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Overview of ONMI sustainability initiative in 5 months, 2024

Shalom to you, brothers and sisters in Yeshua. I pray and hope that this message finds you well in the Lord. I wish to report the impact of your collaborative efforts in advancing ONMI's sustainability initiative during the first four months of mission activities on the ground. Attached samples of pictures will illustrate where most of the effort has been concentrated. In summary:


  1. The parts needed for the backhoe repairs have been ordered, with some sourced from Italy and others from Uganda. All components marked in red require replacement. An allocation of budget will cover the completion of the job, resulting in a backhoe that looks brand new within two weeks.


  1. Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute has enrolled 20 students across various faculties, including tailoring, IT, beauty salon management, welding engineering, electrical engineering, organic agricultural engineering, nursing assistant training, and Messianic Theology with a focus on Biblical worldview and English courses. We are finalizing the construction of two dormitories to alleviate overcrowding in the main Messiah Ambassador's house. The relocation of students to these dormitories adjacent to the main building necessitates the installation of water and electricity from the main building, as well as the construction and commissioning of two pit latrines for boys and girls within the next two weeks. The total cost for completion is estimated at $5,500, with funds ideally required by this Friday. This is presently the most pressing need. Meanwhile, teachers are being compensated, and our sustainability initiatives are proving effective.



3- Agriculture - The Beth Israel Farmland has yielded a substantial mango harvest in the first quarter of 2024. We are poised to generate $1000 from this yield, equating to 25,000 SSP, given the South Sudanese Pound's weak exchange rate of $1 to 2500 UGX. These funds are allocated for the salaries of all departmental staff, ranging from the Farm Coordinator and Farm Manager to the Farmworkers. A 10,000-liter water tank has been installed to facilitate drip irrigation, promoting self-sufficiency. Thus, our sustainability model is proving effective.



4- BNPA, Pictures from Bethlehem Nursery & Primary Academy are here, but all the teachers are also paid in full for the first term by the students. The money did not come from the USA. Nehemiah Health Center:  Has three staff; the facility is doing great, and all two of the nurses on staff are paid from the income they are generating from the profit of the medical incentive. This initiative also proves that the idea of sustainability is working.