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The Yerushalayim Internet Access Network is official!! Praise God.

Dear Brothers and Sister in Yeshua,

Shalom to you and your family in the Mighty name above all names, Yeshua, our Messiah. Today, we are so excited to share with you raw footage of some critical projects which are so important for us to anticipate beginning of the year 2019. Last year, we shared with you the idea of establishing an entrepreneurial pilot project to be called Nehemiah Internet Access network to help generate income locally from within South Sudan. Entrepreneurial spirit and self-motivation, that has been developed and instilled in the minds and the hearts of our ground leadership team has been a part of our broader initiative to put people to work and to value Biblical stewardship. In a long run, US based Christian organizations, implementing the Great Commission in under developing countries like South Sudan have to train and disciple Christian men to be grounded in the Word of God and to work with their own hands, support their families, their local churches and community financially with resources generated from within the country. It is unsustainable in long run to continue raising fund from the US indefinitely. Rather , the impact and the stability and the growth we are seeking is coming to fruition. It is the growth and maturity of the people we are disciplining coming to spiritual adulthood and productivity, manifested in the fruits of their labor.

We believe that Biblical Stewardship is best promoted through national leadership vested in the hand of our ground team. As we train and establish skilled and transparent indigenous Field Management Team with a shared long term vision and commitment, we hope to see a well established Christian community, capable of taking care of its own family of families in the body of Yeshua.

Our vision is to equip and empower the indigenous Christians to manage and account for the investment which God has entrusted to them with the benevolent gifts of funding coming from fellow Christians in USA. Our goal is to build trust and faithfulness with the leadership on the ground to keep out the influence and the mindset of the UN driven social engineering agenda which destroy families structure and promotes global relief dependence. Among other thing we want to eradicate is the dangerous economic imbalance in South Sudan which is controlled by Muslims business entities in the country. Trade Competition is Great. it must be welcomed in a constitutional republic like South Sudan. But right now it is trade monopoly. We want to change that. As long as Khartoum Islamic regime continue to influence and remain in charge of South Sudan's business monopoly , South Sudan's independence from Khartoum's Islamic regime in 2011 remains a joke. Our objective is to reduce the resources coming from outside by increasing the resources generated from within South Sudan and create what President Trump coined as reciprocal trade.

It is official

So having said all of the above, I want to officially thank you for helping ONMI in establishing Nehemiah Internet Access Network at the Yerushalayim Missions center on Mt Gordon. This is our forth attempts in 15 years to get it right. James 1 says, we have to perverse when you go through trial of various types and seek wisdom. We started the initiative of Nehemiah Internet Cafe in Uganda in 2003 when our people were still in exile. Every time, the biggest obstacle we encountered in the process of establishing the pilot project, was always problem with Internet reliability itself, lack of facility and adequate source of power and management team.

This time, we are confident that we did our homework, we have committed the effort in the hand of God. We have done what is necessary to see this pilot entrepreneurial venture thrives, we need your prayers for success and wisdom to run it.

Praise report from the medical domain: Nehemiah Field Clinic now has a small medical facility at the Yerushalayim Mission center on Gordon. As part of our Mission initiative to provide medical healthcare to the community. We thank God for the new radio Broadcasting studio building. This building is so spacious with several rooms. We have now dedicated a small room within the facility to serve as Nehemiah clinic to provide medical service for those who are truly in need.

In 2016, due to National Crisis that engulfed South Sudan, impacting the entire region including our mission compound at ONMI' Bethlehem Borongole. We had to evacuate , thus Nehemiah Field Clinic facility as many people fled to Uganda. We emptied the medical supplies in the building moved it to Yerushalayim center on Gordon including the ambulance. In the next two years from 2016- 2018, we did not have medical facility on Gordon Mountain. But thank God, now we have a place to keep the medicine and store them in sanitary place.

What is the goal of Operation Nehemiah Missions in the first quarter 2019 ( March - April ) ? $78,000 bright new for CASE tractor like the one below from Uganda where we can get parts for when the equipment develop mechanical problems. If anyone has CASE tractor in excellent condition and want to donate to Operation Nehemiah Missions between now April 30th, please contact us right away.

We are praying and hoping to open another 20 acres of cassava plantation and 20 acres of sorghum grain, 10 acres of fruit trees and 10 acres of lumber trees. We believe, South Sudan can feed her own people and start exporting the overflow of food to other country. So to do this, we ask for your prayers and financial support.

