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Desks for BNPS & Water at the Messiah Ambassadors House Restored.

Shalom to you Co-laborers in the Great Commission, I prayer and hope that this missive finds you well in Yeshua.

Heavy snow in western MA

Here in Western Massachusetts, we are buried in the snow. Berkshire county is literally shut down. There is at least 4ft of snow and counting sitting in my yard and everywhere else in New England with variant degrees of precipitation and intensity. This is the first biggest one in winter of 2023.


Bringing Missions report to you from the Republic of South Sudan has always a mutual treasure of your feedback and encouragement to us here in the ministry during testing and trying times. Every time I start my News report with Shalom and thanking you for your generosity and prayer partnership, I truly mean it. Because your encouragement and notes of confidents and prayers give us the courage to press on with this work, solemnly done by faith though the support of those God’s has raised to co-laborer with us in this work.


A couple of days ago, I was going through some spiritual trial. Through it all, the Lord directed me to go over some correspondences which I received from benefactors and prayer partners who shared their thoughts about what they think and believe God is doing through ONMI.


Encouragement & exhortation letters to ONMI and staff from benefactors:

“Dear Friends of Nehemiah Missions enclosed is my gift for Operation Nehemiah Missions to be used where needed most. Iam amazed by what God has accomplished through your ministry. You have been obedient and many of us are blessed because we believe in what you are doing as God direct you for his Kingdom. May He continue to protect guide and bless you. In Jesus Name, yours, Marlene.


“Shalom William, I hope you’re doing well. Thanks so much for the pictures. It’s so adorable to see the children helping with the benches. Precious! Have a blessed week.” R. Cahn – Hope of the World


".... When we are following Christ and doing His will we are blessed and a blessing. Then the unhappy enemy breaks in to drag us down. However, Christ in us is greater, and as we stay the course the enemy is put to shame and God receives greater glory by our persistent faith & service. I've heard this described as "move & countermove," as the Lord and Satan oppose each other (knowing the Lord always prevails"). Blessings, YSIY Jeanne


“Your instruction and encouragement in all the areas you described, to build on what has already been done through money received from outside sources toward independence and profitability is so wise, and your strong leadership is an important part of realizing those goals. Hudson Taylor once said something to the effect that the hand cannot go forward unless the arm supporting it goes forward. In effect, we have been honored to be such an arm reaching forward in support of the hands (and feet) on the ground in South Sudan. It’s all from Him and unto Him, isn’t it? We will join you in prayer for the hard work outlined in your letter to ministry leaders to be implemented with diligence and good reward for their labor.” Blessings, YSIY Jeanne


“Please don't be discouraged, God can work all things all things out for your good and His glory even the things that seem so impossible.” K. G.


Bethlehem- Borongole, Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan: But Jesus said, suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven Matthew 19:4

Operation Nehemiah Missions is pleased to announce that the Bethlehem Primary and Nursery School received your financial support to build 44 school desks to furnish and equip the newly built elementary School Building with desks to meet the academic needs of students who have been attending the school since 2021. Before the arrival of these desks, most of the students had been sitting on the bare floor or on the hard blocks to serve as chairs. Nonetheless their situation has improved from my time growing up.


BNPS’ main building is built up to operational standard, we are just about to move the plan to the construction of the Nursery school building itself. However, there is internal work which is required to bring the main building up to standard. The school desk is one of those items we have been working on.

The Messiah Ambassadors House, Kerepi Mutala EE South Sudan: the Future of home to ONMI’s Polytechnic Institute looks brighter and promising. The future home of ONMI Polytechnic Institute mission compound, received full restoration of water system which was destroy the war to the entire mission compound to operational state this week, thank to your generosity for underwriting to the renovation cost.


While the construction of BNPS facility is ongoing, and its academic calendar is rolling out, we are also simultaneously engaged in restoration of the Messiah Ambassadors House to launch ONMI’s Polytechnic Institute getting it up and running in the next three months. This is where we need your prayer and support. Our appreciation again goes out to each one of you who have partaken in this work through your benevolent financial backing to under write the restoration initiative of this property. We also want to extend our appreciation to our field leadership, notably ONMI Country Director Timothy Levi for assembling technical crew to restore the water system there the Messiah Ambassador's House. Our appreciation also goes to you Ambassador John Anduga and the Modesto's family for contributing their properties to the work of ONMI.