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Summary of the fourth Fiscal Year, Operation Nehemiah 2015

Biblical marriage, the Obligation of Dowry : Six qualified husbands and fathers who have been discipled under our watch and disciplined by the elders received monitory incentive of $1000 each from Operation Nehemiah Missions to resolve their outstanding issues of dowry payment to their respective fathers- in law which is a necessary obligation in Hebrew Marriage. Family & Marriage restoration is an important initiative for Operation Nehemiah to restore marriages and stabilize families. These young people are part of our congregation at the Nile Beth Israel. 50 years of Islamic persecution has left the family in shambles. The devastation of the war wreaked far reaching destruction which will take years to repair. Marriage and family have been defiled by co-habitation, fornication, and polygamy. These lifestyles have been readily accepted as equal to marriage and have now set the stage in this country for homosexuality to root here like the rest of the western world. Thank God, there is hope because the teaching of biblical marriage, manhood and womanhood and parenting are taking hold here. Please keep praying for these young couples who have walked away from the lies and obeyed God in honoring the institution of marriage. Helping them with their needs in the area of life as important as marriage, reduces the influence of UN social engineering agenda. Your support help not only reduce the dangerous influence of the UN social engineering agenda, it empowers Christians family to value life, stop abortion, LGBT influence and set up Biblical standard of living for self-supporting life style which has lifted so many people out of relief dependence syndrome. Installing the Solar power source to run the NTC 97.3 FM radio station on Gordon Mountain was urgently needed after acquiring the 1000 watt transmitter. The transmitter was taking a lot power. We could not longer rely on generator or the power from the MTN to power the transmitter and the rest of the Broadcasting equipment. Upon my return form South Sudan in September, we went on our knees and pray to God for provision of financial support to purchase solar power to power the radio station . The Lord was faithful to us as we as laid the need at his feet. Couple of days later in September , an anonymous donor sent in t $15,000 to help us with this initiative to purchase 8,500 watt of solar panels to power not only the radio station but also Nehemiah Visions House in the Beth Israel village.

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