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" In America, we don't worship government, we worship God " President Trump at Value Voter Summit, WDC

October 14, 2019

Shalom to you brothers and sisters in Yeshuah, from the bottom of  my heart, on behalf of my family and Operation Nehemiah Missions, I want to express my gratitude to you for making it possible for me to attend the  Value Voter Summit representing Operation Nehemiah Missions.  To be honest, it would have been practically unattainable for me to attend this pivotal event  without your financial backing. You underwrote the cost for this event, May the Lord  bless the labor of  your hand for co-laboring with us in the Great Commissions.  We set up a  exhibition Booth at  Value Voter Summit where hundreds of people visited our booth, took our materials, bought my book, the Bible or the Axe , exchanged information and expressed the desire to support  pray for Operation Nehemiah Missions. 


 I have not doubt in American Exceptionalism and it is here to stay, even though it under major assault by the forces of evil from the media and ultra liberal left .  We each play a role to keep it,.   It is not  rooted in her power, might and strength, but rather in  by in her spiritual humility before God the Creator.  If my people who are called by my name  can humble themselves,, pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will  look down from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. The reality of American exceptionalism has been highlighted by  many speakers after speakers at the  Value Voter Summit over the weekend in Washington DC.   It manifests itself  in her Virtue, Faith , Generosity, and Freedom enshrined by God in our constitutions.  No many nations  send missionaries and money to advance the Great Commission around the world than the USA.  

I'm grateful to God for bringing me  to America   from South Sudan almost 31 years ago.  Arriving here at the age of 22 in 1988, with nothing.   I have seen  God's Hand  upon my life through  the challenges of life and opportunity to serve His people here and in South Sudan.    I thank God for Bringing me here because it is here that  He strengthens  my faith, giving me my family and ministry and the family of families in Yeshua who have come along side  to co-labor with us  in Operation Nehemiah Missions.  God uses this country to bring a tangible help to  support the work of Operation Nehemiah Missions in South Sudan.


 Those who stopped by our  exhibit Booth, prayed for us and gave us encouragement 


An Elder and his children  from IL who had me spoke at His church in 2016 

 A  college  professor from  Michigan 

 ONMI Exhibit Booth 

 A former Missionary to Jordan

 Radio Programmer from Kansas gave me some interview 

 Another  interview .. with a Journalist....  

A  German Journalist from With Epoch Times  stopped  by 

 With Denis Prager from Prager University 

 With a family from Sacramento CA 



 Major Highlight of the Summit: At the Value Voter Summit in Washington DC, yesterday, I want to thank God for affording me the opportunity to attend a Gala Dinner Honoring Rev. Andrew and Maureen Brownson who suffered persecution for their faith as missionaries to Turkey. By the grace of God, Pastor Bronson was release under Strong support from President Trump and VP Mike Pence after declaring him guilty of terrorism against Turkey. God miraculously delivered him. Pastor Bronson and his wife shared their testimonies and one thing Pastor Bronson said, was, He wants to remain anonymous here on earth and He wants Jesus, His King to get the Glory. He shared the suffering and the persecution of the believers throughout the ages. He said, His mother told him upon visiting him in prison that this is his time, he has joined the line of those who have gone before him and he must persevere through it all.. He has concern and prayed for the faithful in this generation and the next generation to stay faithful..


The Key note speaker is none other than our own President, Mr. Donald Trump himself with over 3000  of Christians in attendance. Before he started his opening remarks, Pastor Bownwson prayed over the President.  It was such a blessing to have a President who allows himself to be prayed for. May he continue to depend upon the Lord. His undefeated and perfect Creator. The President delivered immense and inspiration message encompassing the family, the Church and Government. I was humbled to be in the company of the President yesterday. It was surreal. . In His remarks,  he said,  "Our rights come from God our Creator not from government and  it can't never be taken away from  us  " Thank God for Tony Perkins  of  the Family Research Council for organizing this event, year in and year out,  a must watch speech. I  We sat just about 25 ft - 30 ft away from the President. 



 You can watch the entire speech from the President right here. 

 President Trump addressed 3000 people at the Value Voter Summit during the Gala Dinner honorirng Pastor Brownson 

 Meeting Pastor Brownson in Person. 

 Mrs. Maureen Brownson, Pastor Brownson and Tony Perkins 

 At our table from l- r Pastor Rodger, myself, Bethany and Jerrod 

 Waiting  on line  for  President Trump to address us at the Gala  Dinner Dinner Honoring Pastor Brownson 

 President Trump  introduced by Tony Perkins, the President of Family Research Council 

 Tony Perkins introduced Pastor  Brownson at the Gala Dinner  

 I'm praying for Pastor  Brownson and He prayed for me. 


Next Major event  for me in October is  the Israel's trip




I will be traveling to  Israel for one week  in the first week of November to attend Christian Media  Summit, an annual gathering  organized by Israeli Government. Please pray for me  for the success of this event.  Not Only, have  I been invited  to go  for the event, but also an opportunity  to speak at the event. Pray that the topic that I will share and the issue that I will address will be uplifting and will bring blessing to the listeners and give God the Glory. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.    There are areas of reciprocal relationship between South Sudan and Israel as well as with USA I  can focus on in order to strengthen the unshakable bond of relationship between the three  nations shaped by our shared value of our Judeo- Christian civilization, upon which the church is built. The  South Sudanese and the US church is the common wealth of Israel.  Israel’s existence is critical for the manifestation and validation of the irrevocable promise of God according to the Scriptures. Those who seek her demise want to erase God’s historical  Written Word, the Bible which is indispensable  to both Jews and Christians.




It is through your support and prayers we are able to do what we are doing in Operation Nehemiah. However, this is God's work. We are his workmanship. We walk by faith not by sight. Here is the breakdown of October budget you can lift up in prayer sand help us where the Lord leads you:



1-  Operation Nehemiah Mission expense in the USA  main office - $8000.00 

2- Operation Nehemiah Agricultural Department  - $5000.00 ( Eucalyptus project ) 

3- Medical expenses  - $ 1500.00

4- Radio department - $ 1000.0

5- support for field staff  - $3500.

6- Moli Tokuro Elementary school - $1000.00

7-  General mission support in the field - $5000



Online  donation can be made to Operation Nehemiah Mission at 


My family continue to  thank  God for your  prayers. I ask you to keep praying for  Hannah and the children 


 May God Bless you and keep you and be gracious to you and give you His shalom. Number 6:24



in His grace


William Levi, Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions 

PO Box 563

Lanesborough  MA 01237






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