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Mission premise has become their home, church & school. Have a blessed Shavuot.

Dear my co-laborer in the great Commission, thank for everything. Please find below the news update I wanted to share with you from the USA, South Sudan and Israel . It is extensive reporting on all front that the Lord laid in my heart to share with you. In South Sudan, this year will go down as one of the most challenging year in our ministry because we have been confronted with challenges and opportunities dealing with young children who are looking to God through the eyes of Operation Nehemiah Missions. Jesus says suffer not the little ones, bring them to me for such is the Kingdom of God. Their future will all depend on what you see happening here. In the past we always dealt with families and back in 2016, they had their own homes. This time around. every body is coming back from the camps to no home. In my 27 years in ministry, we have not directly dealt with need of children in the capacity you are witnessing here. But there are no homes and no infrastructure to settle the families at the moment. So the Mission compound has become their homes, church and their school. This is where your prayers and support are most needed.

As we celebrated Shavuot in South Sudan, 32 People gave their lives to Yeshua. So this is the good news. We are celebrating the Shavuoth by bringing the harvest of oranges and cassava from Beth Israel Farmland to feed so many families and children at the Bethlehem Primary school. Last Friday Evening, we gathered in Prayer at Bethlehem Worship center. The Gospel message was preached, and 32 people were cut to heart and they gave their Lives to Yeshua the Messiah.

Prayers: I would like to bring this to your attention right now : Sleeping arrangement , class room crowding

Your Contribution is bearing fruits in the lives of South Sudanese children.

I am putting some urgent appeal here for prayers and support.

Children are dropped off at ONMI Mission compound every day for school. On the ground situation is proving very tough for our ground leadership team.

They want me to convey their appreciation and prayers to you for your support. However, They need 50 double bunk beds, 100 school desks, 200 bed seats and blankets, and a lot of Malaria and Typhoid Fever Medicine are needed.

Your benevolent gift to Operation Nehemiah is transforming lives in South Sudan in this recent day in amazing way. We are seeing your tenacious effort to support the vision of Operation Nehemiah is truly bearing fruits. People are returning from exile every day during challenges to find play to stay, food to eat and finding medical services. We are facing daily confrontation with the daunting tasks of educating the young ones dropped off by their parents at Bethlehem Primary school. We need beds, desks, books, medical supplies and everything else to stabilize the Lives of these children.

Train them when they are young

Many hands make work light. This is their physical education; everyone is hoeing and planting seeds.

the Bible says if you do not work you will not eat. Look at that smile on the face of that beautiful girl and very one else is planting and hoeing the field. Train them earlier when they are young to understand the value of hard work and to remind them about one thing. Food does not grow in the supermarket. It grows in the soil and you must get your hands dirty to plant them for a good harvest.

Food security and revolving economy begins with one fruit.

How do you strengthen the value of South Sudan's GNP and the strength of SSP currency or How can you bring stability to unstable country, well, this is one dimension of doing it.

Pundits say you cannot grow oranges or any fruit in South Sudan. Really, are you kidding? Yes, these oranges are products of South Sudan and the product of your benevolent investment many years back and now it is bearing fruit. We over saw raising money for seedling, preparing the land and planting them in 2007. Yes, every kind of fruits you think of can grow in South Sudan including these of oranges are in South Sudan.

These are Mangoes

These are are Cassava

This is the product of Beth Israel Farmland, of Akko Mt in Kerepi, Pageri County.

The land is so rich with everything available in the land. South Sudanese do not need handout. They need the tools and seeds. They can work with their own hands and support their families.

This is how we create GNP (Gross National Product) of any nation, establish revolving economy, reduced import, expand export and improve the Value of SSP National Currency. Please go donate at

These Children are students at Bethlehem Elementary School in South Sudan. Every on them came back from Ugandan refugee camps literally about 2 months ago. Now, think for a moment, how much would it cost to feed more than 100 of these students with oranges containing vital Vitamin C if all these oranges are bought and imported from Uganda? As the Bible says, Wisdom is vindicated by her children. Your support for Operation Nehemiah to set up the Beth Israel farmland in South Sudan to grow these oranges from within the country and ready to feed these children truly speak to the heart of the long term vision of

Pray that that block production initiative in action

We just started making blocks to build Elementary and church, using the machine you can watch in operation, along with that we now have medical need to attend to over 200 students in the mission compound. If the Lord leads you to help,

Please find a link to ONMI's developmental and long-term initiative in making construction blocks from dirt's to build the school and the church. What is amazing about this whole thing is that South Sudan has the biggest asset, which does not have to be imported from Uganda. It is the soil, (90% of the composition of this block being made here Live is soil, 5% cement and 3 % sand 2% cent water). It is only 5% of the product which is cement is imported from Uganda.

These young men you see here were in refugee camp in Uganda without work about a month ago. Now they have returned from exile and we gave them work to do in South Sudan. We want to help and keep them working.

We want to make 250,000 of these blocks. 1000 bags of cement will make 40,000 of these blocks. 40 blocks per per bags of cement. We have started with 1000 costing us $10,000. We are up to the next purchase help.


Israel: Rockets flying in Israel and terrorist attacks as Shavuot Celebration Loom High.

Today in Israel and around the world, it is the Biblical holy day of Shavuot (Festival of Weeks).

Shavuot is a Biblical Hebrew festival is done in remembrance of the single most important event in Israel’s history: the giving of the Torah (the first five books in the Hebrew Bible) to Moses at Mount Sinai., It is one of the three major festivals often called “pilgrim” festivals because all Jewish males were required to observe them at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. There, they experienced divine revelation as God gave the Israelites His Law. In Deuteronomy 4:10–13, Moses reminded the people of that experience: