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ONMI purchased a small Pickup using profit generated from agriculture products of the land.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Shalom! It is now approaching the middle of October and it is imperative for me to share with you what has transpired between last month and this month. Thank you for everything

At the home front, we are blessed, thank be to God even though hard pressed on all sides but not Crushed. Hannah and I having been undergoing through trials in our family, but this is all expected. God is faithful he will bring to completion what he has begun in our lives. We must persevere through it. As the scripture encouraged us “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15: 58.

Being blessed by God with 8 precious souls entrusted to our care, our children are certainly maturing, four are young adults and four are still adolescence. Pray for them as they work their Salvation with fear and trembling making their election and calling sure. That their faith won’t falter in times of adversity. Yes, your prayers and support has been sustaining us through it all. It is school season and we continue to home educate our children.

On the ministry front, I continue to toil for this cause. Love what the Lord is using me for to advance His kingdom on earth. Continue to preach and bring the word of God Live on NTCBN, sharing the Good News and ONMI mission report Every Friday from 8 Pm – 9:30 PM. You can find us here:

USA: Here in the USA and around the world, you are all fully aware, we are living in such tumultuous epoch of colossal proportion, shaking everything to the core. But “We have an anchor that keeps the soul Steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the Rock which cannot move, Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love.”

Fruit of your prayers and s financial support to ONMI in South Sudan

In South Sudan where the implementation of your financial support goes, I am very thankful to God for what He has done since January this year 2021. The return of ONMI’s field staff and the entire community from Ugandan exile made all the difference. Their daily presence in the country makes things simpler to coordinate the vision and the implementation of the Operation Nehemiah Missions. In less than a year, we have made a lot of progress in term of advancing the Great Commission, development and creating stability with the available resources which the Lord has entrusted to our stewardship through your prayers and benevolent financial support.

Their presence in the land is the first line of Defense

From security standpoint, ONMI’s permanent presence on the ground has become a precursor and a beacon of hope for those who are still skeptical, in exile and not sure if is it safe to return home. But our Presence on the ground, put that fear to rest. For those who have returned home, ONMI mission center serve as staging ground for them to start their new lives from scratch as they voluntarily returned home to rebuild their lives. It is here at Bethlehem Mission where they bring their children for education. It is here they are fed the word of God. It is here they get their medical needs met and clean water to drink and a community for believers to interact with.

Microcosm of what a City on the Hill that can't be hidden

A microcosm of Judeo – Christian civilization is taking shape in this small community in South Sudan of which God is using you to help establish.

From local, state, and federal government standpoint, ONMI mission center is a place where the government of South Sudan at all levels has been paying a visit sometimes three times a week according to Our country Director Pastor Timothy Levi to witness the real formation of microcosm of self-government by the people for the people which is centered around institutions of Biblical Family, Church authority, and God-fearing local government working together in unity with one another. People are mining their own business modeled in the footsteps of Nehemiah, Moses & Jethro and above all Yeshua the Messiah who said, a leader among must be first and foremost a servant.

Model of leadership for self governing community:

This is the model of leadership and community we want to see duplicated throughout South Sudan. This type of community depends on God, work with their own hands, pray and respect the government but yet does not depend on government for everything. Through your support the community has galvanized itself in providing for its needs without depending on UN handout, rather, the people are quietly mining their own business.

They purchased a small utility truck with fund raised from the Beth Israel farmland

This is our first fruit of entrepreneurial initiative at the Beth Israel farmland. Our ground team sold some agricultural products: Cassava, vegetables, and fruits and with the profit, we purchased a small pickup truck to help with transportation of water in small containers to the construction site. This is for the first-time that ONMI ground team raised money using the capital invested on them from the ground initiative and use the money to purchase a vehicle. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing more of this type of success story coming out of ONMI’s ground initiatives, creating self-perpetuating in -come generation projects between 2021-2025.

Beth Israel farmland

Beth Israel farmland continues to put out harvest in varieties of crops in the field. This past week, our activities have been centered around harvesting of vegetables and sending some of them to a local market in Nimule. Next week will be the harvesting of corns.

Bethlehem Primary school construction at the 2nd Phase.

The second Phase of the Bethlehem Elementary school will start next week. The first Phase has been the most challenging one because it is a two-story build, so we have to lay strong foundation to sustain the weight of the building. All in all we want to thank you for your prayers and support to get this project off to speed.