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Thanksgiving: How can we be thankful enough to God on your account. 1 Thessalonians 3:9

They May Flower Compact

Shalom, From the depth of my heart, on behalf of my family and Operation Nehemiah Missions, I want to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving Thursday, tomorrow, November 25th, 2021. You are all the reason for being thankful to God. America is a blessed nation because her foundation was built on Yeshua the Messiah. Even as the revisionist are trying to rewrite the history of this fabulous land, 400 years ago, God brought the Pilgrims and the puritans here to fulfil the Great Commission, full stop. As Yeshua commanded the Disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received Power and they will be His witnesses from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the outmost part of the world, Acts 1: 8. John Winthrop, first governor of MA (1588-1649) penned down this word drawn from Matthew Chapter 5 to define what will become USA. "For we must consider that we shall be as a City upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken, and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword throughout the world.”

US Electrical Engineer David Firth, of TX - ONMI's long term missionary, planning to relocate permanently to South Sudan in 2022 to serve as technical coordinator for ever growing ONMI's challenges in applied engineering Dept.

South Sudan - Microcosm of self-government taking shape

You are supporting a pivotal initiative through ONMI to encouraged South Sudanese in their locality to understand the basic functioning of a constitutional republic works in a brand-new country. True government starts with self-governance. When the family, the church and the local government works together not against each other, as institutions designed by God, Satan will not have the power to control the citizens, land, and natural resources.

Engineer David Firth and pastor Timohty Levi, dedicating Kerepi Townhall

This is the best approach to stopping treacherous westward migration and resettlement abroad which does nothing, but it empties the land off its citizens needed to restore the country. 50 years of Sudan’s Islamic persecution and constant displacement of South Sudanese into exile created a brainwashing mechanism in the hearts and minds of South Sudanese that unless the UN or the government provide the vital infrastructure, there is nothing they can do.!



But by the wisdom of God and through your support of ONMI’s vision we challenged that very mindset. Last year when the community from Kerepi Sub County returned from Ugandan exile, they found out, 5 years in exile from 2016- 2021 brought irreparable destruction to their homes, churches, townhall, water points, farmland, hospitals, roads, schools, and marketplaces. Buildings and everything were lying in desolation. Everybody was angry and they wanted the South Sudan government to rebuild all the facilities which are part of vital infrastructure of Kerepi Community, or they will go back into exile. Some were urging the UNHCR to provide funding to rebuild this desolated infrastructure.

But we at Operation Nehemiah Mission stood firm against the idea of relegating the responsibility to the South Sudan government or to the UN. We challenge everyone to unite take responsibility, dedicate the land to God, and contribute financially to start restoring those keys infrastructure.

We made the case and urged based on our successful experiences and what God has done through ONMI since 2004 in South Sudan that Self-governance is the microcosm of true government by the people for the people. One nation under God. You can't go wrong when you dedicate your land and people first to God. Everything will flow from wisdom to all the resources you need to thrive. It put tears and joy in m our hearts to see the changes and progress coming to Kerepi Subcounty, EE South Sudan because the people rose and dedicated their land to God and takes responsibility. Considering the f act that hundreds of town halls are lying in ruin across many sub counties in EE state due to national crisis of 2016 -2020. These buildings have been waiting for government or the UN to renovate or restore them. But you the Christian community of Kerepi Sub County (Payam) pulled together, united and raised their own money to rebuild their own townhall.

The renovation is not yet complete but surely and slowly it is coming together. United we stand, divided we fall. This past Sunday, the community invited Pastor Timothy Levi, ONMI’s country director to come and dedicate the building to God. United States was represented by our long-term missionary, Engineer David Firth.

If this idea is replicated throughout South Sudan, we can then say, we are truly free and responsible nation because it will take everyone to unite behind a rebuilding a sovereign nation.

These community is microcosm and representation of a constitutional Republic of South Sudan. More people are pledging more money than the first time.

The Bethlehem Primary school construction has come a long way. The speed at which the ONMI’s country Director, the engineer and his building team are working is very impressive. I’ am very amazed how they have gone about moving from the first floor to the second floor. This is my first-time seeing story building going up in very rural and rural South Sudan. The beams and the skeleton structure that has been put in place to set up the stairs ways and second floor clearly indicates that this is a true engineering work exceeding my expectations. The construction has reached its 3rd Phase now. We are putting the second floor this week. This is ONMI’s first time to build 2 story building with option to put a third. The construction department of ONMI will occupy our times for the next 5 years.

Urgently: Currently we need $10,000 to bring the casting of second floor above the first floor to a completion and start the next phase of walling and casting the roof of the second floor.

Bethlehem Primary schools’ construction initiative has made tremendous progress since breaking ground for foundation in August. The speed at which the engineer and his team are working is impressive thanks to your prayer and financial support.

ONMI Medical Department - The healthcare need of the community is essential part of ONMI’s outreach initiative. Clinical officer, James Uzzi is doing wonderful work in administering medical services to the students and community all around. Air and water borne diseases such as malaria and typhoid continue to menace the live of health of the people. But thank to you for your generosity in lifting our hands. Please could you pray for our vision to build Nehemiah teaching hospital as part of Nehemiah polytechnic institute. The medical facility will need a separate well and energy and energy source to power the facility.

Nehemiah Gospel Radio NTC 97.3 FM. This station is located at Yerushalayim Summit on Mt Gordon. You really do not get to heat a lot about this Gospel radio broadcasting station, but the Gospel message is going out every day from 10 AM to 10 AM. The ministry has built state of the art broadcasting studio in 2019. We are covering the airway on South Sudan and northern Uganda, reaching out at least 1 million people a day with the Gospel.

Timothy Levi stated unequivocally that, less than a year, ONMI’s Agricultural Sector has reduced importation of food commodity from Uganda by 75 %. This is a very important milestone. With your help, the food security has been a blessing in many ways. Just think about the challenges of feeding over 500 people currently residing in ONMI’s three mission compounds with imported food. It would have been utter impossibility to sustain their livelihood if food was constantly brought from Uganda to take care of everybody including 350 students. What is next in agricultural sector in the Beth Israel Farmland Dry Season Initiative beginning December 2021 – March 2022.? Deep well pump with 160 meters of head. it can draw water from wells and boreholes up to 130 meters deep or 390 feet deep. it comes with the pump and controller only. water delivery is up to 70,000 liters per day.