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She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs:31:25

October 12, 2018

Dear Co-laborers, in the great Commission,

Shalom, when we left South Sudan at the end of September,  several farm products at the Beth Israel farmland were doing very well. Banana, oranges, guavas and Papaya were  just about ready for harvest. The only challenges we were facing was the shortage of workers to do the weeding of a vast area planted with sorghum awaiting to be weeded.   From stand point of traditional agriculture, weeding fields of crops fall in the women domain in  division of labor after the men completed their share of the work in the area of opening, clearing and sowing the seeds.


The women at work in the field, taking their shared responsibility with men to stabilize the family and the church institutions.

Last week, the women gathered and they went out to the Beth Israel farmland  and weeded the field of sorghum.  They left the field of  Sorghum clean and thriving, teaming with their husbands and children  in clearing the road heading to the Beth Israel Farm. We are simply amazing, seeing the spirit of unity among these Christian families working together in raising food for themselves.  So we are hoping for a bountiful harvest in November.  What you  are witnessing here is a very rare glimpses of hope and stability you are seeing out of South Sudan which is not reported by the global media.  Why  because, we are reporting on progress that depicts family stability, reduction of poverty,  relationship and unity building  between men and women and Biblical stewardship.  The UN will tell you quite a different story about South Sudanese women  that  they are confined in the refugee camps or IDP camps,  scared for their lives, scared of men and scared of being a woman.  They need this or that, but the Christian women of Pageri county of South Sudan who are under our  outreach through the mission of  Operation Nehemiah are not afraid nor complacence. They are strong, they are fearless, they are pro family, they  take their womanhood seriously and not afraid of men who are  their fathers, husbands and brothers.  They are going out into the field, working hand in hand with their families to feed their children.  Please pray and support the mission of Operation in bring the Gospel message that freed men and women  from the bondage of  sin which breed fear and moral decay leading to the dis-stabilization of families and the church.










 ONMI, 97.3 FM  broadcasting Studio is at the completion stages.  Our team in South Sudan and  us from this end want to fulfill the promise made with you and donor about the use of the  fund raised  to complete the  studio building for NTC 97.3 FM.  I'm so elated  to see a beautiful red roof covering  beautiful building just a week after we got back. Windows and doors are also ready to be installed. Thank God for your prayers and support. From here the Gospel will be heard over the airwaves of South Sudan and northern Uganda. Many souls will be brought to the loving Relationship with Father God, through Yeshua our Messiah, thus fulfilling the Great Commission.

Matthew 28: 19. 






Thank God  for our  ground team in South Sudan, they  are not sleeping. They got the message. They are not waiting for the UN or the government  to do the work for them. They are working very hard to develop their community and dedicate their lives to serve the Lord for His Glory. This building has gone up so quickly in less than 2 months. By the grace of God, we from this end, with your support,  will thankfully  continue to support   them with  the resources,  they need so that they can  they do the work. That is how the Great Commission is accomplished. We each play a part and a role in it to move forward

This is   the part of South Sudan, you don't hear about. No body talk to you about it. But here at Operation Nehemiah we are bringing it to you the beauty of the country and what the few dedicated remnant are doing with bear minimum of resources. 

Some incredible development from the ground up resources yo have sown into.

Incoming generation from the ground using the NTC tower  is coming along.  We have signed a five year contract with Sky-net  ( a Google Branch search engine firm from Uganda, East Africa) connecting Uganda to South Sudan (Kampala to Juba in matter of seconds)  to have  wireless internet access in exchange for using of  our 300 FT radio tower, the most suitable tower because  of its height and location in the region being  the tallest in the country to carry their boosters signal. This is timely and providential as peace agreement are signed to end the war and people are coming back. We have been waiting for this for at least 11 years since the tower was set up  in 2007. 


Nehemiah Internet Cafe at Yerushalayim compound on Gordon is under way. 
  Today, we  are beginning  to seeing the  benefit of the full  implementation of that agreement once this building is completed and the computers are in place.  ONMI's Yersushalayim compound  on Gordon has full access to wireless internet now. Under the agreement, we can set up up to 15 computers terminal to connect wireless to internet and use it as internet Cafe hub to generate some income from within the country.  We are going to connect the other two compounds in Borongole and Beth Israel Farmland, splitting the 15 computers in the ratio of 7 for Gordon,4  for Borongole and 4 for Beth Israel. 






ONMI Missionary travel across the US beginning in a week.



I will be leaving for ONMI’s annual fund raising activities with my family, traveling across the US beginning Oct 16 - 31. Our trip will take us to IL, IN, KY and NC.  Therefore, may you consider  helping us achieve this goal. as of now, we need $5,500 for the trip and  the budget attached below give you breakdown to know what the needs are and how you can best help and pray for these needs.


Prayer needs: 


Operation Nehemiah Mission’s Budget to close the gap in 2017- 2018 fiscal year starting in September 2017- ending October 2018.

For us to  move  forward  into the fiscal year 2018 – 2019, beginning October 1st, we must close the budget gap  and bring the expenses to  zero. Right now we are operating $61,000 in deficit moving into the next 2018- 2019 fiscal year beginning October 1st 2018.  

1- ONMI USA office support- $ 10,000  of which  $5500 for our  mission trip across USA 

2- 15 computers for Nehemiah  Internet café – $9,000

3- Agricultural initiative - $8,000.00

4- Five  ONMI mission Vehicles in disrepair,need  fixing – $11,000

5- Plumbing and septic for the studio - $4500

6- Field staff support -  $5,500.00

7- Church and & evangelistic out reach $6000

8- Medical -$5000.00

Our online tax deductible contribution can be made at  or mail your check to the address below.


In His Grace,

 William Levi,

Founder and Overseer,

Operation Nehemiah Missions

PO Box 563

Lanesborough MA 01237





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