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South Sudan: These are all prayers answered

Shalom brothers and sister in Yeshua,

I just want to share with you some good report on God's answered to your prayers


a) NTCBN welcomes, Chana Oz, Director of Foreign Relations TPS News Agency, Jerusalem, Israel. Tomorrow 10:15 AM Eastern Times and 5:15PM. Click NTCBN to watch the interview. Hopefully we will be having Chaim Malespin of Aliyah Return Center very soon on NTCBN as well.

I want to officially welcome Chana Oz, Director of TPS News Agency foreign Relations live from Jerusalem, Israel on NTCBN this morning. We are standing with Israel, the Jewish people and all the body of Yeshua living in Israel. This is our first live interview with TPS News Journalist from Israel. We hope to have more of these interviews.

Our goal is to help Israel get out the truth directly from the Israelis about what is happening in Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East. Having networked with TPS News for more than year, we believed it is TPS reporters who are committed to telling us the Truth and Raw news from the holy land.

Our goal is to help Israel get out the truth directly from the Israelis about what is happening in Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East. Having networked with TPS News for more than year, we believed TPS reporters and few other Israeli Newsletter outlets are committed to telling us the Truth and Raw news from the holy land.

She is going to brief us about the last month conflict that went for 11 days. Hamas Terrorist in Gaza fired over 4000 rockets into Israel indiscriminately causing lives, injuring a lot of people and damages to properties without being provoked by Israel, how did this whole attack impacted the ordinary Israeli and their families.?

You heard that Israel has lost the media war against Hamas. BDS ( Boycott, Divest and sanction) of Israeli products is on the rise. Protests are going all over western countries in support of Hamas and PA in the light of the most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli security police refused her citizens to participate on Jerusalem Flag Day March while in WDC thousands of PA/Hamas supporters were waving terroristic flags in our nation's Capitol. Something is not right.

There is increased anti-Semitism in the media and even in the US democrats-controlled House of Congress. Congressman IL Omar couldn't not be more blatant in her support for Hamas, a group considered terrorists' by USA. The Biden administration is very deliberately ambiguous in supporting Israel against Iran's constant threats and support for and all the terrorist groups in the region warring against Israel.

The so-called UN Human Right commission has accused Israel of human Right violations such as war crimes and voted against Israel for defending herself against thousands of barrages of rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas terrorist organization. Therefore, is imperative to have the Israelis tell the truth from their own country.


B) South Sudan: These are all prayers answered

NTCBN hosted ONMI's Broadcasting staff on its program to directly brief and appreciate the main office, benefactors and prayer partners live. Patrick Ojjok, the station manager expressed his gratitude on behalf of Broadcasting staff and ONMI in general for your support and encouragement to keep them pressing on. We ran into couple of technical problem in term of power shortage from their side. But overall connectivity was steady both video and audio were clear. They wanted me to convey the need for prayer. They need power backup for the station.


c) Pastor John Thon is officially married.

Prayer answered.

God has not only blessed Pastor John Thon with a church but with beautiful wife too. Three months ago, I shared with you the testimony of Pastor John Thon of Beth Israel of Rumbek, Lake State. He finished building a church in January, thank to your support. Pastor John was also married just a week ago to a beautiful young lady by the name Elizabeth. Elizabeth's coming into John's life was a big surprise to him because she was not his first choice but not surprise to God because she was the choice of God for him in the first place.

In my last article about his situation, he was complaining that he was facing a lot of competition with other men for a woman he loved very much. His fear was confirmed because the father of the woman sidelined John and recommended his daughter to marry a man with a lot of cows. With your monetary support and encouragement, ONMI rushed 5 more cows to help John to boost his cow number from 15-20. But that was just too little and too late according to the parents of the woman he thought he loved.

We prayed and comforted him and asked him to let her go. She was not meant to be. God will bring him a godly woman for a wife very soon. There will be a sign for you, I told him. The parents of this woman won't ask you to pay dowry with cows more than what you have. She and her parents would know that you love their daughter and that she is marrying a godly man.

That was exactly what happened. Elizabeth's parents did not asked him for more than 21 cows. He had the exact a mount. They released their daughter to go with him. That is the direct answer to your prayers.

With your support, John and Elizabeth have been also blessed with fund to fix all the doors & windows for their new church, buy chairs for their church and repair their church borehole to have clean water.


d) Prayer answered

Bible distribution: Thank you for your support . Bibles are in high demand in South Sudan.


e) ONMI also received funding to build Pastor Dominic Opio's Church in Nimule- Prayer answered!.


f) ONMI received funding to help Pastor Thomas's Congregation in Mugali - Thank To your support.


g) ONMI received finding to help Pastor Jeremiah to Congregation in Bethlehem

Prayers and Needs for ONMI in South Sudan and USA


ONMI staff and their families

June Budget is $60,000.

Raised; $37,000.00

Balance due $23,000 before June 27.


May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237



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