"An invisible enemy that has brought our nation to stand still "

Shalom to you in the name above all names, Yeshua the Messiah. Thank you for your prayers and for co-laboring with us in the Great Commission. The last time, I communicated with you, we were in a world not different from pre 9/11/2001. The spread of the contagious Coronavirus, a global pandemic was still making its way into the USA. We did not quiet understand the extend of the damage and the havoc it was going to render on the nation. Never in our lives time, have we seen anything like it. As President Trump puts it, this is an invisible enemy that has brought our nation to stand still. Nevertheless, God is still sovereign over this very disease that has started in China and now has engulfed the whole world. As in 1 Timothy 2: 1-5, God commands us to pray for our leaders and those who are in the position of authority for wisdom, humility and breakthrough.


We need to pray for our President ( Mr. Donald Trump) who is doing a difficult job to pull us as nation out of this dark moment. We need to pray for the institution of Family, Church, Government and Corporation and their respective leadership as institution of God on earth to humble themselves, work in unity and love one another as we hunkered down to deal with this invisible enemy. The National lockdown has affected everybody, the family, the church, the government and corporation. It is a trial with a far reaching impact on every aspect of thing we hold dear to ourselves. So if God is in this, let us persevere through it by taking one day at a time. Let the trial take its course until it is complete. James 1: 1-8 In God's providence, even every bad is a blessing in disguise. God is using it to bring us unto Himself. As a matter of fact, social distancing has already happened due to global pandemic called the age of Smart phones: It has been happening in our homes between parents and children, in our work places between co-workers and their bosses, in our train stations and airport terminals between travelers. People are glued to their own smart phones each to him/herself communicating with virtual reality wo