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Better than importing food from Uganda. ONMI staff, impacting a local economy in RSS

Dear Co-laborers of Operation Nehemiah Missions in the Great Commission,

Shalom to you, your family, church and friends. As always thank you for your un relentless prayer an financial support to my family and Operation Nehemiah Missions. By the grace of God and through your prayers we keep on pressing on in the work.

It has been almost 2 weeks, you have not heard from us, and perhaps you are wondering about what is going on with our lives and ministry activities in the South Sudan. I'm here to bring you some news updates both from the home and the ministry front.

Praying for USA. What is happening on the US side? This is too important to miss. The US Mid term Election 2018

Yesterday, was a pivotal day in US history. It was my second time since 2016 joining my wife to vote in the USA general and midterm elections since becoming a naturalized US citizen in 2013. The election of President Trump in 2016 was God ordained. America couldn't afford another 4 years of extending Obama's 8 year diabolical agenda by putting Hilary Clinton into the White House. Yesterday was not different. God preserves the country and the changes made under President Trump by preserving and expanding the US Senate. Let us keep praying for this country for 2020 Presidential Election.

We just ended traveling Across the USA on family and ministry trip.

On the home front: My family and I took a two week family/ ministry mission travel across the USA to spend time as family, taking homeschooling trip and networking with families, friends, and churches to promote the vision of Operation Nehemiah Missions. We went to attend Father and Son camp in IL, visiting ONMI supporters in IN and NC. We took a home schooling trip to the Ark Encounter in KY and presenting ONMI at NCFIC annual conference in NC. We got back one a week ago.

Our family Home Schooling trip to the ( The Noah's Ark Museum ) Ark Encounter, Williamstown, KY

Inside The door of the Museum of the Ark of Noah

Visiting with the Millers

Attending the Father and Son Camp in Oakland, IL

At National Center for Family integrated Churches, Ridgecrest conference Center, Black Mountains, NC.

We are here presenting Operation Nehemiah Mission and the plight of Christians in the South Sudan to the body of Christ in America. Five years in a row, we have been coming here when our children were very little. Now they are becoming young adults, growing in their Faith, and helping Papa and Moma in articulating the vision of the ministry and sharing their experiences in South Sudan with those who stop by our booth.


In the mission field, in South Sudan, the Lord's work is going on very well.

Our pastoral staff under ONMI and the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation are doing very well.

Just to recapture the main vision of Operation Nehemiah Missions in the South Sudan for those of you who might not fully understand what is our mission in South Sudan:

The prevailing motive and prevailing desire of Operation Nehemiah Missions is to promote the Gospel of J Yeshua the Messiah in the South Sudan by bringing people to repentance and eternal Salvation for their souls. Upon this premise rests the spiritual well being of any community and the Bible is the final authority in all matters of life.

A teaching from a South Sudanese Messianic Rabbi Pastor Jeremiah Levi

All other developmental activities of ONMI depend on this Biblical foundation. Our goal for this phase of prevailing desire and development are: 1- To develop and support potential leadership with the indigenous Christian community in the South Sudan. 2- To promote the Great Commission and encourage Biblical stewardship among South Sudanese to work with their own hands by offering Employment and business opportunity. 3- To impact the next generation for Christ in the South Sudan by empowering indigenous Christian pastors to teach and disciple the families in their congregations including Gospel radio broadcasting the sound Biblical doctrine of the faith . 4- Establish food security through agricultural development throughout the region 5- To provide professional and biblical based educational opportunities through Home education for adult and parents and children in regions. 6- To improve access to healthcare, reduce the incidence of water borne disease and increase access to clean Water. - To improve access to communication and information technology at the community level in the region.

Farm Produce from Beth Israel in the local market of South Sudan

As a ministry, we are practically ways ahead of the curve, seeing the fruit of our vision by empowering the people of South Sudan to realize their God given potentials and the ability to getting involved directly in lifting themselves and their families out of financial misery. South Sudan is one of the richest land in Africa with a lot of natural resources still un exploited. So, Operation Nehemiah with your help will make a great difference in the lives of the people in that country.

In this most current field report, our staff have harvested banana, oranges and Papaya fruits from Beth Israel Farmland and took them to local markets of Nimule and Juba sale. They have generated income from the sales and this income is helping them defray the cost of living. It helps support their families .

Creating revolving economy

We are encouraging them to have hope and remain faithful. The key point here is not about much money was raised from this effort in term of trying to compare US Currency to South Sudanese pounds. They should not compare its value with US dollars because the value of each currency is determined by the GDP of respective country. Right now, $1 is 130 SS. What matter is the principle and commitment behind it , which is the idea of desiring to be good steward of what God has entrusted to them through the Benevolent gift from American Christians to fund these projects to give them a foundation of self perpetuation of economy stability.

The Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM broadcasting studio is coming a long.

We are hoping to finish the building and make it ready for service beginning January 2019. So far, windows and doors are set. Plastering is almost complete, electrical work is one going. What we need is now plumbing and septic system to be in palace to get the building operational. After this we will be sure to see solar power installed, and the building powered and studio project furnished and ready to go. December 31st 2018, will mark our final touches on the project.

Prayer support

Operation Nehemiah Mission’s Budget to close the gap in 2017- 2018 fiscal year starting in September 2017- ending October 2018, stands now at $50,000

1- Nehemiah Internet Café - Entrepreneurial venture : $17,000 .

Fund will cover 10 computers, 5, printers and office equipment. With availability of high speed Internet at ONMI Yerushalayim center on Gordon Mountain, we can create revolving economy.

2- Vehicle Needs : $16,300.

There are a number of ONMI mission vehicles in disrepair . We only have one vehicle working. $9000 of this $16300 will help us acquire a relatively used land Cruiser in good shape and the remaining fund will help us fix the rest of the vehicles to help us in the ministry

3- $5,000 for plumbing, and septic system

4- $ 3000 medical

5- $ General mission support $ 10,000

Our online tax deductible contribution can be made at or mail your check to the address below.

In His Grace,

William Levi,

Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237



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