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Moral principles are inextricably linked to leadership.

September 11, 2019

Shalom Brothers and  Sister in Yeshua, thank you as always for your prayers and financial support.  We walk by faith not by sight. " The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety."  George Muller.

 Over  the years,  we vowed to take  nothing from ungodly, humanists  and the , proud. We have been  have been funded by God through the household of faith across America:    Christians like you,   individual families , and churches and organizations, We are making the most out of little to keep pressing on with the work.  But the need is so great, and the challenges are massive. The challenge to  trying to help this infant nation stand on her feet is not a simple thing. We are staying  narrow and straight. It is God's work and we are his workmanship,  He has to provide the lamb.   This is the reason why I believe your support is crucial to keep us pressing on.he raises his  people to sustain this work.   When we  make  promise  about a particular project to be sponsored,  we will make sure it is done on time and complete. We deliver  the result of the promise made  showing, where your support has gone  and what impact it is having on the community.    


With your prayer and support, our  action speaks louder  than word. The work in the field is real and on going. Encouraging family, church and government institution to work together to promote one’s self-governance in moral Ethics, and Biblical Values.  These moral principles of right and wrong must be on display at all times and our decisions, actions, and statements must constantly reflect them to be pass from generation to generation in all these three institution of family, church and government of south Sudan. Morals principles are inextricably linked to leadership. The principles that govern our conducts must be sound, biblical acceptable, and demonstrated in behaviors, thoughts, and actions. These criteria have been already practiced by our ground leadership, we have seen it time and time again that it is working in the midst of a chaotic nation in crisis. 


The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.


 Harvesting season from ONMI  Yerushalayim  Summit on Gordon Mt 

 These are tomatos and eggplants been harvested from the ONMI farm initiative at Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT. These tropical crops are growing out of a pure rocky ground that no one ever thought was possible. South Sudan is certainly a fabulous land which was once considered to be the breadbasket of the Arab Islamic world. Thank God, in 2011, she broke free from the grip of Khartoum Islamic control to be ruled by Sharia. Everything that is planted in the Soil of South Sudan, grows. We want to thank God for your prayers and support.











South Sudan opposition leader Machar arrives in Juba

South Sudan Politic: JUBA, South Sudan

South Sudan opposition Riek Machar arrived in the capital Juba on Monday to meet his one-time foe, President Salva Kiir. Machar is accompanied by the deputy head of Sudan's Sovereign Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dalgo, a.k.a. Hemiti, and other senior council members. Speaking to reporters at Juba international Airport, presidential security advisor Tut Gatluak said Machar and Kiir will discuss some pending issues on implementation of the peace agreement with an eye to resolving them today.

He added that a delegation from neighboring Sudan will also meet with Kiir to discuss peace in Sudan, saying: "The stability of both countries is very important, stability in Sudan is also stability in South Sudan"


Nairobi, Kenya: Africa By  Radio Conference  is in progress as we  we speak. 


For the first time  OMNI sent a delegation to attend ABR Conference in Nairobi.  We sent  NTC station Manager Robert Amoko and Pastor  Jeremiah Levi  with a  team of several  South Sudanese Christian radio Broadcasting leaders to go for this conference. This is an amazing training conference conducted by Mike Gwartney of Radio South Sudan and Dr. Charles  Pollack of  Sharing International  Biblical broadcasting world view.  

 He is an excerpt from  Brian Sanders on of the speakers  from USA who spoke to  the group from Blacksburg, VA .

Today was an incredible day. I was invited by Michael Ray Gwartney to be part of the Radio South Sudan Conference in Nairobi, Africa. that’s a room full of leaders in Nairobi. That’s me on the big TV. Each leader got a copy of my book, “Leadership Endurance.” After church, I slipped to my office in Blacksburg, VA. They’re in a conference room in a hotel in Nairobi. Gotta love technology. I spoke for 25 minutes. Then they asked questions for 25 minutes. I was in tears afterwards. never imagined I’d get to do all this. Thankful for this group of leaders. So eager to learn. So hungry for solutions. I speak again tomorrow. Pray that I represent PAR well. Hey PAR...we’re changing the world...literally. Hey Mike...thanks for the opportunity!! To Jesus...Thank you. I don’t deserve any of this." 


Where does ONMI's leadership fits into the ever shifting  dynamics of  South Sudan's political landscape? 

Actually, we don't fit in.  However, Jesus calls us to be salt and light that shines in darkness. South Sudan is a bleeding country in need of healing and restoration.   We as Christian  leaders in ONMI, operating in South Sudan  are expected to address biblically without political correctness, or fear of repercussion from any institutions, inclusive of  families,  tribes, government entities,  rebel groups or business entities, the overarching  God’s moral principle of  governance within the sphere of their respective boundaries and jurisdiction to set the moral compass for  a nation under  God.  



Your helping God's plan to rebuild South Sudan by supporting the vision of Operation Nehemiah missions. 

  1. One of the key solutions to stabilize South Sudan  and  stop people living South Sudan into exile, stop the war and contribute to peace and economy stability  is to build vocational school that will have  tangible impact on the community. To date, South Sudan imports most of her skilled labor force from Uganda and Kenya. A country can’t survive like this.

  2. The root causes of instability in South Sudan are spiritual,  physical, political and as well as economical .  There is  a massive exodus of people leaving the country either because of war or the search for education and employment. Unfortunately,  99 % of them never come back. Therefore, with your support and encouragement, our next initiative is the  construction of the Nehemiah Polytechnic Institute and Studies of  Biblical Worldview at the Yerushalayim Summit on Gordon MT  in Nimule.  The proposed one-year academic program will prepare students to obtain experiences  or create employment opportunities and support their families, thus stemming the tide of brain-drain and lack of opportunity.

  3. The Technical facility will train skilled labor  in various technical fields such as auto mechanics, mechanical, medical, plumbing, manufacturing, Solar Energy  and  electrical engineering, IT, agricultural technology, plumbing, hydrology, midwifery, and Biblical Apologetic to reform  work ethic and  civic responsibility.













As fellow yokers join us in this effort as you always do. 


 Now as fellow Co-laborers in the Great Commission, we have no need to persuade you to give for this cause because we know, you believe in this cause and you have become an integral part of the plight of the suffering church.  Therefore, I ask you to  join us in prayer as you can to lift up these needs that God will meet them.  


1- In the month of September,  our main focus is to raise  $ 20,000  for the  immediate  monthly fix capital funding  to keep up the existing and ongoing activities ( agricultural , medical, staff support, radio  broadcasting, evangelism & education)    in South Sudan and ONMI’s office in here in the USA office functional .  This funding  stands at $20,000 in September.  It may change  in October depending on the needs.  This is our target  to raise this fund between now and  the end of September.  As the Lord leads you to pray and support the needs you can either donate on line or send your support to the address below.


2- Our trip to Israel in November.  I will be going to Israel for Christian Media Summit with my wife and two children for one week. 


3- stability in South  Sudan. 


Your tax deductible on line donation can be made to Operation Nehemiah Missions at


You can also mail your tax deductible check made to Operation Nehemiah Mission at  PO Box 563 Lanesborough  MA 01237 


"The Christian should never worry about tomorrow or give sparingly because of a possible future need. Only the present moment is ours to serve the Lord, and tomorrow may never come...Life is worth as much as it is spent for the Lord's service."  Rev. George Muller 


In His grace

and Service

William Levi, Founder and Overseer, 


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