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NTCBN is finally here after 5 months in the work

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Shalom & welcome to Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network, (NTCBN), Today, I want to share with you something different and exciting but yet part of the whole vision of ONMI. I will report Live on Mission activities from here tonight.

Something different from US side of the ONMI :

From the depth of my heart, I want to thank God for your, for your support, prayers and encouragement. It has been 5 months, that I have been working slowly but surely among my other responsibilities and busy time to establish, Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network (NTCBN), a live Steaming programs to share with you on our private channel and other social networks the vision of ONMI. Until COVID 19 hit last year, most of our mission activities including fund raising were done through traveling and speaking engagements across the US.

However, last December 2020, I had a vision to establish this network to balance my time and be available to reach out to you as best as I can. I prayed about it, and I consulted with some of you about it and everyone that I spoke to encouraged me go forward with it. The Lord blessed it. And thank God because the fund kept on steadily coming until I manage to put the studio together.

You can watch us Live begin tonight from 8- 9 30 PM

With this studio

I can present ONMI to you, your family , church and ministry as if I am with you in person. The Berkshire Messianic Fellowship will be Live stream on Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network.

Feature of NTCBN:

A lot can be done with NTCBN Live Stream. I can have live mission report from our field staff in South Sudan in real time. I can have three to four people in my studio Lives all at once. I can airlink with you wherever you are and interview with you Live about the day in my studio from across USA and Israel.

Berkshire Messianic Fellowship: Friday night tune in from 8- 9:30 PM

This will be one of our 4 series of ONMI weekly programs which will include:

1- ONMI mission in South Sudan

2- Faith family & freedom in America (American exceptionalism)

3- Truth and Raw news from Israel.

Our vision is based on. “Wherever you hear the horn, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us!" Nehemiah 4:20.

ii) We will be virtual online, and Lives, it will go Live on our private channel through the following:

a) ONMI Website: NTCBN Private :

b) NTCBN ON Facebook: William Levi

c) NTCBN ON Facebook; ONMI:

d) NTCBN on YouTube: Operations Nehemiah

e) NTCBN on Twitch NTCBN

The Berkshire Messianic Fellowship will be Live stream on Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network

Today’s Message will be on “You are the Light of the world, A rise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you,

Matthew 5: 1-15< Revelations 22; 5 And there will not be any night.

f) ONMI Website: NTCBN Private : Check all the scheduling here.

Prayers and Needs for ONMI

ONMI staff and their families

June Budget is $60,000.

Break down:


Sustain support for staff and infrastructure on the ground and the USA

Construction plan for the school and the Church

Water Tank: We need at least 10,000 Liters water tank

Church Building Project -

Bibles, Out reaches and discipleship:

Medical needs -

New Teachers

Education: 150 Student desks

50 Double Bunk Beds for 100 students -


Education: 230 Mattress

Education: Stationery

Current stability must be observed. People coming back from exile should not be discouraged by dubious armed group staging devilish ambushes on innocent lives on international highway.

Rather together, we must fight Satan, poverty, illiteracy and UN constant presence in a sovereign country must be removed peacefully. They must go back to where they came from. Enough is enough.

May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237



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