace of God to make a difference in the lives of many.


From political standpoint, South Sudan government of national unit has postponed its general election dated for February 2023 by 2 years to February 2025. due various sticking issues within the revitalized Peace agreement signed in February 2020. As this is going on, people are either struggling to put food on the table, battling inflation, recovering from flooding which destroyed several farmlands and homes in places like Lake, Unity and Jonglei state.


Since 2013, all that you have been hearing about South Sudan is about escalation of hunger and famine and drum beat of war, and displacement herald by the UN and its proxies. It a perpetual propagation of lies and deceit design solemnly to create chao at the local level to destroy and displace community permanently into exile. The UN global agenda is driven by global quest to thrive on crisis to raise money and to make people become dependent on global food rationing.


However, ONMI news report is to give you encouraging and positive overview on food security, progress work on Bethlehem Primary and Nursery School and Healthcare work of Nehemiah Field Clinic in South Sudan and how your support over the years has been making tremendous difference in this region. With your support we are totally committed to give South Sudanese who have been returning from exile a reason to hope.

As we cautiously approach the end of the tropical rain season, with your support we vowed to do our outmost for his highest. Whether we will have food in abundance in most part of 2023 will largely depend on what happens at the Beth Israel farmland before the end of 2022 rainy season which end in Midst October. The actual plantation which will be deemed worth to yield good harvest are being planted as we speak which comprises of corn, sorghum, sweet potato, beans, and legumes. 54 acres are dedicated for Corn, 15 for cassava, 10 or beans etc.


Challenges: We need support for fuel, grease, seeds, and insecticides. Due to global increase in diesel and petrol fuel prices, anxieties, frustration, and hopelessness have surged incredibly across spectrum of people. The demand for food supply has increased exponentially. Food prices have gone beyond the income of local community. We have been contacted in desperation from as far as Juba, Torit and Nimule by people who are desperately in need of food. Rioting and people striking in Juba local market have become a common occurrence. So, people who have access to UN’s imported food which is notably expired are caught selling food with expired label in the food market.


Bethlehem Primary school construction project is coming beautifully well. Our current work is concentrated around putting guardrail all around the stairways and the overlooking balcony of the second floor. All hands have been too the deck thank to your generosity that has propel us to bring the construction expeditiously to this level.


Nehemiah Field Clinic has been instrumental in supplying the medical needs of the Bethlehem Primary school and the surrounding community very well. Your dedicated financial support and prayer has made all this possible. In May 2020 with your support, we bought handheld Ultrasound machine and brought it to the field. Now our medical personnel are making use of it to check on babies' growth in pregnant mothers, etc.


The Biden Administration is at it again. Islamic terrorism is making its way back to harm Americans and Israelis

In the USA, in my previous news report, I shared with news on attack on the spiritual foundation of America, the nucleus family, our constitution, and our Bill of Rights. Today, in this report, I want to share with you the glaring evidence of Islamic terrorism coming back into America to attack and terrorize people meaning almost most of Americans who disagreed with the teaching of Islam and Islamic Sharia Law.


The Biden Administration like the previous one he served under as a VP for President Obama for eight years, are at it again. They will not call a blatant Islamic attack and terrorism on innocent Americans for what it is for the fear of not be labeled Islamophobic. The administration and the media are deceiving and endangering the lives of Americans by making us believe Islam is a religion of peace.


Iran openly tries to assassinate former Trump Administration officials, while the Biden Administration begs Iran's leaders to re-enter the fatally flawed JCPOA. Where is the Republican Party on this dire situation? You think Afghanistan was bad? ...

If Fady Hanona hadn't been exposed by Honest Reporting, he would still be working for the New York Times. When has the Times had any trouble with jihad and Jew-hatred? These things would have made Fady Hanona fit right in among the Times reporters. ...

Iran is dispatching assassins to murder people on American soil. All while the Biden Administration begs Iran's leaders to reenter the JCPOA, an agreement that will enable the terror state to manufacture nukes and fund more terrorism. It's an ...

When evil is emboldened as it is now, this kind of thing becomes the norm. It's striking that Rehan M. Sabir was suspended by Twitter; it would have been more consistent on Twitter's part if they had given him an award. The whole world has been ...

More Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Emboldened by the jihad loving Biden regime. Eight people have been wounded, including a pregnant woman who was shot in the stomach by the terrorist. Once again, call your member of Congress, and demand that ...


Thank you for praying and supporting the vision of Operation Nehemiah Missions Would you consider donating today? These are the most immediate needs that need to be met in August 2022 to meet the needs at $135,000 covering (USA office -$25,000, Church construction - $35,000, Dormitory - $15,000, Medical Facility - $25,000. Gospel radio - $15,000, Agriculture - $10,000, South Sudan office - $10,000. Your donations are tax deductible and online donations can be made at Checks can be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions PO Box 563 Landsborough, MA 01237. Thank you for your generosity and honesty. May God bless you and keep you. In His Grace, Founder and Overseer, William Levi Tel: 413-770-4711, Email:


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