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A West Point Student from Iowa is on short term Mission trip to South Sudan with ONMI

Shalom to you Co-laborers in the Great Commissions. I have one more day tomorrow in the States side before heading out to South Sudan on a two week Mission trip for Operation Nehemiah Missions. Again Thank you for your prayers and support. You are keeping us pressing ahead with the work of the Lord. May you continue to keep my family in your prayers as I will be a way from them for the next couple of weeks. We are very impressed by the progress of the work going on in the field under the leadership of our country director Pastor Timothy Levi and the management As I shared with you before, one of the challenges faced by ministries like Operation Nehemiah Missions, established in the USA and serving God's Kingdom in the third world countries like South Sudan is the challenges of raising up national leaders in those countries.

Jack Worthington: A West Point Student from Iowa is on short term Mission trip to South Sudan with ONMI

Currently our ground leadership, under Pastor Timothy Levi is hosting Jack Worthington, a young student from West Point Military Academy, a native of Iowa who is on a short term mission trip to South Sudan, with Operation Nehemiah. I will join Jack on the ground during ,his last week in South Sudan next week. Jack is touring the region of Pageri county and visiting all the three Compounds where ONMI is located in the country.

On Sunday, they went to Mugali to pray and dedicate a foundation for a new church, the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation. Today, they went to Bethlehem of Borongole mission compound 35 miles north of Nimule and the Beth Israel farmland in the Akko Mountains.

Jack's presence in South Sudan and a reception by our ground team,even in the absence of our USA team on the ground, demonstrates the coordination and spiritual relationship the ministry has established over the years to accommodate the vision of those who are equally called by God to advance the Great Commissions in South Sudan from around the world. We are welcoming those whom God has called to come along side in advancing the work of Operation Nehemiah Missions.

Harvest time:

November is a month full of good fruits because most of the ministry harvesting season take place around this time. from these pictures you can, Jack, Timothy and our field staff are touring Beth Israel Farmland where various crops are just about ready for harvest. Beth Israel farmland has oranges, mangoes, sesames, cassava, grains, beans and bananas. The land is fertile and productive.

We are taking one person, one family, one church and one community at time. Could you join us in the noble and godly task to help us restore South Sudanese family, church and country from the ashes of Islamic oppression. To donate you can visit us at

Thank very much, with your prayers and support, you are able to help us Operation Nehemiah Mission bring much needed help to the People of Moli Tokuro. We brought in medical supplies and books for school children. By the grace of God, as the Lord leads, you can donate to Operation Nehemiah by visiting us at Your contribution is tax deductible.

One day and one month at a time. The just shall live by faith. October is covered. Now, our next target is November 2019.


Israel: Major Shift: US Rejects ‘Illegal’ Status of Judea and Samaria Communities

As I told you... another milestone for Israel has just happened. Judea and Samaria are not longer Illegal settlements of Israelis in Palestinian land as the UN and the BDS alleged. There are and have been and will always be integral part of Biblical land of Israel. We are talking about Judea and Samaria. The United State shall for ever be blessed for taking these steps under the Presidency of Donald Trump who has done more for Israel than any American President.

Prayers and appreciation.

I want to thank God for your prayers and financial support to cover the entire month of October to take care of our general Fund after we surrendered everything to God. Counting on our blessings and believing in His unfailing promises, we waited patiently like Rev. George Mueller of Bristol, UK who depended solemnly on God for the provision needed to run a 2000 children orphanage.

Current Budget

1- Our fix/variable monthly Budget for November 2019.

We have a projected budget of $18,000. But God knows what is actually needed. So I’m not concern. I only ask you to join us in your prayers.

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof."

USA ONMI office - $5000 General operating fund

Agriculture - $3,500.00

Medical - $1, 500

Mission field staff $4,000

Equipment /fuel - $1400

Evangelistic outreaches - $2000.00

MBBTT Bible Translation: - $500

NTC 97.3 FM operating & maintenance budget - $2000

2- To donate to our Special long term project : Nehemiah Polytechnic institute:

Pleas follow the link to Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute

What is the goal of NPI ? One of the key solutions to stop people from leaving South Sudan into exile, stop the war and contribute to peace and economy stability is to build vocational schools that will have a tangible impact on the community. To date, South Sudan imports most of her skilled labor force from Uganda and Kenya. A country can’t survive like this. The root causes of instability in South Sudan are spiritual, physical, political and as well as economical. There is a massive exodus of people leaving the country either because of war or the search for education and employment. Unfortunately, 99 % of them never come back. Therefore, with your support and encouragement, our next initiative is the construction of the Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Studies of Biblical Worldview at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT in Nimule.

3- Another special long term Project is the Mugali Church, Parsonage and well project.

We received the first funding of $3,000 toward the construction of the church, the parsonage and well in Mugali village. We thank God for this funding. Fund will go toward bricks production. Of the $34,000 needed, we are now down to $31,000. The project is kicking of beginning this November.

Church building - $ 15,000

Parsonage - $10, 000

Well - $9,000

On line donation: or sent check to Operation Nehemiah PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237

God bless

In His grace

William Levi, Founder and Overseer,, Operation Nehemiah Missions

William Levi founder and Overseer

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