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Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Bethlehem Primary School 

Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Bethlehem Primary & Nursery school 

  1. Educational Needs for the current set up: Bethlehem Primary & Nursery School: Dormitory for 500 students comprising of boys and girls: 3 Dormitories; Fence; Water point; Bethlehem Boarding School cafeteria; flush Bathrooms and   Teacher’s living quarters.     

  2. Medical supplies and Facility :  ONMI needs Medical support for Nehemiah Field Clinic to treat tropical diseases for  the current 500 students and 150 adults  living at ONMI’s  Bethlehem Mission Headquarters where Bethlehem Nursery and Primary School  is located  children  between 2021- 2022 comprising of :

  3. 255 girls (in need of female healthcare) which must exclude contraceptive, abortion pills, and gender based/ LGBTQ socially engineered materials for destroying girl’s virginity leading to perversion/distortion of sex distinction between Male & Female)

  4. 245 boys in need of (Male related healthcare products) which must exclude, and gender based or LGBTQ socially engineered materials for destroying boyhood leading to perversion/distortion of sex distinction between Male & Female)

  5. We also have at least 200 adults comprising of men and women and children under school age living in t ONMI’s main Bethlehem Mission headquarters of Borongole, OMNI’s Beth Israel farmland in Akko Mountain and ONMI’s Yerushalayim Summit on Mount Gordon and   ONMI’s newest place at The Messiah’s Ambassadors House in Kerepi Mutala (formerly the house of Ambassador John Anduga’s house.) Ambassador John Anduga is the prime example of what we the people of South Sudan ought to be, generous giving to a cause we believe in within South Sudan. If we are going to rid ourselves from foreign aides lace with string attachment and tap into our own natural resources and depend on God through the benevolence and generosity of our own people who have the means and resources,  He (‘Ambassador Anduga has  definitely demonstrated that  by handing his state-of-the-art home to support the vision of the ONMI and the church  to reach to the greater community .

  6. The women need women healthcare which must exclude contraceptive, abortion pills, and gender based/ LGBTQ socially engineered materials for destroying womanhood and women reproductive system and destruction to unborn children leading to perversion/distortion of sex distinction between Male & Female)

  7. The men are also in need of (Male related healthcare products) which must exclude, and gender based or LGBTQ socially engineered materials for destroying manhood leading to perversion/distortion of sex distinction between Male & Female.

  8.  ONMI also have at least 1000 returnees and their families living in the immediate vicinity of the mission Headquarters. Their medical needs are the same as those mentioned above.

  9. There is projected at least 4500 returnees coming back to Kerepi Payam in 2023. ONMI mission headquarter of Bethlehem- Borongole will serve as staging ground or transitory anchor points for people to start their lives and move on their respective homes. Therefore, we plead to RRC to give equip ONMI with resources to help us meet these demands.

  10.  ONMI need at agricultural tools such as hoes, tractors, peaks, pangas, sickles, ropes, seeds (non-genetically modified) seeds, food for works, to be available for distribution at ONMI mission headquarters before it is too late as the people are working on to return.  We need to secure building materials with these tools such as grasses for roofing. before they face fire, bamboos, reeds, readily available in the region without buying expensively and before the fire burn them up.

  11. Description of proposal (executive summary):

  12. Opening statement:  From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of ONMI staff, I want to thank the local government officials in Pageri administrative area, the Magwi county Commissioner and EE governor, RRC and central government, Juba  for playing their proper roles in bringing stability in term of security in this strategic state EE which is the only one that borders 3 countries of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.


  14. Operation Nehemiah Missions'  headquarters in Bethlehem of Borongole in Kerepi Payam has been serving as receiving point  and staging ground for the returning families from exile. The ministry has been used as  an anchor point by God himself in the midst of these colossal Crisis of our time  to stabilize western portion of Eastern Equatoria ( along 50 miles of Juba-Nimule Road) from Nimule to Kit from Nimule to Mugali and from Pageri to Opari to rebuild the live of our people.  ONMI has Gospel radio station  NTC 97.3 FM stationed in Nimule that can be heard even in  80 miles around over the airwaves of South Sudan from Nimule and over the airwaves of northern Uganda:  Moyo, Adjumani, Arua and Gulu region not to mention  Torit, Lobone, Parajok, Magwi and Aru and Kajokeji in CE. We are currently working on Shortwave radio station to cover the  whole country. We have three Mission compounds each equipped with water points, and huge farmland where we have now reduce food import from Uganda by 90 %.  We have medical facility, Primary and Nursery school comprising of 500 students.  So our limitation is funding as 100 % of our support come from the USA.  ONMI is 90 % run by South Sudanse for South Sudan both in the USA and South Sudan.   I'm pleading to your office  to help us with  funding and tools to supplement for the resources that we are not able to get from the USA to  rehabilitate the  lives of incoming returnees as they return home to rebuild their country for the  short and  the long term.  