With availability of vast arable land, like we have in Beth Israel, we are seeing great break through here to stamp out hunger and constant dependence on imported food. The cassava plantation, Corn, the sorghum grain and the fruits, given the momentum you have been giving us financially to push forward in this endeavor, in Beth Israel Farmland to Create food security in South Sudan give us the threshold of supplying the entire county of Pageri in Eastern Equatoria and Juba the capital of South Sudan with food without importing food from Uganda.

Importance of Backhoe and front loader tractor

Here is the history of the challenges we faced over the years with construction and farm equipment which are so critical for the progress in basic development needed to be done in South Sudan to make things a little bit easier for infrastructure and impacting community. This includes creating feeder roads to the farm, uprooting trees to give way for agriculture, clearing construction site to put a building and digging soil to make blocks for constructing buildings.

What we need is a multi purpose tractor with a backhoe and front loader like this one which can help us with :

1- Uprooting tree stumps, to help ONMI preserve the life span of tractors and implements that are used for plowing and prepare the land for cultivation.

2- Removing stones and sharp edges,

3- Leveling the grounds for construction.

4- Opening water ways on our feeder roads so that our vehicle don't get stuck on the road to the farm during tropical rainy season.

5- If we can deploy this equipment in the field as early as March 2019 to uproot unwanted tree stumps which are destroying our current tractor's tires and implement , we will be ready by April when the rain falls start.

6- This tractor can help us dig marrum ( Soil) like the you see here to make hydra-form interlock blocks to build houses

IN 2013, we hired this tractor for $1000/day to dig this soil so that we can make these blocks for constructing homes. Each time it came to do this work, we paid $1000/day. Now we want to own one to help the ministry to do a multifaceted work. I'm going to walk you through some the work we can achieve with this equipment.

Our first trial of backhoe /Front loader tractor - 2005 when there was even no a country called South Sudan.

In 2005, we brought in this bright new Marcy Ferguson tractor from Belchertown, MA USA , a donation worth $37,000 to uproot trees and give ways for plantation, but the 45 HP ( 4x4) could not match the ferocity of tree roots embedded under ground in a country with zero infrastructure. This tractor served us only three years from 2005- 2008. Due to scarcity of parts which had to come from the USA, every time it broke down, we had to retire it.

Looking at the under ground tree roots taking a beating on our current tractors in the field, it is for imperative that we need a bigger tractor with front loader and backhoe to prepare the ground and land escape for this tractor below to prepare the field.

If anyone has CASE tractor in excellent condition and want to donate to Operation Nehemiah Missions between now April 30th, please contact us right away. We can fly it to South Sudan and it will be there just in 4 days. The new one will cost $78,000

2013 - Made a different for the ministry for the arrival of all new tractor and implements

In 2013, the Lord provided this 85 HP tractor to Operation Nehemiah with implements for $55,000. With this is tractor we have opened at least 100 acres. But the tractor has been breaking down so frequently that we can't keep up the work load the way it should operate due to so many tree stumps in the ground. Imagine, if ONMI owns this backhoe/front loader tractor, it will help us spare the life of these other tractors

In 2013, the Lord provided this 85 HP tractor and implements for $55,000. But the land escape has taken a toll on this tractor over the years.

Condition of the tractor and implement in 2013 when it was bright n

This is the condition of the same tractor 5 years later in 2018. A lot of money has been spent in repair due to damage incur on it by tree stumps and road condition.

We need 13 passengers Land Cruiser to facilitate off road transportation for staff and missionaries from Village to village to do God's work. - $35,000

Here are the visual reasons: We are pioneering a Judeo Christian civilization in South Sudan after years of Islamic persecution. The country looks like this.

January 7, 2004 . This is the day we opened Operation Nehemiah's base in Borongole and my first time coming back into South Sudan after 19 years


2004- Septmber


Our surveying team, headed by Engineer Bryan McKay - We have an off road vehicle in 2014 that developed a problem in bush.

2017 Opari

Road condition in South Sudan requires vehicles with off road package that can navigate the unpaved roads

Evangelism Transportation, we need this 13 passenger Land Cruiser with 100 % off road package - $35,000: We are anticipating the purchase of the vehicle pictured, below which will provide essential transport for our pastors, evangelistic materials, and sound equipment from village to village.

Our online tax deductible contribution can be made at or mail your check to the address below.

In His Grace,

William Levi,

Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237