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You gave them the tools, they are doing the job. Nehemiah Block Production is re-opened.

Dear Co-laborers in the Great Commission,

Shalom to you and your families. Couple of days ago, you read an article “titled, A quarter of a century in the mission, what are the fruits.”? As I mentioned, time would fail me, if I was to mention all the blessings that the Lord has blessed Operation Nehemiah Mission’s work over the years through your benevolent financial support and encouragement.

Nehemiah interlocking block production for mission's needs and operating small self per perpetuating business in South Sudan

Today, I would like to reintroduce you to Nehemiah interlocking block production entrepreneurial venture which was set up in 2013. This is one of your best benevolent gifts to support the rebuilding effort of the Biblical families in South Sudan. It is a Biblical based Stewardship pilot project one of the many blessings which the Lord has provided Operation Nehemiah mission with in 2013, before the national Crisis broke out at the end of that year. Unlike other UN driven humanitarian organizations that create relief dependence and perpetuate global welfare, Operation Nehemiah Mission’s vision is to rehabilitate the lives of the people both spiritually and physical as South Sudanese returned home from exile to rebuild their own lives.

Many of you who were familiar with this project and this machine have been wondering about the fate of this machine, whether it was stolen or confiscated in the midst of the ensuing chaos? No, the machine is neither stolen or confiscated. We kept it in tact.

Operation Temporary shut down in July 2016

In 2016, Nehemiah Interlocking block production Entrepreneurial venture was shut down due to the national crisis that engulfed South Sudan and Pageri country where two of our mission compounds including Borongole Mission HQ where the Hydraform Interlocking machine was set up. We had to move the machine to Yerushalayim Mission Center on Gordon Mt. in Nimule.

We temporarily put on hold the primary vision for which we bought the machine in the first place, but due to the Crisis in South Sudan, people have fled into exile, business plummeted across the country.

Production re-open July 2018: Hydra-form interlocking machine makes blocks for the construction NTC97.3 FM studio building

However, to be good steward of the Lord’s money we are currently utilizing the machine to make our own interlocking blocks to build NTC 97.3 FM Broadcasting studio at Yerushalayim Mission compound on Mt. Gordon.

The primary Vision of Nehemiah Interlocking block production is to provide top-quality low-cost housing solution to the Republic of South Sudan using 93 % of the material composition from from soil and sand and 7 % cement. Our aim was to achieve stable social, economic, environmental and financial returns in that order for the benefit of the community. Our primary goal in this project is not necessarily to make profit beyond reasonable Biblical structure of stewardship, rather we want to demonstrate that South Sudanese can work together using 90 % of natural resources in the country to create a living for themselves without constant dependence from outside the country.


The Hydraform interlocking block production machine can make 6 blocks per minutes, 2400 blocks per day and putting 20 men to work so that they cans support their families.

Use of the Blocks for construction: include school’s buildings, churches, government properties, businesses and individual home owners. The area of operation is countrywide except in the area where there is insecurity and worst road conditions. We can take into account churches and community schools that don't make monetary profit for their services.

Product is Environmentally Clean: Unlike Traditional burned bricks, which require large amounts of wood and water for curing, interlocking blocks do not use any wood, and curing requires only minimal amounts of water, thereby dramatically reducing the rate of deforestation and conserving precious water and forest for the community.

Implementation: Our goal is to encourage sustainability, self-sufficiency and a revolving economy for the improvement of our community and the glory of God.

Why Hydra form blocks? Hydra-form blocks improve the (GNP) Gross National Product of South Sudan: 93% of each interlocking block is composed of locally sourced raw materials. Imported Cement comprises only 7 % of the interlocking block. 100% of our employees are local South Sudanese citizens, which is key in revitalizing the country's national economy.

National Day of Prayer for South Sudan in September.

We will be holding our 2nd annual National Day of Prayer in South Sudan in the city of Nimule and the village of Pageri in September. The goal of this solemn assembly is to remind the Church of South Sudan that "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain; unless the LORD protects the city, its watchmen stand guard in vain". Psalm 127: 1-3.

Thank you for helping us to raise the entire funding for our Summer Fund Drive 2018! By the grace of God, we were able to raise the entire $35, 000 and beyond, exceeding our expectation. Our next fund raising initiative is for Autumn 2018 beginning July 15- Through September 10 in the amount of $45,000. The fund will help address the ongoing work on the ground and also our family mission trip to the South Sudan this fall.

All in all, I want to thank you all for your perseverance in standing with us and our ministry during repeated mayhem. Now, my family and I are preparing to go return to South Sudan from September 9th to October 6th. Our main goal of returning to South Sudan is to manage and oversee the ongoing work on the ground. We have a new church plant to dedicate in Pageri. We also want to conduct pastoral training workshops, family discipleship, agricultural development, water improvement, and medical care.

Our previous work

Interlocking blocks are used for the construction of The Beth Israel farm house in 2015.

These blocks will be used for the construction of the NTC 97.3 FM studio

on Gordon Mountain.


-Pray for our mission in September to minister the word of God and oversee the work on the ground.

-Pray for the success of the negotiations to end the national crisis.

-Pray for the newly ordained pastors as they embark on planting new churches.

-Pray for the completion of the Nehemiah Trumpet Call 97.3 FM studio building on Mt. Gordon.

-Pray for our Autumn 2018 fund raising initiative.

-Pray for the Great Commission in South Sudan to go forward unhindered.

We need your help to make this mission trip successful: Overall Budget - $45,000 Thank you so much.

The Goal : July - September 10.

  1. Mission trip for my family - $10,000

  2. Medical need - $5,000

  3. Field Operation - $10,000

  4. Church planting - $5,000

  5. Field staff support – $7,000

  6. US office Management - $5,000

  7. Misc. $3,000.00

In His Grace,

William Levi,

Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237



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