  15. Bethlehem Primary school will lay the foundation for Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute to train South Sudanese in blue collar workforce. South Sudan needs blue collar workers: Nurses, auto Mechanic, electricians, IT, Clean water technology, solar & wind power plumbers, small business, retailers, hoteliers, tourism, farmers, masonries, joinery, to rebuild South Sudan.  This is our goal to prepare these young children for vocational training so that they can support their families and thrive in their local community instead of going to big cities, they should bring the city to the villages.  NPI will be only for 12 months of Vocational training. Graduates will be deployed into the workforce without spending endless years in college while leaving behind their languishing families.

  16.  Stop braining draining of the country’s youth:  The school will train and keep South Sudanese skilled workers to stay in the country instead of sending them elsewhere for education but once they are done with education, they never come back. About 80 % of skilled workforce and retail industry in South Sudan is imported from either Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, or Rwanda.  Bethlehem primary school and Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute will bring a balance to that that disproportionated import of skilled workforce. Entrepreneurial venture and small business startup are key to revitalization of the economy of South Sudan. South Sudan needs blue collars labor force as opposed to white collars labors force because the country is still considerably basic, and it will need to set up its basic infrastructures for the next 20 years on the strength of the blue collars. We need 6 months- one year hand on technical and vocational training polytechnic type of institutions to quickly output young people into the workforce or create their own businesses.

  17. Food security and the need for a new tractor:   We can have been using tractor to expand our current agricultural areas at the Beth Israel farmland:  In 2023, we are planning to open more land to plant more fruit trees:  mango, guavas, and oranges, Cassava, corns, sorghum, and beans. We are also planning to plant more Eucalyptus and Teaks or lumbers, as all building material are imported from Uganda.  The land is so rich with everything available in the land. South Sudanese do not need handout. They need tools and seeds. They can work with their own hands and support their families.  The school will train the children to take hold of the richness of their land and make use of them.

  18. Medical need: If there are clean water and people eat healthily, the rate of diseases that take lives can be much reduced. Yes, we need medical transport and medicine to help people in remote areas where there is scarcity of medicine and road condition are dangerous to attend to emergencies such as women in labor.

  19.   Please explain any unusual risks or challenges posed by this project and how they will be mitigated.

Our strength and faith in Christ Jesus as bases for mitigating challenges

  1. Commitment to put God first and be Good biblical steward of the resources entrusted by God through the donors, strong spiritual leadership both in the USA and South Sudan, Integrity, transparence, unity & faithfulness for being good steward of God’s gift. I think our track record speaks for itself. For the past 6 years, as people fled into exile, followed by looting, pillaging, burning, and killing that went on, our board, USA/South Sudanese staff and I had choices to make. So, I think, these strong evidence of our resolve to guard that which was entrusted to us by God will be the best mitigation approach to guard against risk and challenges. The church cannot run away from problems.  

  1. What is ONMI Response to these questions above? With your support, and having confidence in God in faith, ONMI rejects these options for people wondering around in the refugee camps. We want families and their children to return home and remain permanently in South Sudan and rebuild their country. Missionaries, both short and long term are welcome to come to South Sudan and fulfill their calling in the Great Commission.

