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Dear my co-laborers,

      Shalom,  Welcome to Operation Nehemiah Missions. 

Operation Nehemiah Missions International Inc is headquartered in Lanesborough, MA USA. Statement of Faith: The compelling and prevailing motivation of Operation Nehemiah Missions is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby bringing people to repentance and eternal Salvation for their soul upon this premises rest the welfare of any community and the Bible is the final authority in all matters of life. Our goal for this phase of prevailing desire and development are:

  1. To develop and support potential leaders with the indigenous Christian community in South Sudan.

  2. To raise up Christian families and disciple them to take their rightful places in the community.

  3. We establish food security through agricultural development throughout the region along with access to clean water.

  4.  ONMI helps encourage economic independence for South Sudanese families by offering employment and business opportunities.

  5. We want to impact the next generation of South Sudan with Christ by empowering indigenous Christian pastors to teach and disciple the families in their congregations.

  6. Taking one family, one church and one community for Yeshua the Messianic. 

  7. Our objective is to reduce the resources coming from the USA and other countries by increasing the resources within the country. Our success will be measured by communicating the biblical framework of the family-integrated church where men play their pivotal and decisive roles in the home and in the church and women are taught their proper sphere of influence in the home, church and in the community.  We are endeavoring to establish biblical pastoral leadership, Christ-centered families, Christ-centered worship, biblical peacemaking, and work ethics. New believers are exhorted to make their calling and election sure, putting on the new life and identity in Christ. 

We cannot effectively fulfill the Great Commission without the prayer and support of people like you who feel the same burden we do and want to help.


I just returned from Israel, I went to attend Christian Media Summit/ organized by the Israeli office of  Government  Press with the goal to promote Israel 's True image, her contribution to global stability and Judeo- Christian Civilization against those who are promoting false narration and Propaganda of boycott, divestment, and sanctions.   Pictures, video, and statement here  are credited to   Israeli Photogrpaher Ronen Horesh and GPO/ CMS

I'm back from Israel on November 7. From the depth of my heart and on behalf of my family and the people of South Sudan and the USA , I want to thank God for  Operation Nehemiah for sponsoring my historic trip to the promised land, the land of Honey and Milk. It was so true. 


What I got from this experience is that God is real, the Bible is so true. Its words are so true, measurable and proven. Our Jewish people are alive and thriving. Their presence in the Holy land validates the scriptures. The Israelites on the ground are friendly, kind, hospitable, peaceable, generous, hardworking and certainly very resolute and intelligent people.

The Christian Media Summit meeting truly underscores everything that transpired at the conference.

There are areas of the reciprocal relationship between South Sudan and Israel that can be our central focus to strengthen the unshakable bond of relationship between the two nations shaped by the shared value of our Judeo- Christian civilization,  upon which the church is built.

 Th Bible tells us that the South Sudanese church like all the true churches around the world is the commonwealth of Israel.  For without Israel bringing Jesus the  Messiah into the world, there won’t be the Church.  Again, the Bible tells us that salvation is of the Jews.  Israel’s existence as a Jewish state  is critical for the manifestation  and validation of the  irrevocable  promise  of God according  to the Scriptures( Old and New Testament.) The church is not a replacement for Israel.  Those who seek her demise want to erase God’s  Written Word, the Bible which is important to both Jews,  Christians and the world as we know it.


 I have my work cut out for me and I promised to deliver and promote Israel/ US and South Sudan's relationship to the next level.  I will never take that for granted. I also want to thank them for affording me the time to speak for 15 minutes at the Summit.

I enjoyed the delicious food, the Biblical historical site, Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Golan Height and the rolling mountains, the landscape and the farmland of beloved Israel. I want to thank God for Israel Government Press Office and Christian Media Summit for sponsoring my trip. 


I left the US on Oct 31 arriving Israel on. November 1.

Providentially, by the of Grace, through your help, I made the historic pilgrim visit to Israel after such a long time of waiting in patience.

On the first day of my arrival, while waiting for the official opening of the Christian Media Summit, I visited a few places in Jerusalem. ON Sunday after we spoke, I attended a church close to the hotel. I visited Jerusalem Wall, Mount Zion, Mount Olive and the Garden of Gethsemane. It was surreal walking in the footsteps of Yeshua

We visited the Mount Beatitudes, Golan Height and the village of Trump Height named after President Trump. If Jerusalem is the epic center of the World, Golan Height is certainly the face of the front line of Israel's Defense Force. Golan Height is the most fertile land in Israel. It was given to the Tribe of Manasseh. Mount Herman, the highest peak in Israel that supplies Israel with water is located in Golan.  They are welcoming people to come and move to Golan. This was the most comprehensive tour of Israel I have ever heard and seen. 150 members led by Israel and the USA in the summit signed the dedication of the document of Golan as part of Israel.

I envision that this reciprocal relationship between the two countries will include:

a)       Reciprocal trade and bilateral involving  back and forth travels between South Sudanese and Israelis. South Sudanese Christians want to take pilgrims to the Holy land just like the American evangelicals do to deepen their understanding of the origin of the Church and to pray for the peace of  Jerusalem. If you, will, a biblical prophecy is  being fulfilled in our lifetime: Isaiah 18: 7 says  “ At that time gifts will be brought to the Lord Almighty from a people tall and smooth-skinned, from a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech,   whose land is divided by rivers—  the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the Lord Almighty.”  This is a prophecy about South Sudanese  Christians bringing gifts to Israel based on the relationship Biblically stated here and to be implemented between the two nations in the 21st century.

b)         South Sudan is virgin land,  while still under Khartoum Islamic regime,  it used to be called the breadbasket of the Arab/Islamic world with a lot of unexploited natural resources such as agricultural land, minerals, and wildlife.  Israeli businesses can help in revitalizing the South Sudanese economy in the areas of renewable energy, Engineering and IT, infrastructure, agriculture  Wildlife and Tourism which will have the longest impact on the next generations on both sides. This initiative will eliminate UN driven relief dependence which thrives on crisis. It will stop the war in the region and keep people in their country.

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