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Parents, Teachers and & Children gathered at ONMI mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Yesterday, I shared with you the new blessing God has given us which is the establishment of Nehemiah Trumpet Call Broadcasting Network. It has been five months of preparation, anticipation, research, funding and finally launching the program. Yesterday was the beginning of our first launching of NTCBN through our main website of which you are a subscriber. It will be private through our website and publicly through other Social networks. If you have not tuned into the program, you can go this link and it will take you there.

Today, we have a program from 12- 2 PM on South Sudan, but timing was not lining because we are still lining up our South Sudan team.

She just turned 1. Need your prayer for my family

On the home front, I want to thank your continuous prayers and support for my wife and children. We continue to go through trials in the family. It is expected considering the spiritual warfare we are engaged in. Just pray for healing in relationship and for our children as they are becoming young adults in their spiritual walk. Our 8th born and youngest Elishevah Bethel Levi, turn 1 on May 28th, the same birth day as Mama.

South Sudan: We can positively have an impact on The South Sudan’s Revitalized Peace Agreement for National Unity

Yesterday’s News report was very brief in term of content. Today I would like to expound and elaborate it a little bit more. Last Saturday, ONMI’s ground leadership under our country director Timothy Levi called a meeting to meet with the parents of 230 pupils who have joined Bethlehem Primary and Nursery school. The gathering was first of Its kind since the school was opened on April 6. Parents were so appreciative of what the Lord has done through Operation Nehemiah and your support to open this important educational facility to meet the academic needs of their young ones. Bethlehem Primary school is not only a place of learning for these youngsters but is a place of reunion, unity and reconciliation among South Sudan’s 64 tribes who have their children in this school. It is also where the parents from military barracks who belong to the government side or those who belongs to the opposition still camping in the cantonment side before integration brought their children to BNPS for education.

As our country director Pastor Timothy Levi was sharing with me testimonies from these men who came there as parents without their uniform on, as they introduced themselves in their ranks and from what side of the government they are in, it was obvious that they realized, peace has come to South Sudan because these men sitting together in ONMI’s mission compounds before Feb 2020 revitalized peace agreement was signed, were arched enemies. The only way they met was in the battlefield to kill, wound or taken prisoner. Even to this day, these men in uniform and the civilian have not felt the impact of the Feb. 2020 peace accord Until last Saturday.

One Major from Nyongwa military barrack said, even though there is relative calm in the country, he and everyone on both sides of the conflict do not know each other as they do have idea who they run into. They must look over their shoulders time to time to determine who is who. But sitting with fellow South Sudanese as parents in the church premise run by ONMI, gives them the hope and determination to pursue reconciliation, and contribution of stability and national unity for the country. because every military men came their to see the welfare of their children thriving in a the country they have been fighting for.

They uniquely identified that Operation Nehemiah Missions is doing something important for the country which is much needed in South Sudan to protect their faith, family and freedom. The imperativeness of rendering much needed services to the community such as Schools , water, farming, medical and a place of worship and communication to the community will bring healing to the community.

Tribal barriers will be broken. The children and their parents get to meet with people from other ethnic composition of the country.

While they were in the premise, they tour the facility and saw for themselves what ONMI is doing. They saw the block production. To date we produced 21,200 blocks using 500 backs of cement. We have still a long way to go because we need your participation to see these challenges.

This initiative could not come at a better time. Iam so excited about what the Lord is doing. We can positively have an impact on The South Sudan’s Revitalized Peace Agreement for National Unity

Raw News from Israel, TPS News Report:


Politics • By Aryeh Savir/TPS • 2 June, 2021

Jerusalem, 2 June, 2021 (TPS) -- Isaac Herzog will serve as Israel’s 11th president after 119 Members of Knesset cast their ballot on Wednesday and 87 of them voted for Herzog. Herzog achieved the largest-ever majority in an election to Israel’s president and will succeed President Reuven Rivlin.


State Department Shuns Term ‘Abraham Accords’

Emails reveal employees should refer to historic Israel peace deals as 'normalization agreements'

The Biden State Department discourages employees from referring to the historic peace agreements signed by Israel and its Arab neighbors by its official name, the Abraham Accords, according to one source with direct knowledge of the Biden administration’s internal decision-making process and emails reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The name has also been erased from a wide array of official State Department communications as the new administration presses officials to refer to the Trump-era deals as "normalization agreements."

All Israel News. Joe Rosenberg

After reaching dramatic agreement, Lapid-Bennett government now faces both internal and external hurdles

Netanyahu called emergency meeting of loyalists on Thursday to strategize their next move

Budget proposal could force Navy to cut 11 battle-ready boats


JERUSALEM – I have long described Dr. Hormoz Shariat as the “Billy Graham of Iran.”

In his day, Billy Graham – an American Evangelical from a Southern Baptist background – emerged as the most watched, listened to and respected evangelist in the world.

Today, Shariat – an Iranian Shia Muslim convert to Christianity – is far and away the most watched and most influential Iranian evangelist in the world.

He is the founder of Iran Alive Ministries and a 24/7/365 satellite TV network that broadcasts the Gospel into Iran and the Farsi-speaking world.

All Israel News. Joel Rosenberg

After reaching dramatic agreement, Lapid-Bennett government now faces both internal and external hurdles

Netanyahu called emergency meeting of loyalists on Thursday to strategize their next move.

Prayers and Needs for ONMI in South Sudan and USA

ONMI staff and their families

June Budget is $60,000.

Break down:

$20,000 for USA office,

$20,000 construction project South Sudan

$ 20,000 Infrastructure


May God bless you and Keep you and be gracious to you and give you His Shalom.

In His grace

And Service

William Levi, Founder & Overseer, Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough, MA 01237



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