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NTCBN Featuring Engineer David Firth: 40 years in Mission field

Dear Brother and Sister in Yeshua,

Shalom to you this evening. Today Iam delighted to share with you on (NTCBN), Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network the testimonies of those who have co-labored with us in the Great Commission for years. These are people God has used in the ministry lifting our arms in the work and always operating from the background. Today, I will be featuring on our Evening Program, engineering David Firth of Texas. He is celebrating his 40th year in ministry. You can tune into the Program at 9 PM -10:30PM Eastern time or 8PM – 9: 30 PM Central, or 7- 8 :30 PM Mountain time and 6- 7:30 Pm Pacific times. You can watch us right here at NTCBN

Engineer Firth worked for Blessing for Obedience (BFO) for years. I met him through His boss, Mr. Kelly Coleman of Midland TX in 2004. Brother Kelly and I worked together in the 90s to address the plight of Christians in South Sudan who were suffering Persecution in the hand of Sudan’s Islamic regime. He was one of the founding members of Radio Free Sudan. However, he and I paired up because we knew Sudan was excessively big country and RFS vision was too broad to measure in term of impact and substance. We needed to narrow it down to more practical and tangible term to impact the lives of ordinary Sudanese displaced by war with the Gospel. BFO took on Western Equatoria State, west of the Nile in 2002 and ONMI took on Eastern Equatoria State east of the Nile in 2003. Nehemiah Trumpet Call I 97.3 FM was launched on mobile Land Cruiser in 2002.

However, as visionary men, both Mr. Coleman and I would need someone, a radio engineer God can raise up with technical expertise to implement these plans. That man was Engineer David Firth. He was deployed in the war zone of Western Equatoria by BFO in the towns of Izzo and Maridi in Western Equatoria in 2003 as its point man. We deployed our Mobile FM radio station in the war zone of Pageri County of Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan in 2003.

Our mission moved from the Uganda refugee camp to South Sudan in 2004. During that time, due to logistical problem and as well as intensifying war in western Equatoria, BFO moved David to Kampala, Uganda. David was stationed in Kampala, Uganda, managing multiple radio stations both shortwaves and FM throughout Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania and DRC. In January 2004, arriving in the field with Engineer Glen Richard of Waukesha, WI, to set up our base, BFO connected us with Engineer David Firth and gave us all the communication equipment to set up Bush e-mail and two ways communication equipment as donation to Operation Nehemiah Missions to start operating in Eastern Equatoria. David stayed in Kampala, to monitor the set-up operation from his office while Engineer Richardson, our US and South Sudanese team proceeded to South Sudan. Two weeks the in the wilderness of South Sudan, region ridden by war was a make or break of an expedition. Had it not been because of Engineer David Firth and Engineer Glenn Richardson. It could happen practically impossible to make our mark on the ground. So, after tireless work from January 17 &18 2004, we finally made a breakthrough. We set up the first Bush E-mail that can send and receive text from anywhere around the world. We have a two-way communication radio which has the capacity to cover 500 miles that is the whole length of South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya without problem.

Engineer Firth embodies American exceptionalism – He is a true Ambassador in term of representing the Lord and the US as city on the Hill that cannot be hidden. David did not allow culture, money, fame career or simply being an American interfere with his higher calling that is being Ambassador for Jesus

the Messiah. He was singular minded. He did not meddle in anybody’s business. He was focused on to do what he was called to do and that is winning souls for Eternity and warring against the work of the devil holding many into bondage with the Good News. He was living out by example. There was no one I found in Uganda or South Sudan that had an issue with Engineer Firth. Those who ran into him called him a friend, a brother, a father or husband. I personally learned a lot from Engineer Firth because of the way he lived his life in Africa. He was Christ like than me because David eats what was given to him in flies infested open marketplace. He slept were people slept, he drank water given to him if it was not poisoned or alcohol. He kept his mind clear. He took any transportation as long as it can take him to where he needed to go. He carried no bag or tunic except his bible and radio equipment.

In many ways, I was like Peter, I would be hesitant to eat food right off open market. I will not take Boda-boda or public Ugandan buses that can go with dangerous speed/.

I do not have a lot of pictures of David or Video to share here. But I put out an article in October 2006 that can tell you a lot of Engineer David Firth how God has used him to keep ONMI’s radio station in Eastern Equatoria State going from 2004- 2009. In 2006, s young couple, parents to three young children and my wife Hannah was pregnant with our fourth child, we needed God to raise someone to help us with the work in South Sudan, God sent Engineer David firth.

USA: Beginning at 8PM - 8:45 Pm

Program Lined up with Diana Ploss on NTCBN from

Subject: Deb Martell Story for tonight

Subject: Featuring Engineer David Firth: 40 years in Mission field

Israel: NTCBN featuring Chana Oz, TPS News Foreign Relations Israel,

Topic: Helping Tell the truth from the land of Israel- On NTCBN Sunday 10:15 AM Eastern, 5:15 PM Israel

Prayers and Needs for ONMI in South Sudan and USA

ONMI staff and their families

June Budget is $60,000.

Raised: $35,000

Balance: $25,000

$20,000 for USA office,

$20,000 construction project South Sudan

$ 20,000 Infrastructure


May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237



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