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Comprehensive summary report from our mission trip & our next steps.

Shalom brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord!! Thank you for your prayers. We arrived on the US soil on July 2. We got back from South Sudan last week, landing at JFK from Nairobi on connecting flight that started from 8 hours overland traveling from South Sudan to Entebbe,Uganda and an hour flight connecting us to Kenya from Uganda. Kenya Airways has started direct flight from Nairobi to JFK non stop. It is fast but we had to sit for 13- 14 hours for the whole duration of the flight. I want to thank God for Mr. Kevin Rousseau, Chair of the board of Elders of Operation Nehemiah and Geoffrey Duclus for picking us up from the airport.

The overall highlights of our mission trip to the South Sudan May - June 2019

We left the ministry and it's activities on the ground in good hand under the management of our ground team and the Country Director Pastor Timothy Levi . On Saturday June 28, we held our last Worship service at the Nile Beth Israel Messianic Congregation at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon and headed out on the same day for Uganda to fly out to the US the next day. During the entire time on the grown, every Sunday we had worship service. We drove down the valley to bring people to church service. The messages were concurrently aired on the radio for the general population out there. The radio Gospel messages were preached every day from 5 AM - 11 PM over the airwaves of South Sudan and northern Uganda.

Attending to the need of those returning from exile

Two months ago, a forty feet container of rice meal set off from CA, USA bound for South Sudan to be distributed to South Sudanese by Operation Nehemiah Missions. Sure enough, the container made its way to OMNI Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT as we just got there. Upon the arrival of the container, we went out to the villages of Opari, Mugali, Kerepi, Moli Tokuro, Nimule town and Pageri and gave it out the content to the community who are returning from refugee camps to restart their lives virtually from scratch. Over 5000 people were supported by this effort.

Elementary school at Moli - Tokuro reopened for students. ONMI, through your support help them, get back on track!

While on the ground, we visited the village of Moli Tokuro. We came to meet with chief and the school headmaster. We were accompanied by Pastor Jeremiah Levi and Pastor Peter Dominic. The chief and the school teacher wanted us to build a church in their village, their children's education and renovate their town hall. We prayed with them about these needs. As we were leaving, we delegated our ground team to deliver school materials to Moli Tokuro Elementary school in Moli sub county in Pageri county. The school materials will meet the need of 143 students and pay staff support of 7 teachers for three months. Operation Nehemiah Mission delivered school materials to Moli Tokuro Elementary school in Moli sub county in Pageri county. This is one of the last primary schools in the remote part of Pageri County, Eastern Equatoria state which has not deserted South Sudan for exile during the 2016's national Crisis which has gripping the country to date. Our next support will be needed for October- December 2019.

Through your support, ONMI is planting a church in Mugali

As we were leaving, we delegated opening of one church in Mugali village and assigned one Pastor named Pastor Tom to manage it. God has opened a big door for Pastor Thomas, one of the Pastors ordained last year to open a branch of a church in Mugali sub county of Pageri County. He is given a land measuring ten acres to accommodate the need of the congregation. The church is now meeting under the tree for the start. ONMI office in the USA has sent $1000 request by the Pastor to purchase chairs. Please pray for this congregation. Pastor Tom was ordained last may 2018 at the Beth Israel Messianic Congregation, Bibia in Uganda. But he is now resolved to go back to his village in South Sudan to carry on with the work of the Lord. This is consistent with our desire and prayers to get people to return to South Sudan without being forced to come back against their will. Pastor Tom is in the brown shirt in long sleeve praying over the people with Pastor Timothy Levi.

Backhoe & Front loader has accomplish its task at ONMI Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon, it headed back to the Beth Israel farmland

After one and half month from May into June , clearing road, digging trenches, breaking rock surfaces at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon, the Backhoe has finished it's assignment up there and has returned to the Beth Israel Farmland and Borongole Mission center to clear the road, opening water ways, up root trees that hinder cultivation. This equipment is God's Gift from you to Operation Nehemiah. It is versatile, robust, effective and efficient. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The Beth Israel Farmland's product making its way to Juba

In the Beth Israel farm Land, plantation is going full speed. The tree stumps are removed so that the two tractors can plow without breakdown easily. We got cassava stalks, sweet potato leaves, beans, peanuts and fruit trees planted over 20 people working in the farm. The same operation is going in Borongole he Bethlehem Mission compound.

Two tractors are operating plus the backhoe. Water system in the farm is fully rectified. There is no water problem in any of the three compounds: Beth Israel farm, Borongole and Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon.