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With your tenacious love, you are helping us rebuild that nation from bottom up.

Shalom my brothers and Sister in Yeshua the Messiah,

On behalf of our ground team in South Sudan, we want to thank God for you Again for helping us with fund last year to carry out the work at the Beth Israel Farmland, Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan. The Work in the Beth Israel Farmland for the production and harvest of 2018 has officially come to an end with a successful result. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the harvest resulting from the last year’s effort in the midst of strenuous national crisis that has engulfed South Sudan. Little by little, slowly but surely we are seeing some fruit.

The country has been plunged in serious physical and spiritual instability politically, economically, socially and even culturally: Nevertheless, by faith through your support and encouragement we are pressing forward. This is a rare sight of South Sudan, you don't get to see or hear in the Main stream liberal media. However, by the grace of God, with your tenacious love and financial help in bringing the Gospel to the Christians of South Sudan, you are helping us rebuild that nation from bottom up. We are taking one person, one family, one church and one village at time Christ. Our goal is to stamp out hunger and importation of food from other countries or dependency on UN handout. Our next agricultural production will start in April. Between now and then we are mobilizing the needed financial support to move forward, while preaching the word an discipling the nation for Christ.

Persecution of Christians in America is here. Make no mistake.

My brothers and sisters, I exhort you to wake up to see that which is happening in South Sudan could easily happen here in this country and it is happening even now to many of our brothers and sisters who standing for truth and refused to deny the Name of Jesus Christ. " In the LORD I Take Refuge…For behold, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrow on the string to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD is on His heavenly throne. His eyes are watching closely; they examine the sons of men.…? Psalms 11: 3

Like in the day of Nehemiah 1: We are to pray, mourn and weep for the sins of: America, our respective town and state, our churches and our families. We have sinned against the Living God by rejecting his Commandment and redemption in Christ Jesus as a family, a church and as a nation.

America to date, remains a global mission base for sending out missionaries to evangelize the world and promote the Great Commission. If America becomes like South Sudan, Venezuela, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, where will Americans go except to the Lord on our knees in repentance before it is too late.

I have been here for 30 years, and I'm telling you right now, America is under serious spiritual attack and the mission base is eroding very fast from within. Unless we have the spiritual eyes to see this danger already which has taken hold of this country, the trend of this erosion will irreversible.

Unlikely alliances: And yet it is working for them are you surprise? You shouldn't.

Islamic State and the Liberal Left have made a alliance to take the control Judeo-Christian government in the USA and take down Israel and the church . With it down goes our constitutions, and our Judeo Christian civilization.

These groups are using two lethal prong of attacks on all of us in this nation:

1- The left Liberal democrats in government, the activist judges and the Fake News are using gender based social engineering strategy designed to destroy traditional Judeo- Christian marriages, and family structure; thus promoting the killing of children through Abortion, LGBTQ, Transgender. All this brainwashing take place in public school and academia where we send 90 % of our children.

2- The Islamic sleeper cells, which is already in the country are using ( gender tactic) by selecting Islamic women to run for US Congress and get elected officially by Americans to legislate Islamic agenda and hatred for Christians and Israel and Jews from US Capitol in Washington DC. These women are also hand picked and elected from districts heavily inhabited by democrats with the goal in mind to get to Washington and oppose President President Trump's war on Islamic terrorism.

"Less known is that both women deceived voters about their positions on Israel. Both women, at some point during their rise in electoral politics, led voters — especially Jewish voters — to believe that they held moderate views on Israel. After being elected, both women reversed their positions and now say they are committed to sanctioning the Jewish state.

They are employing a simple evil Koranic tactics to infiltrate the rank of their enemy. " The Koran exhorts its followers to lie and deceive their enemies to attain their goal for Islam--in this case, conquest over Israel and takeover of the United States. Yes, the radical and Islamist are targeting our country, with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama entertained at the White House and whose members he placed in sensitive security positions in our government! And so, her lying before being elected implies that they considers we, the citizens of the United States, as their enemy, whom they must deceive, going by the Islamic principles stated in the Koran. their "religion"--which is not really a religion but a military dictatorship that borrows from other religions and does a pallid impression of a religion--does not recognize others' freedom of religion."

"In this context, it should be noted that the document, which was released by the US authorities in 2017, was found among 5,000 pages of the International Network of Muslim Brotherhood, in the house of Ismail al-Barassi, a member of the group (Palestinian origin and American) who was arrested in Virginia in 2004 on charges of belonging to Hamas. The document was presented as evidence during his trial in 2008. The document, entitled “Explanatory Note to the Strategic Objective of Muslim Brotherhood in North America,” was presented in 1991 by Mohammed Akram, the secretary of the group’s Shura Council, in what he described as an attempt to explain the long-term plan adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s North American Shura Council in 1987, in which he notes that the Empowerment Memorandum is based on the realization of the overall strategic objective of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, namely, the establishment of an Islamic movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood

Our financial challenge: We cannot do without your support. Any little bit add up.

We have a financial challenge to meet before February 15. 2019 . We want to close the door on last year without carrying over any financial obligation from last year into 2019. We are still $35,000 from our goal.

Your on line Tax deducible contribution can be made to Operation Nehemiah Missions at

Or send your tax deductible check made to Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237


William Levi, Founder & Overseer

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