  2. We are thankful for our State, Eastern Equatoria. I want to thank God for fulfilling our vision to support ONMI’s vision to establish the Bethlehem Primary School in Bethlehem Mission headquarters in Bethlehem – Borongole, EE, South Sudan in 2021 as we witnessed last year the desire of parents virturely bringing in children from all the sixty-four tribes of South Sudan to study at Bethlehem Primary school.   Our field staff under ONMI country director Pastor Timothy Levi and project engineer Denis Otim put a serious effort to procure construction of the main school building with actually 12 rooms containing 8 classrooms, administration office, computer room, conference room and teachers’ room all contained within the 2-story building with 6 rooms down and 6 rooms upstairs.  The classrooms are bigger than the typical classrooms measuring 9m x 8m with capacity to accommodate at least 68 students easily within 72 sqm each. Construction cost thus far has reached to approximately $200,000 including two flush toilet buildings measuring 8 m x 2 m, one for boys and male teachers and one for girls and female teachers.  The children from P1- P8 are already attending their classes in the new building.  


  1. Biggest challenges to move us to next level are the following: As requested, please find attached the list of vital and essential items marked in Red Marks in the Spreadsheet.    I spoke with  the Pastor  Timohrty Levi our country director and our construction engineer Denis to determine what is most important project on the list considered as top priorities. They told me all these  projects are priority as broken down according to their categories. But again, as the Lord leads,  God willing, please help us push this project to the finishing line.


  1. Dormitory – we need funding for six dormitories with holding capacity of 40 students each.  - $30,000/ dormintory - $180,000 total. Any in-kind contribution will be welcome from  RRC.


  1. Water point and Power source  We drilled  and operate 4 wells ( three are solar powered), and one is hand pumped in the village of  Ajuori in Opari  Payam.   Currently, We need to restore the one at  ( The Messiah’s Ambassadors Mission  House)  in the heart of Kerepi  Mutala  asap to serve the greater population returning from exile. This property used to be the property of Ambassador John Anduga -   Initial estimated $15,000 will give us a good start. Any inkind materials will be received from RRC.


  1. Fences – We need to  fence around the Mission compound. We need to fence the entire Bethlehem Mission measuring 100mx212m to protect students from escaping the  the school premise into danger in the street without the knowledge of the school authority or the parent’s knowledge. - Budget $15,000.  Any inkind contribution from RRC will be welcomed.


  1. We need permanent residence for teachers both men and women to give them the condusive  living  arrangement to thrive and teach-  $ 90,000. Any in-kind contribution from RRC will be received.


  1. Boarding school cafeteria – Cooking and eating in clean environment 35,000- Any in-kind contribution will be received.


  1.  Medical supplies - $10,000 worth of medical supplies every three months


  1. Agricultures tools, seeds and building materials for returnees – at least $10,000 or equivalent in-Kind materials every 2 months.



What do you hope to accomplish in this proposal? What are your objectives?

  1.  To rebuild the country from Islamic ashes of Islamic persecution, to maintain the original vision of Operation Nehemiah Mission imparted to the beneficiaries (South Sudanese) over sustained period for 28 years from 1993 – 2022. The goal is to raise up the nationals to mature spiritually and   get grounded in the word of God. Raise their families, work with their own hands, and use the resources from the USA and South Sudan as a foundation to launch a long-term stability in their own country using the Resources of the land instead of constantly depending on UNHCR and deserting their countries to other nations never to return to rebuild.


  1. Vision and goal 2021- 2025: ONMI has been consistently anchoring itself as a successful mission that has for 28 years raised up Spiritual adults among South Sudanese nationals who are no longer spiritual juveniles, but mature and responsible beneficiaries turned benefactors who are also contributing to the cost of Great Commission like the USA beginning with nations in their backyard and to   establish bilateral and reciprocal relationship with USA and neighboring countries.

  2. Use services (Water, point, dormitories, Fence around the property and teachers quarters) outline above to the people Bethlehem Mission of Kerepi Payam in EE state to serve as an example for the country in the area of sanitation and clean studying environment. Only the word of God can breakdown tribal bearer and create unity and Christian brotherhood among South Sudanese.   Beside Juba, Pageri administrative area of Magwi county has all the tribes of South Sudan.  We can reach everyone with the Gospel message at all once.

  3.   Unity & breakdown tribal bearer Even now, there are over 500 children at the school. They came from different tribes, but they are all Christians, and they love each other brothers and sisters one in Yeshua, born in Spirit and Truth.   We have Gospel broadcasting FM radio station there NTC 97. 3 FM covering the airwaves of South Sudan and northern Uganda every day. 

 Most people in Pageri administrative area do not live-in congested situation like in Juba or in our state capital city of Torit. People live freely in the villages.  Everyone has a piece of land and can build a home and raise a family and grow

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