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Hadassah will be discharged on Tuesday, Pressing on with ONMI work in 2020

Shalom to you brothers and sisters in Yeshua, thank you for your continuous encouragement. I'm very sorry to hear that most of are not able to access the link to our news update regarding what is the latest with our daughter Hadassah and Operation Nehemiah Missions. I'm consulting with the technical people at Wix to address the problem why the article does not open to our News brief browser at I promised to get to the bottom of this technical problem.

Here are some specific and latest news on Hadassah to date: Finally, there is some encouragement. As things stand right now, it is certain that Hadassah will be discharged from Baystate on Tuesday. This news came to us so unexpectly from the doctors on Thursday afternoon. I'm very sure because you are praying and God looked upon us with mercy. All the doors for referral to other places which will move Hadassah further away from us and from home were closed. The only door which the Lord opened was to send her back home with us as an outpatient. She will come home and stay on outpatient status. He medical needs will be administer from home and she will have scheduled visit with a doctor 3-4 days a week and the visiting schedule with the doctor will taper down as her situation improves along the way. Please pray that all goes according to plan. Target date is next Tuesday. Again, this is unfolding very fast before us. We are doing consultation with several doctors. All hands on the deck! I will fill you in after final feedback.Your prayers have been heard. Ephesians 6:10-18

Mission Front:

As far as Operation Nehemiah Missions, again, I want to express my gratitude to all of your for support this ministry, year in and year out. In 2020, with the help of God Almighty, we will continue to provide the same kind of mission work in South Sudan. Since South Sudan got her independence From Sudan' s regime in 2011, many people are thinking that the country does not need your support. South Sudan is lying in ruin even as we speak. she has not fully recovered from 50 years of displacement of people during protracted Islamic war of persecution which has displaced 100 of thousands of people, one generation after another for 5 decades. This is not to mention the impact of UN driven relief dependence that has twisted the minds of the young people who have spent most of their lives in the UN refugee camps in the neighboring countries. The fact of the matter is South Sudan is far away from better off. Because the destruction that came upon South Sudan for 60 years has stagnated everything.

With your support, we are rebuilding everything from scratch. The family, the church and the communities are in broken state. There are not infrastructures whatsoever. South Sudan does not have reliable road for transportation. There is serious scarcity of food to feed the country. There are shortages of healthcare facility. There is no clean water nor reliable source of electricity to power to the country. It is encumbered upon us to make up for these needs. With your understanding, prayers and support, Operation Nehemiah is attacking the crisis head on. We are not waiting for the government or the UN to open roads, establish healthcare, bring in electricity of provide food for the community. With your support we can address these needs directly.

Transportation Needs for Farmers and Pastors met. Praise the Lord.

With your support, we opened 2020 with provision of 4 Motorcycles, and 4 Bicycles to facilitate the transportation for our farm staff, the Pastors and evangelists from village to village to lessen the burden of costly use of fuel and vehicle repair. We are supplementing the use of vehicles, by diversifying different means of transportation to keep field staff agile, operational and productive. These field staff could not be thankful enough for your generosity and support. They express their gratitude and appreciation to you for all your benevolent support. We are still expecting a vehicle this week.

2- ONMI Monthly fix and variable budget January 2020

Budget: prayers Could you join us in prayers for this need outline below.

January 2020, projected budget is $51,000.00

Money raised - $25,000

Balance - $26,000. We have five days to raise the balance.

USA mission’s Main office - $11,500

South Sudan – mission - $20,000

NRB conference - $3,000 needed by this week,

Thank you for your continuous support for our daughter Hadassah’s quick recovery.

2- January 2020: ONMI 's Special Mission project for Church building project received - $11,900.00.

We are no tract to complete Beth Israel Congregation building in Mugali as early as Febuary 2020. WE are very grateful to God on account of the benefactor for providing support for this important initiative.

3- ONMI- Long term project for Nehemiah Polytecnic Institute - Budget January - June 2020 - stands at $400,000. To donate to ONMI long-term NPI project please go to this link NPI Project

Received $1000.00

Online donation will be made at All contributions are tax deductible. Checks can be send to address below.

God bless

In His grace

William Levi, Founder & Overseer

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237


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