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We are working hard to restore vision & hope in the hearts of the remnants here in the land of

Dear Co-laborers in the Great Commission, Shalom! Thank you for keeping us and our ministry in your prayers! before, we move on to the next subject, our email has changed from to

Our family's mission trip to the South Sudan is set for November 10-November 30th. The goal of this mission trip is to validate ONMI mission work on the ground and also witness the historic marriage of our assistant country director Tombe Isaac to Katherine Saunders.

Reunion of our ministry partners and co-laborers in the Great Commission with whom we have spent several months, weeks and years in South Sudan and are currently back on US soil. Jonathan and Joyce Lueken and their first born baby daughter Patience was born on July 8, 2017. They returned to the States in June, to visit family.Jonathan is going to get some medical training before they head back to South Sudan sometime next year. This is Joyce first time in America. She is here as a wife and mother to help her husband in this side of Hannah, I and our six children and Miss. Katherine Saunders, were in South Sudan for two months from March through April. We are back here since May. We will be returning to South Sudan in November, 2017. Mr. Greg Rosenquist and his daughter Elisabeth Rosenquist one of his 12 children with Ginger Rosenquist have been twice to South Sudan in 2016. The Rosenquist are visiting with us from Illinois. They came to pray with us, to encourage and to render practical gift to advance the Great Commission in South Sudan through Operation Nehemiah.

Today, we are so blessed by the historic visit to our home in Lanesborough, MA by my cousin, the Rev-Gabriel Nicholas, of Christian Brotherhood Church based in South Sudan. This is Pastor Gabriel Nicholas' first visit to the United States of America from South Sudan.

We took Pastor Gabriel Nicholas to visit our family members on his tour of the US. He is here visiting the Likens, his and our cousin Joyce and her husband Jonathan and Jonathan's parents: Roger and Patty Lueken

This is an update directly from our leadership on the ground; our Country director, Timothy Levi, and our Assistant Country Director, Isaac Tombe.

We hope that you find this two reports encouraging...The Lord is still doing great things in South Sudan.

ONMI Assistant Country Director, Isaac Tombe: "We want to thank God for our country director, Mr. Timothy, the Founder and Overseer of the ministry; William Levi and his family, our field staff, and our donors in the USA. I'm very glad for all your collective efforts in helping the ministry to go on at this speed. May Almighty God bless all your efforts in your various capacities.

I am doing well, and all the staff, both on Gordon, in the Borongole mission compound, and the Beth Israel Farm land are also doing well. The activities here are still going on, despite the challenges in coordinating the projects that are going on in different locations. But through team work and the help of God, we are managing it very well. The Pastors' Forum is also doing well as they continue working hard to inform and build hope in the hearts of the remnant here in the land of South Sudan.

At present, ONMI is the only ministry operating beyond the Aswa river of Pageri county, with full time staff committed to their calling in the ministry. I am so blessed by that, because we are not just farming but also transforming the lives of the people of South Sudan with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The men working with Operation Nehemiah Missions in Borongole and the Beth Israel Farm are beginning to bring their families women and children back to South Sudan.

The men working with Operation Nehemiah Missions are beginning to bring their family back to South Sudan.

What we need in the field is now weeding. We are planning to hire some women to do the weeding of these fields for two weeks. We are praying for some funds from the main office for this effort in the month of September. However, Thank God for everything!" Now on the farm reports, the farmers are doing well, and most of the crops are doing well like the sim sim, cassava, sweet potatoes, g-nuts (peanuts), cerena, and sorghum.

ONMI Country Director, Timothy Levi report on his work regarding accessibility of water on Gordon Mountain, Nimule South Sudan:

We are thankful to God for everything He is doing. Water has finally reached to our main compound up on Gordon Mountain after several months of relentless work and effort to pipe water 500 m up the mountain.

[endif]We have brought in 10,000 liter water tank or 2500 gallon water tank to be installed 400meter or 1200ft from the well to store the water. See pictures attached. The Booster pump pumps the water from the 10,000 liter directly into the 3000 liter or 750 gallon tank installed in the compound which is just 100 meter or 300ft from the mission compound on top of the mountain. This final phase of this effort definitely guarantee supply of water to the Gordon mission compound and be able to supply water to the community at large.

We must thank God for our donors in the USA because you are helping us to achieve what is considered impossible by many pundits in respect to creating development for our country in the current situation we are in as a nation. It at the beginning of this year, we envision to drill water on Mountain Gordon where Operation Nehemiah has our third mission base just 4 miles over looking the sprawling town of Nimule, the entry point of River Nile and the Ugandan border town of Elegu. There are over 100,000 people in the city in need of the Gospel, food and water. The country's crisis has triggered a national economic breakdown leading further to inflation and high prices of commodities. It takes faith, courage, vision, and men of strong commitment to do what we are doing right now by the Grace of God. We are simply stun to see what we once thought was just a dream, coming to pass. Water gushing out of the rock on. Mountain Gordon to bless the people of Nimule town and supply our entire compound. Please keep us in your prayers.

All in all, The Lord is continuing to meet all these needs. Between now and November we are hoping to raise the following fund:

Please you can lift up these needs in your prayers.

  1. For solar radio receivers for evangelistic outreach in Nimule to be distributed to 1000 listeners on Nehemiah trump Call Gospel radio. $10,000

  2. For Nehemiah Water bottling project complete set - $22,000 to be installed on Mountain Gordon

  3. Bibles for Pastors - $5,000

  4. Improvement of the Gospel radio tower and office: Painting, reinforcing guy wire , broadcasting room, etc. $12,000.00

  5. Weeding in the Beth Israel farm - $300

Total: $52,000,

“ For what thanks can we render to God for you in return for all the joy with which we rejoice before our God on your account,…” 1 Thessalonian 3:9

God bless

In His grace

William Levi, Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237


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