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Israel Security Submit - understanding the Islamic threats of ISIS, Hamas, Bokoram etc : " But we

Yesterday, September 9, 2014, we had the privilege to attend Israel Secruity Submit opened to the general Public to address the serious threats of Hamas against israel and inherently evil rise of Islamic Calipate movement in the 21st Century against Christians and Jews. This is the same force of Evil that had killed 2 million Christians in South Sduan and discipalce 4.5 million in less than 20 years. We met distinquished guests panels who have served a combined total of 100 years in protecting America and Israel from our arch enemies. , I think the best moment of the event was the opening of the 8 minute video at the Israeli Security Submit when the man who was a Muslim turned Christian, spoke directly to " President Obama correcting him to stop telling lies and misleading Americans, about the truth nature of Islam. He told the President, to stop lying to American people by saying beheading people by ISIS is un Islamic and Islam is Religion of peace. He was quoting from Koranic verses reconfirming that indeed beheading of people by Isis in the 21st century is consistent with Medieval Islamic Jihadism and it was started by Mohamed who beheaded at least 800 Jewish tribesmen in Mecca and took three of Jewish women for wives after killing their husbands."

Among the distinguished Guest Speakers who understands the heart of the issues we are dealing with were LT. Thomas McNernery standing with us below , RTD, LT. William Boynkins,RTD, Col. West, Rtd etc.


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